Hans Inglish – ‘Identity’ (Pt. 1 of 6) Speak Inglish Docuseries

This is the one bedroom apartment that I grew up in- in Queens It was a working class neighborhood The living room was also my bedroom that I shared
with my older sister. We both went to a Catholic school that honestly,
my parents had trouble paying for. But good thing we did. I mean look at this picture.
There’s a Kenyan, white Italian, African American, Guyanese, Filipino It was a melting pot. Ethnically and socio-economically. I was kind of stuck in between two worlds you know But if there was one thing I knew for sure, it was that
    I was gonna’ be a pilot or a fly ass Emcee and what better place to do it then Jamaica Queens. A place made famous by 50 Cent Nicki Minaj Run DMC LL Cool J Waka Flaka Ja Rule That’s just naming a few Yeah I think everybody on this block use to rap. I think maybe I was the only one that really took it seriously So they always tried to help me to get where I got. Like these guys were the people that my Mom
told me don’t hang out with, you know. and- and I was like-out here it was just-
I felt like they were just regular cats on the block and you know We were just rapping and I think that was the connection between them –
cause I wasn’t really in that life You Rockin wit ya man Flawless.
I got my peoples wit me Queens all day! Jamaica stand up! Aye yo some say I’m a rapper but I correct em’
and tell em’ that I’m an emcee Sick with the grammar, yall should be busy gettin an M.D. Use to have the Stanza that ran wit the gas on empty. Now my finaancial planner got y right hand on an M3- More bars than a slammer so haters gon’ envy But yall just mad cause you mattered until they sent me- Ya food’s on my platter. Now you mad like, “It can’t be!” After this verse, start collecting data for plan B Imma’ pause this real quick. I’ll get back
to the whole Flawless thing later. Basicallly, anything my older sister listened to, got passed down to me and she was into
New Kids On The Block She was into Another Bad Creation,
Kriss Kross, Boys 2 Men I remember having a mic stand with a little amp and I use to put it in the middle of the living room
and pretend I was Jordan Knight I remember my Uncle took us to a concert. Me seeing them live in person and the impact they
were having on these girls. I was like, “WOW.. this is what I wanna do as a career.” I had an Uncle that was in a group called Lakol which was like a real popular Haitian group- and so to me, he was like a Rock Star, you know- and then we also had the 80’s music. We had- Kenny Loggins we had Billy Ocean George Benson Pat Benatar playing in the house. I think the first album that I really
got into Hip-Hop wise was-                     Illmatic was probably my favorite album of—- and still is my favorite albums of all time. One of the highlights of growing up
was going out to the AVE and getting the DJ Clue Mixtapes. Those were the mixtapes you had to have to
hear the exclusive freestyles. I was listening to Wu-Tang Clan,
Method Man, Jadakiss, Mase – So right now we in Hall Of Fame on Jamaica Ave and this is one of the premier-premier mixtape spots- in Queens This is where I use to come get all the
50 Cent mixtapes when he use to drop em’ I think that’s like my- my greatest memory of this spot Narration:
I absorbed a lot from all of those artists but if I’m gonna be completely honest I didn’t see myself in any of them. Which created a bit of an identity crisis within myself. Regardless, I was determined to let everybody
know who Flawless was- even if I don’t really know. “Hey! Oh shit, what’s going on?” “How are you?” I’m doing alright man. My man right here He does T-Shirts for everybody “All the up-coming and
all the outgoing. Everybody” This is where I use to come
print the Flawless T-Shirts and- He use to always give me problems.He said,
“Yo, you’re too anal about everything man.” He’s like, “You always wanna’ be particular
about every single detail. “Every detail” But Aye! T-Shirts came out good though.
Came out Flawless – RIght? “Appreciate that. Yes! Thank You!” It was good seeing you.

Daniel Ostrander

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