High School cafeteria employee fired for giving a student free lunch

High School cafeteria employee fired for giving a student free lunch

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “High School cafeteria employee fired for giving a student free lunch

  1. Red Poppy says:

    Employee should've asked principal what to do or the employees should have rules in place re these situations. Then it's all set.

  2. Compscilaw says:

    Fox News not checking their facts? I FOR ONE AM SHOCKED.

  3. pc says:

    free stuff is socialism. only the strog thrive

  4. Mrandher83 says:

    Somehow I suspect the student was a Caucasian.

  5. Bodragon says:

    There is so much missing from this story.
    Why is this even a story?
    I'll tell you why.
    Because all the real news is focused on real issues.
    The name "Obama" just had to make a show here didn't it?

  6. Southern Harley Rider says:

    I can't believe it! Being a nice person can get you fired! They have a Facebook page, give them hell!

  7. Daniel Kahawaii says:

    🐝BEST SCHOOL LUNCH LADIES: On the FRONTLINES making SURE that EVERYONE EATS; regardless if She's losing HER MEAL TICKET. Imagine if SOMEONE claimed ownership of 2- Fishes and 5- Loaves of Bread. All my Love and Aloha to the 🐝BEST TRIO; may the Good Lord Bless and Keep You All in GOOD HEALTH AND IN GOOD SPIRITS W/🗽+⚖4us🇺🇸aLL🌎.
    🐝BEST 🐰🕳

  8. Adorable Deplorable says:

    So we can feed every illegal coming across the boarder but we cant make sure our own children born here get a meal in school???????

  9. Andrea Azzam says:

    Wowwww! People are so f**** s*** to each other I can't take it anymore!

  10. Surfblue says:

    Is New Hampshire a Democrat state. Why is it $8 for lunch, that's nuts. Like I've been saying Democrats do not help you

  11. Her Name is Akane says:

    Back in the 1960's they gave poor kids lunch, but then it cost $0.25. I didn't eat cafeteria food. I had 2 paper routes. I made about $35.00 a mo.

  12. Friend says:

    What in the LL Cool J. is going on here???????!!!!!! Hire her back now!

  13. jean skilling says:

    $8 really.


    This must be a geographical oddity – in Indiana this kind of behavior would be rewarded – as long as the person giving the free lunch would have kicked in $8 for the student. Regardless, they probably throw away more food at the end of the day than what she gave away. Duh.

  15. SPARKY KESLER says:

    That's bull crap the fire her she was doing a good deed feed the hunger

  16. Midnight says:

    There is a difference between giving someone free food than free booze, really disgusting that someone got fired because giving food to a kid or any person, I guarantee more is dumped every day for not being used. I don't have very much but I would not see someone go hungry, some of us know what that's like, you blessed if you haven't and next time you think life sucks just remember that.

  17. J B says:

    God bless this woman I hope her community supports her to the fullest.

  18. I'm Aimée Miami says:

    Free hand outs are evil socialism. That child should have just starved, obviously.

  19. hope less says:

    When I was a teen working fast food they wouldn't let me eat anything. At the end of the day if any food was not bought they would make us throw it all away, they said it was so people would not make extra before the end of the day. We threw away so much food every day it was ridiculous.

  20. Jason Morris says:

    That's just crazy

  21. MoeZeppelin says:

    no mention of the school name or the vendor name? $8 for a school lunch? i call bullchit on this one 🙂

  22. wheelmanstan says:

    8 dollar lunch?

  23. Shasha8674 says:

    She may do this often. She was helping, but could have paid for him.

  24. King 0f Gotham says:

    Oh too bad it wasn't a black woman helping out a black student

    She would of got a raise or commendation

  25. 1966bluemax says:

    Well, you have to get the money somewhere. Better teach kids they are not entitled to anything this early. Even food.

  26. Katherine Chapman says:

    Because the food service is farmed out to for-profit corporations. When I was little, our lunch was homemade delicious. Later it was more industrial, but it was made for us by our own lunch ladies, and they had discretion to give away food if necessary. It's dehumanizing to take away all power from employees and managers. Corporate control sucks.

  27. Cecilia Norris says:

    Seriously?! That sounds like BS. Oh, and 8 bucks for a school lunch, good grief. That's the real crime.

  28. Chief Dogman says:

    What do schools do with leftovers? It is throwing money away if the food is tossed. How did the school administration find out she did this?

  29. occhamite says:

    Perino's makeup is ridiculous.
    Don't these billion-dollar networks have a makeup artist on hand to look at the personalities on camera before they go on the air, to catch this sort of thing?

  30. Erin apple says:

    I had to live on a cookie and water in my high school lunch, because my parents made too much money I didn't qualify for free or reduced lunch meanwhile all of the fat and muscle bastards had a huge plate.
    Nobody knows how kids have to suffer. But hey it must be better than Mexico. I bet the south Americans coming here get a free lunch.

  31. ALCONQUESO says:

    2 for $5 at Mcdonalds! $8 wtf!

  32. SIXPACFISH says:

    Now that the schools have stopped deep frying tater tots (or anything else). They ain't worth eating.

  33. STDrepository says:

    Our school lunches were $2.75. Slice of pizza, milk or orange juice, and a scoop of fries. Really good.

  34. Steve Legend says:

    Its stealing, if she wanted to be generous should have put her hand in her pocket and paid for it. It being paid the next day is bs, coz maybe it was only paid because of the firing/attention, would it have been paid otherwise? This is just emotive crap that i expect from the Left, not conservatives.

    I will say $8 is pretty steep, that should be the real story

  35. Aily Dene says:

    So it's OK to let a kid to go hungry

  36. King Yellowman says:

    Ironic you people are freaking out about a teacher being fired for giving out a free meal but you are against handouts

  37. Edward Mitchell says:

    I don’t think we should give free lunches but Jesus don’t fire someone over it bet they throw out more than 8bucks worth every day

  38. NoobSoldier2006 says:

    She can't give out free food. She could've pay for the students until the student pays her back. This seems to be a big deal because it was 1 meal. People would want her to be fired if there were more students.

  39. Jason G says:


  40. Russell St.Clair says:

    $8 for a school lunch really! but then again we're talking about the same people setting prices in schools who couldn't turn a profit with a whorehouse.

  41. 김태진 says:

    Do you all like chowder?

  42. NoobSoldier2006 says:

    Wait until democratic representatives file to give her the purple heart.

  43. Frank says:

    Fired for helping another human. Just wow.

  44. Jamie Collins says:

    8.00 wow it was 75 cent when I was in school. People in prison get free breakfast, lunch and dinner. Y not the kids to.

  45. Chase Clarity says:

    Wow she should be hired by a famous chef or celebrity! Someone famous should step in and hire her

  46. MusicMan says:

    I thought the Liberal mind believes in free stuff?

  47. NPC J says:

    So I am confused. A business says not to do something. It is their policy. So instead of following it we will sensationalize it and make it about feelings. She did a good thing but it wasn't what the company she agreed to work for wanted. Also why couldn't we wait to here the Employers side? Emotions thats why.

  48. DONALD 2020 says:

    School lunches were twenty five cents back in the good ole days!

  49. Jeff Bearden says:

    Shame on the school, not only for their actions against the lunch lady, but for charging 8 freaking bucks for the slop that comes out of a school cafeteria!!!

  50. William Boyde says:

    She’s a menace! Who the farq gives little, poor, hungry children food?!? String her up.

  51. Amen Pass The Ammo lll% says:

    Boycott New Hampshire.

  52. OvroProductions says:

    Having a caring heart is not a crime! The crime is why the lunches are so expensive. Why do children have to go without food, in the richest country in the world? So they can't afford it….. that means they should remain hungry? That's not right! And I'm a Conservative!!

  53. Donald Trump’s Fanboy #MAGA Clubhouse says:

    8 dollars for school lunch? That’s the real crime here.

  54. mikean1123 says:

    The children of Fox News.
    Up and coming idiots.

  55. Menachem Salomon says:

    Because TANSTAAFL.

  56. Joe Tairei says:

    The student paid it back the next day. No harm, no foul. Why fire someone over such a trivial thing?

  57. Tablet One says:

    Mom often volunteered at my school cafateria and paid for children's lunches who she saw day after day sitting without eating. This lady did what's RIGHT and told it's WRONG. Sounds all too familiar…

  58. Mr Guy says:

    But illegal immigrants can get free services. It was a one time thing- the kid paid it back. Sounds to me that the school is being run by democrats.

  59. popweaselcrunch says:

    Why not make all lunches at school free? Oh thats right public schools getting defunded because DeVos is in favor of private schools that are pay to play. Giving free food out sounds like Socialism and we cant have that. MAGA!

  60. Kim Jong Nuke says:


  61. Brodha Sattva says:

    I thought you Righties hated handouts. Let the poor and sick die if they cant afford it

  62. Satixa XR says:

    $8 for SCHOOL LUNCH?!!!!

  63. Darrylx444 says:

    So many sad and pathetic comments, that reveal unrelated petty personal grudges. Let's see if I can summarize them, in no particular order: Blaming Obama, Hillary, leftists, illegal immigrants, transgenders, Democrats, AOC, Omar, Satan, mainstream media, etc. My apologies if I left some out.

  64. POF415 says:

    How dare this woman !! 😡. 🙄

  65. огромная эрекция says:

    It's ok to rip off the students charging them $8, but wrong to give a needy student a free lunch.

    Hurry up Jesus.

  66. Sue Sally says:

    I work in a school. the food is wasted more, then it is eating, because what was not eating is thrown away at the end of the day, and there was a lot of food everyday was just throw away !

  67. Whiten Lite says:

    I don't see why people are so angry this is just capitalism, it's just business.

  68. a says:

    what an ahole the guy on the right

  69. Ch.Bonnie Baker says:

    Do what?

  70. Rodney JB says:

    To think that I was going to give Fox News the benefit of the doubt until I heard that Michelle Obama comment. Come on bro.

  71. Dexter Jackson says:


  72. Black says:

    All school lunches should be free

  73. Blocked User says:

    Juan should be forced to eat a Michael Obama school lunch while we watch !

  74. Pushyhog says:

    Blue states

  75. MyLife NotYours says:

    Lucky for our area, it's free lunch for everyone.

  76. T. D says:

    The crime here is the $8 lunch!

  77. Doug Stephen says:

    I’ve always had a problem with kids not getting to eat because they “don’t have the money” it’s not fair for the student to do with out because the parent didn’t send lunch money. I worked at a prison and watched inmates get free food everyday. I think the kids should get the free food and the inmates should have to pay for their own. I know there will be someone out there that will say “but they can’t work and have no way to pay for it.” To that I say, if the inmate can go to the commissary and buy $70+ worth of junk every month, they can pay for their food in the chow hall. In my son’s school, if you don’t have money you get 2 slices of bread a slice of cheese and a milk. I did some investigating and was told by lunch room professionals that they have to toss out food at the end of the day that would have easily fed the few students that didn’t have lunch money for that day. It’s not right. Feed the kids!

  78. Alice Moore says:

    Eight bucks for a school lunch? I could pack a lunch for a week and not spend that.

  79. Common Sense says:

    They can’t charge the meal to their account? 🙄 This school is a JOKE!

  80. MBFLA45 says:

    People are acting like this is a generous act. Why didn't she reach into her pocket and pay for the lunch if she's so good-hearted? Now someone will start up a GoFundMe page and she'll make a pile of money. Hmmm…

  81. JT Bynum says:

    Eight dollars for a school lunch? I would definitely be bringing my lunch

  82. Catalina Villagrana says:

    Will yeah giving free lunch to kids every day is stupid thats way they have there parents to feed them if you feed them all the time that means the parents are saving money and taking advantage of this im not saying its wrong but its not right either.but shouldn't did it in the first place

  83. Kelly C says:

    Ok. Wait a minute. $8.00 for lunch? What's being served at that school? Beef Wellington and Lobster tail??

  84. Kootenay Kracker says:

    $8 is probably used to subsidize illegal alien jose's sanctuary lunch ,…………

  85. GuildBankLooter says:

    Glad the thief got fired..

  86. Abel1120 conlget says:

    this is American kids.. their future.. and still they are making fun of the future… hahaha….. which is why china will win..

  87. Peter Martini Jr says:

    I really do not understand why most people think what this lady did was noble and commendable. What did she do that was so great? She gave away something that was not hers nor did she have the authority to do so. If she paid for the lunch and then gave it away, great. That would have deserved praise. Maybe even do a story showing her kindness. Everyone should always give to those less fortunate. But playing Robin Hood and taking something that was not hers and giving it away is nothing that deserves praise. While I do not think she should have been fired, she did deserve a reprimand and a change in position. But she definitely did not deserve any praise.

    Now as far as the lunch costing $8, as a college student I can tell you $8 is barely enough to buy anything. Just a salad in my school is over $10.

  88. Mir Saucyyy says:

    They’re Toxic🤮

  89. Mickey Kindley says:

    She is not dishonest and we should help her

  90. show bread says:

    She had every right to use her money to buy that lunch , but she had no right to steal from the school to give that kid free food !

  91. Eli M says:

    Oh please ..no kid should go hungry in any school in USA…and that vendor obviously has fudged his documents to make her look like a thief….his pathetic attempt to hide his greedy bottom line!..

  92. Nacho Ballsgrande says:

    She shoud be fired.

  93. Jesse Lewis says:

    I hope the lady gets to own the school

  94. mjc 427 says:

    Leave it to Fox to take a story of compassion and make it a joke. No good deed goes unpunished.

  95. Yolie Hines says:

    If you don’t have kids, you don’t understand, this Lady have a big heart, Blessings to the Cafeteria Lady 🙏😊🌷

  96. Yolie Hines says:

    The Food Vendor SUCK !!!

  97. CipherBytes says:

    Amazing how people don't wait for the whole story. This is why people make such poor decisions and judgement.

    No student is refused a lunch by policy. EVERY student gets a lunch, regardless if they can pay or not. However, ADDITIONAL ITEMS must be charged. She was not charging him for those ADDITIONAL ITEMS and not doing so for months. Kindness is ensuring that every student gets a meal. That is ensured by policy. Giving away extras is theft. That is why she was fired. Don't believe everything you hear on youtube and the news. Make sure you get the ENTIRE story first. Great job, Fox……only the other channels are fake news? Bleh…

  98. Private One says:

    Lies again from a trump supporter. As always trying to get national attention and follow my president's suit, TO SUE.
    WTF "prolly" means?

  99. Ryan Horde says:

    It's 2019 and you still allow the media to whip you into a frenzy, playing on your emotions.
    She lied, there was a much sinister motive involved.
    People are stupid.

  100. Ace Forein says:

    The lunch lady I used to have gave me free lunch once. My family doesn’t do to well financially, but we didn’t qualify for free lunch.

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