HOW TO GET YOUR FIRST LISTING [not what you think]

HOW TO GET YOUR FIRST LISTING [not what you think]

Yeah, I remember what it was like getting
my very first listing. And, in this video I will share with you exactly how I did
it. OK, so I was a brand new agent. This is
going back 15 years or so… and I had just quit my full-time job, and I was the
breadwinner in the family. This is a case of I didn’t know, what I didn’t know. You
see, I didn’t know that it’s common for agents not to get paid
for at least six months. I didn’t know that this was a constant gain of hustle.
I didn’t know that I had to spend most of my time prospecting. I didn’t know
that I was going to be rejected most of the time. And that was probably a good
thing because I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I just wanted to be an agent
and help buyers and sellers. And the thing is I knew I needed money really fast. I just quit my job and I figured well I’ll just start being an agent and
start making money. And that was my mindset and that was really the reason
why I got my first listing. I knew I needed to get in front of people. I went to my manager and I said, listen can you connect me with some agents that run
open houses because I need to talk to people. I need a paycheck. And she says no problem. She introduced me to a few of them. And every single weekend I made
sure that I had an open house. I kept contacting. I kept calling these agents
to say, listen I need an open house. Saturday and Sunday. Just give me what
you’ve got. And I always did open houses. And that’s how I ended up with my first
listing. Because I knew I had to get in front of people. I was so new I didn’t
know what I can, and can’t ask at an open house? I guess that’s the easiest
way to say it. And so it was my first or second weekend. Literally that’s how
quickly it took for me to get my first listing… because people would walk into
the home and I just figure, well I would ask them if they need my help. And that’s
all I did. People would walk in and I would ask them well are you
looking for home? Yes we are! Can I help? And of course I wanted to know if they
had a house to sell. So my next question is, do you have a house to sell. And very quickly, I came across this really nice young couple. And
I start a conversation with them. Are you looking for home? Yes! Do you have a house to sell? Yes! …Wow! I had myself potential for the first
time… and like I said, I don’t know if it was the first or second weekend, but it
was very quickly, and I knew I needed to carry on conversation with them beyond
the open house. I didn’t want them to leave without me at least getting their
contact info. So I said okay great… And Internet was kind of new? I
mean, this is 15 years ago but one thing I remember is they did not have an email
address yet. I know it’s kind of crazy to think right you don’t have an
email address but that’s what it was and I said well listen I know what price
range you’re looking at… what I could do is send you listings. And they said, well
I don’t have an email. And I said okay well where do you live? I’m just gonna
print off a few listings… I will put them in your mail slot…
and because it was still Saturday, I believe, and I said and you can go look
at them if they’ve got open houses or I can show you. And they said okay no
problem. So right after the open house I went back to the office. I printed off
all the listings in their price range and I was on my way to their home. I
knocked on their door, there was nobody there. And I thought ah okay well I’ll
leave it in the mailbox. I started driving away from their home and I
noticed they went out for a walk. They had a stroller they had a newborn and I
stopped and I said, hey by the way I just put that in your mailbox. And they were
kind of shocked to see me. And I stopped. I pulled over. I had conversation and
they were really grateful that I did that. And I told them about a few of the
listings that I had in there. I told them that I can take them out and I was
just there for them. I really wanted to help them out. and they said no problem
we’ll give you a show tomorrow because we’re kind of busy for the rest of the
day. and I said hey great. The next day they called me. and they said can you
come to our home to do an evaluation Heck yeah! Of course I will. And I sat
down with them. And the truth finally came out. You see they had already
planned to sell their home with another agent. That other agent already came in,
but they didn’t finalize the listing yet. And I said well why are you telling me
this? They said, well obviously because we want to choose you. and I said well I’m
grateful but why? Why me? You already have an agent. And this is the key to getting
your first listing. It has nothing to do with the “how to”, the “tactics”. The tactics
are only worth 20%. The 80% is mental and that goes with any aspect of life, okay?
That’s why I’m telling you this story so you can kind of understand where I’m
coming from. So I said why me? and they said because
you’re extremely confident and enthusiastic. I didn’t give off the
impression that I was new. I didn’t give off the impression that I had no idea
what I was doing. When people were coming into the open house I figure out what’s
the worst that can happen? And with confidence I would ask the questions. Are
you looking for a home? Can I help you? And it was that, that secured my first
listing. Like I said, not the how-to. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. But one
thing that I had was a lot of confidence. That’s how you will actually get your
first listing… because I know what it’s like as a new agent. because I would
rather… and I mentioned this in one of my other videos… I don’t get ready
than aimed and fire. I fire then I aim and then I kind of get ready and that is
the quickest way to success in any aspect of life not just real estate but
any aspect. You fire first because when you fire you take action so I took
action and I continued to take action and within the first six months of me
being an agent I nearly made six figures. I was shy but almost there. I
would say it’s more confidence than enthusiasm because confidence will carry
you in life because it’s how you come across. It’s the energy that you exude.
Can you imagine if I begged you, can you please list your home with me? ummm…I
don’t know like… You see where I’m coming from? This was not a case of fake it till
you make it. I am NOT a fan of faking it until you make it. I was still me with
confidence. I was truthful about absolutely
everything but I was truthful with confidence. no I’ve never had a listing
before, you’re my first, but you know what I’m giving it everything I’ve got.
They can see that. They knew that. They told me that, they knew and they can tell that I was going to do whatever it takes to sell that home for them. So just
remember when you’re questioning the “how to” – what’s the right thing to say,
what’s the first step in doing that. Maybe those aren’t the right questions
because if you do the right things in the right order but without confidence
or enthusiasm… it’s just not going to mean anything and you will not get the
results. Capisce? Do you understand? Do we understand each other?
Confidence, enthusiasm is the only thing you need. I promise you everything else
is secondary. If you don’t have that? I don’t care how many how to’s you learn. I’m sorry baby the end result will not be a positive one! So if you like this message
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and we’ll chat tomorrow take care.

Daniel Ostrander

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2 thoughts on “HOW TO GET YOUR FIRST LISTING [not what you think]

  1. Hunt County Real Estate says:

    Not how I got my first listing but I think this is important for all agents. Ask for the business. In my town, years ago the bank had foreclosed on multiple properties. They put up their own signs on the properties. My main competitor was a long time client of the bank. About a month after they went up for sale I had to go into the bank and the branch president came over just to have a normal "how you doing" conversation. Before I left I said I would really like the opportunity to "SELL" (I did not say list) those properties for them. On the spot he agreed. At the first closing I asked him why he ended up listing them with me, he said because I was the first one to "ask for the business".

  2. Ms. Budget Mom says:

    Great video 👍

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