Hangouts Meet and Huddly Hardware – Huddly and ASUS Demo – Google Cloud Summit

Hangouts Meet and Huddly Hardware – Huddly and ASUS Demo – Google Cloud Summit

So we’re at the Google
Summit here in Stockholm. I’m Runar from Huddly talking about Huddly cameras for the Hangouts Meet hardware and also the Huddly IQ for Jamboard. Hey, I’m Kieran from Asus. I look after Hangouts
Meet hardware for Amir. So, hi. I’m Runar from Huddly. We’re here at the Google
Summit in Stockholm. I’m here to talk a little bit about our Huddly AI-focused
cameras with the wide angle, 150 degrees, 1080P resolution, and we’re running here in the
Hangouts Meet kit from Asus. This is the small room kit, including the Huddly Go camera, the Asus kits, and all you need to run a fantastic user
experience video meeting in your organisation. What we’re also going to show later today is the new Huddly IQ for Jamboard that we specifically designed. Now launching in October, it’s available through
our channel partners. So here we’re showcasing the
Huddly IQ for Jamboard kit. This is now shipping from
the fifteenth of October. We’ve got the Huddly IQ
intelligent wide angle, AI powered camera from Huddly. 150 field of view. It has the AI chip in it, so it automatically frames the
number of people in the room. You get people counting. You get all types of analytic
statistics out of your rooms. Here we’ve designed a specific
Jamboard mounting bracket. So the kit will be the camera, and the bracket, and the cable, shipping from fifteenth of October. Please check out
for more information. Hey there. I’m Kieran from Asus. I’m going to walk you through
the Asus Hangouts Meet hardware. We have two bundles available. First bundle is the standard room bundle and it consists of a Huddly Go webcam with an amazing field of view, great for huddle rooms up to eight people. FINTAN: Hi guys. We’ve also got the
Hangouts Meet speaker mic designed by Google. It’s got great echo
and noise cancellation, perfect for any room size and you can daisy chain it together for larger rooms. So you can chain multiple
speaker mics together for larger rooms. In this room, for example, we have three chained together so everyone in the room can be heard and everyone in the room can hear. We’ve also got a ten inch control panel. You can control all aspects of the meeting for the room. You can accept new
people into the meeting. You can beep people out. You can mute people. You can change settings. And as well, when you walk into the room you’ll be able to join the
meeting with just one touch. As part of the touch screen, it’s also got HDMI In, so if you want to present
likely to the room. The heart of the Hangouts
Meet hardware bundle is the Asus I7 Chromebox, as far as Chrome, OS, and Meet modes. And it’s an I7 device because it’s got that extra grunt to support up to 250
parties fit in in any meet.

Daniel Ostrander

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