How to Install SuperRepo (Add-ons Repository ) on Kodi XBMC *** free movies,shows,live tv ***

hello and welcome to my channel today i am going to show you how to install Super Repo on Kodi first go to website and download the kodi. you can download the kodi for linux,mac,android,ios,raspberry pi and so on. always download the latest version. previous kodi version are helix 14.0,Gotham 13.0.Frodo 12.0,Eden 11.0,Dharma 10.0. as on date
isengard 15.0 is the latest version released. i am installing kodi on windows. after installing launch kodi you can see the main kodi windows you can select pictures,vidoes,music,programs under the system you can see the system info. to install the Super Repo Go to system>file manager click add source then add path name and click done after that add media source name super repo and click done, then OK. now back to system>settings and under addons select install from ZIP file select Super Repo folder, then select Kodi version you have installed here mine is isengard. and select the whatever addons you want to install by category,genre,language wise addons for pictures,videos,music,programs etc i am installing all the addons here i am going to install some popular video addons. so go to video then addons and select video addons then select getmore Here are the addons Super Repo has more then 2200 addons Super Repo addons are just like playstore for kodi from where you can install the app. i am installing 1 channel prime wire,genesis and phoenix video addons after addons installed go to video and under addons you can see the list of addons lets open phonix addon. you can see thousands of entertainment channels live iptv,tv shows,news,movies from all around the world. here i am plaing avatar. you can see the best HD quality of the movie.(1080,720 and 3d also) Thanks for Watching and SUBSCRIBE for More Videos Have A Good Day 🙂

Daniel Ostrander

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