How to Be a Shaolin Kung Fu Master : How to Rip a Phone Book in Half in Shaolin Kung Fu

How to Be a Shaolin Kung Fu Master : How to Rip a Phone Book in Half in Shaolin Kung Fu

Next I’m going to show you how to tear a phone
book in half with your single hands, which you don’t get to see often. Incorporate all
your energy to your hands, and grabbing the phone book – and I’m going to tear it in half
with a single tear. Like THIS!

Daniel Ostrander

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19 thoughts on “How to Be a Shaolin Kung Fu Master : How to Rip a Phone Book in Half in Shaolin Kung Fu

  1. Alperen Dogan says:

    (i agree it's a trick, but i just wanted to say that you reminded me of Hercule)

  2. Igor Ilyin says:

    It is quite easy trick you can do it by your self. The secret is – rip one page by another instead rip all pages at ones. To rip one page by another you need bend a book before ripping, like the "Kung Fu Master" does. If you'll try to do the trick, make sure that there are some intervals between pages in the point of bending, and try to rip not too sick books firstly.
    Finally – the video is disappointing me, looks like the "Master" really wants to impress others, event by fake "power".

  3. crazyAlexander23 says:

    i can do this to

  4. crazyAlexander23 says:

    @masteroffear95 this is not a fake i can do this to

  5. NoneOf YourBusiness says:

    i can burn my telephone book ;3 i cant rip it apart T_T
    and im on shaolin kung fu already 5 months T__T

  6. Vinnygil says:

    ya exept he used tha easy popping technique to tear that phonebook he didnt use pure strength

  7. Intelligent Discussion says:

    I've done this before…kung fu helps and yes there is a trick to it but it still doesn't mean it is that easy, if it is then post a video of your fat ass doing this.

  8. Pixel3 says:

    @sammyorochi LOL at people who think is is fake.. this guy is extremely precises and skillful it's just that he doesn't really know how to speak proper English and he is wearing a commercial Shaolin suite.

  9. Intelligent Discussion says:


  10. Vic Vegas says:

    you shouldve done the chinese phone book

  11. David Dias says:

    I won't say that this guy is retarded, but I doubt a true shaolin monk or kunf fu master would make a stupid show off video and post it on youtube 😐

  12. AtotehZ says:

    "Bruce Wen has studied in China with Tibetian monks, and runs his own studio in California"..

    Read the description guys… he STUDIED with the monks, he is not a monk himself. It's perfectly human to be full of oneself, but I do enjoy people uploading crap like this.

    1 It's pointless and stupid

    2 even if you tried to copy it you'd have no idea of how unless you looked elsewhere.

    ..and to think i got redirected to this from movie clip of "Snatch"..sheesh

  13. Wilson Chew says:

    he opened his mouth…fails.

  14. Bob Jams says:

    There's a trick to this but when he tore the book he tore it from the top, the trick is to rip it from the middle of the page down not the top of the book.

  15. zizer95 says:

    lol "All the energy to your hands" *Moves retarded* there's a trick to do this, you don't need to do those moves to be able to rip a phonebook apart 😛

  16. nanothequex says:

    He rips babys for breakfast

  17. Artsy says:

    Lol this is so fake, you can see he tear up the bent part of the book not the part he was touching.

  18. bostaff22 says:

    @sammyorochi Kung-Fu no about fight. Is way of life. Life may be a fight but only the strong will survive. No body strong. Mind strong. He preform energy with book. Book never hurt no one. He showing off. He no live by Bushido code. He may be a good martial artist but even the best are still in training. I learn that from many years of every day practice. I hear practice makes perfect but perfect, is no perfect.

  19. That one friend who invites you to play a new game and then doesn't let you learn how to play says:

    These are not some bullshit "magical Shaolin powers". Look up "How To Rip A Phone Book In Half" it's really not that hard, a normal person can do it.

  20. New England Martial Arts "Athletic Center" says:

    100 % on the spot.

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