and if you want to get the number of any
file in this directory in Python basics we can write here word count but if I’m
going to write the work on I’m gonna see that we have three numbers so we have to
write it like this – I’ll display only the numbers of video
or sorry all files in the directory so that’s the comment it’s really simple
and in your half you can have here the number of files if I’m going to add
another file over here so bring new fired up let’s say the XD and I’m going
to make something here you can say this and if we type this we can see that we
have nine files I’m first in this 0 – ok if you want to get only a specific file
with a specific extension you can do this grip and we can write here point PI
for instance I want to get only device with extension
that PI and if we want number them we’re gonna have the all the PI dot pi files
in the directory so if I want to number them I’m going to pipe this and I want
to see and find cell and I have only the numbers of wires with this extension if
I’m going to write here the extension keep stealing newly added fight I didn’t
see that we have only one file and this is really cool so this is with the this
really quick tutorial if you want to get the all numbers file you can do this
come on it’s really simple and I want to do I when I I know I decided to do this
tutorial to show you how you can fastly display from the common line in our file
in a folder thank you for watching don’t forget to hit bloody like button and
subscribe to this don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and have a
nice day because I’m going to come again with a new quick tutorial like this and
I’m going to show you a really cool and interesting comment have a nice day bye

Daniel Ostrander

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