How To Backup Registry in Windows 10 ?

How To Backup Registry in Windows 10 ?

To backup the registry file in Windows 10 Please open the Registry. For this, please type in the search box regedit as you can see on the screen now, please right click on the regedit the first option and choose run as administrator. In this window please right click on the computer here and then choose export. Now please select a location to save this backup . Please give a proper name for these files and then please click save -click ‘save’ here, then close this window, now let’s look for that file ok… it was saved in my documents ok.. it is here… so, by this way you can back up the registry files in your windows 10 To know how to restore the registry backup please watch this video.. we hope this video will help you… thank you for watching this video by itech tips

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