How to get listed on Tripadvisor for travel company, travel agency 2019

How to get listed on Tripadvisor for travel company, travel agency 2019

hello! would you like to get listed on
Tripadvisor?let’s see this video now firstly you need to prepare
something. You need to prepare your company name, address, contact including
phone number, email and very important is the website, company website. But you know
content on your website is very important like this one. You can see from
Tripadvisor, you can go directly to website and you will see the address
here, phone number, email this is website address. When you read a
tour for example like this one Halong bay 6 hours day tour. We need to write
very clear content here including pickup time drop-off time, pick a place and
itinerary price details inclusion, exclusion
that’s it. And must have adress here address, email, phone number so that every people can see that after
preparing all the things I told you just come back go to here we
go scroll down right here select owner so now type the name you want to
get listed. Business name here for example Hai Phong Travel of course it’s not listed here because
you haven’t done it so click here now all right
so if you are hotel owner or restaurant owner it’s easier for you to get
listed but if you are travel agency or travel company it is more complicated so if
you are travel agency or company select attraction right here ok now they
asked you which best describe your business so if you are supplier click
here if you are travel agencies click here I prefer this one because I think
it’s easier I selected supplier yes now Tripadvisor experiences
asked me to create a new TripAdvisor account if you have already just click
here to sign in if not enter your email here and password new password here to
create a new account so I try least 6 characters long all right
create now you can answer this or not up to you how would you describe your
business select the one create your company
profile now let’s go is your business currently listed on
TripAdvisor not yet a course, I select no now they add
company name like Hai Phong Travel I just write the same thing copy
paste here phone number. I am in Vietnam so I choose +84 okay now you enter email address that can be company email or your personal email
that’s okay like NHP how… this email will display
in your profile on Tripadvisor company website this very important it just
copies it copy the website address that I told you to prepare in advance. Paste it
right here now write short company description. this might be quick and
minimum 100 character needed so… don’t forget to tell them how you pick up and
drop off so make sure you’ve input correct information then make all right
now add your photo you know the first photo will be your cover photo so try
to make it’s very nice photo and remember to read these thing do and
do not ok now I try to add photo no watermark no website in this photo so
you see this’s very nice one save it you can add captain here like fighting cork rock on halong bay next add some more
information about where your company is based city I am in Hai Phong city Zip code/
portal code you can search on internet for zip code or postal code address somewhere
in Hai Phong. You can edit later like what’s the main
type products you offer tour activities rental, transport. I’m listing tour agency so I select tours. what kind of tour do you offer just select here. then they asked what privacy location where your
experiences take place depends on your tour so you can tell them the answer
most up the tours are taken place on Halong bay so I search Halong okay I got almost there
just few more details okay. Does your company use online reservation system no what’s your role at this company
I am marketing manager continue now we’ve done submitting your company
to TripAdvisor already so when you click here you can see this notification your
listing will be live soon it’s about two day later let’s check back just
go back to the same link like this and try to click click here if it listed
you will not see this notification and you can also see on TripAdvisor
when you go to and search or City you will see your
business good luck and if you have any questions please comment here don’t
forget to like my channel and goodbye see you soon

Daniel Ostrander

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