How does A ‘do not mail’ registry work?

How does A ‘do not mail’ registry work?

Junk, junk, junk. Verizon, Verizon. Here is one from Chase, American Express,
AIG, here is one from Dell. I must have hit a certain age, got one from
AARP. Over a year I had fifteen pounds of Redplum. Actual mail. Alright let’s see what the total is for
2017, looks like fourteen or fifteen pounds. The first year I saved it all up for a whole
year was 2009. It was two feet tall, twenty-four inches,
including fifteen pounds of phone books. I’d like to get it to zero or close to it. Anyone can mail any kind of mail to anyone
else, and it’s the recipient’s responsibility to refuse it. So each of them, I’ve tried to get off their list. I just noticed this year that I got one that
wasn’t addressed to me it was addressed to “current resident” and that’s addressed
to my youngest son who does not live in this state. So it is, it is like sisyphus. This might be a Doug Fir, I’m not sure. I direct the Sightline Institute, which is
a regional sustainability research center helping to forge an economy way of life that
works with nature, that is the defining work of my life. You know I don’t own a car. I ride my bike to work and back everyday. I try to reduce my consumption of things. This is like the wastefulness of society like
actually walking up onto my porch everyday and inserting itself into my mailbox. I worked for ten years to get my junk mail
pile from fifty pounds down to fifteen pounds, but I’m a rare individual who’s going to bother. Direct mail is nobodies top concern, so it’s
been hard to generate any kind of real big groundswell of support for changes in policy
like a “Do Not Mail” registry. There would be a national or state law that
established a registry like the “Do Not Call” registry, where you could say please
put me on the “Do Not Mail” registry and then anyone who wants to send advertising
mail, they have to look at the “Do Not Mail” registry and remove from their list anyone
who is on that list. Citizens and local governments, spend more
than 370 million dollars each year to collect and dispose of all the bulk mail that doesn’t
get recycled. What will the mailman do besides deliver bills? Just look at the Victoria Secret catalogs
in the mail. Senator you’ve got a lot of facts and figures
but have you calculated how many jobs are lost in the timber industry, how many in the
paper, printing? And no I have not and of course that is an
issue and as I brought up earlier, I don’t like to have anything cost people their jobs. You know the Postal Service survived for decades
and decades and decades before the junk mail surge started in the late 1970’s. That’s a stupid argument, it’s the same
argument to me about junk mail.

Daniel Ostrander

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3 thoughts on “How does A ‘do not mail’ registry work?

  1. Donna Ayres says:

    It's outrageous! Save a tree! Let's employ another useless govt entity. The 'Do Not Call' registry is a farce as well. I filed 5 complaints in 1.5 yrs. Nothing was done except being told "Our atty's need to research it". Bullshit. I rec'd 71 BS calls in January. What can u do? Nothing…

  2. Rudie Obias says:

    I bet if junk were outlawed or made easier not to receive, USPS would go out of business.

  3. Omar Suave says:

    I think I get 15 pounds a month no lie. I hate it. It all goes straight to trash. No recycling.

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