How to Create a Directory

How to Create a Directory

Hi, it’s Brian from iSpring, and today, we’re gonna find out how to create
a Directory interaction. Here’s what an interactive directory looks
like when it’s completed. [Music plays] As you can see, it’s a fully navigable information
store, enhanced with rich media. Now let’s see how to make it. You can put a directory right inside a PowerPoint-based
course by inserting a new slide, and then clicking the Interaction button, or you can open iSpring Visuals right here from the iSpring Suite quick start window, and choose the directory interaction. Up here, you can add an intro, a summary, and new directory items. You can change the directory title and the
item title here, plus add all kinds of rich media. You can record or import audio, and insert pictures, videos, and Flash movies. Type as many sections of text as you like
right here, and use the formatting tools to fine-tune
them. Plus, you can even add hyperlinks. Let’s see what that looks like. Here’s our directory of American musicians
again. I’ve just added a picture for the intro, but once we get into the musicians, I’ve added audio samples of their work. Scrolling down here, you can see that I’ve also added hyperlinks
for users to learn more on the web. Note that when you add a new item, it will automatically appear in alphabetical
order, and when you rename it, it will be automatically sorted. If you right-click an item in the list, you can preview it, add a new one, duplicate
it, or delete it. Now, let’s check out the properties. Here, you can change the width of the items
list, and toggle the alphabet for easy searching. There are even predefined alphabets in several
languages for you to choose from, or you can add your own here and save it as
a preset. You can also enable your users to perform
a search in the directory to find what they’re looking
for. You can change fonts for titles and content
here, and customize your player here. This works like any other iSpring color customizer. You’ve got a list of presets, or you can pick out each color yourself, and drag them around. Now let’s get out of these windows, and when you’re ready to check out how it
looks, just click the Preview button. But you’ve already seen how that looks at
the beginning of the tutorial, so let’s go ahead and publish. Change the title and destination if you like, then pick a format, and click Publish. Here, you can check out how your directory
looks on different devices, plus attach it to an email or upload it to
your website via FTP. Don’t forget, you can use this directory
separately, or as part of a PowerPoint-based course. Thanks for watching! Now you know how to create an interactive
online directory.

Daniel Ostrander

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