Guy’s Record Breaking Overalls & Tractor VR | Guy Martin Proper Exclusive

Guy’s Record Breaking Overalls & Tractor VR | Guy Martin Proper Exclusive

– So I’ll get togged up then. You’re not gonna miss me on a dark night. Definitely not. These aren’t going to stay
this colour for long, I’ll tell you now. (laughs) Bobby-dazzler. Bobby-dazzler. Bobby-dazzler. – You want me to put my race
shoes on, I’d rather not. We did the Nuremberg ring record
in me work boots. And I’m looking, you see,
this isn’t that good, like, I’ve got my JCB socks on, I ain’t got matching socks though. I ain’t got matching socks. But look. JCB socks boys, eh. – Holes in me socks. Not in the Snap-on socks though. Not in the snap-on socks, though. Right are we ready? – [Man] So’ you’re keeping those on? – I prefer, if you boys don’t mind, are you boys okay with that? Yeah?
There’s thumbs up. (door slams) – [Man] Give us a twirl then. – Get another cup of tea. – [Man] Let’s have a look at you. – What do you think? – Bobby-dazzler, eh? Bobby-dazzler. – Right, we’re all right
for tea, aren’t we? I’ve got me gloves, got me helmet. Do you reckon I’ll need earplugs? How noisy do you think it is? – We are standing next
to a fast track model. – [Guy] She looks a peach mate, yeah. – Can I go in? – Of course you can. In you go. – Yeah there’s no seat in her, mate. – There’s no seats. – Bloody hell, we can see all the. – So guy.
– Bloody hell. – [Man] If in your left
hand handset you press, there’s a plus button, if
you press that you’ll rise up a little bit and then you’ll
be in a more natural position. – Ooh, bloody hell, yeah. There’s no prop shaft on her mate. – No, its a bit empty inside. Do you want to come back out, Guy? – Yes mate, I feel like I’m
gonna trip over the bugger. (they laugh) – Whoa, you’ve just walked
through the wall, okay. – [Guy] Sorry mate, bloody hell. – [Man] Guy, come back. (they laugh) Guy, so you can put your head through the
side pod you can look inside. – I know, we’re having a look
mate, we’re havin’ a look. I tell you what I only
watched for the first time the other week. The Matrix. (laughs)

Daniel Ostrander

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17 thoughts on “Guy’s Record Breaking Overalls & Tractor VR | Guy Martin Proper Exclusive

  1. Guy Martin Proper says:

    Tune in for the full show, Sunday 17th November on Channel 4!

  2. ItsCarrotSoup says:

    Why are these videos so short?!

  3. Steve Holmes says:

    These things seem to be a lot of science these days but when when thats done its mr Martin's lead foot on the gas pedal that gets the job done lol

  4. fache69 says:

    There's no prop shaft on her mate!

  5. Tim Jeffries says:

    Got the same boots, Site brand, £40 from B&Q, done me proud so far.

  6. Tezzasbigbuz says:


  7. Kris A says:

    Guy Matrix! 😀

  8. Mr Reviews it all says:

    I guess all videos don't need to have a point… sometimes it's just nice to see Guy clowning around

  9. K GEE says:

    Guy Martin plays My Summer Car

    Now that would be a sight

  10. Lime 23 says:

    Guys always been and always will be an absolute diamond feller

  11. Alan Anderson says:

    Guy. You're thd coolest ever! But darnit! Put on the new boots!

  12. noxxi knox says:

    VR has been struggling to gain "traction" with consumers, yet guy is having a "feild" day with it…


  13. conantdog says:

    Guy is a little behind in current movies etc🤭

  14. Tommy Tedford says:

    He's just like a really clever kid 😂

  15. Alan Jones says:

    Years ago at Darley Moor sports car racing was an old Jag labelled JCB GT 🤣

  16. DariusDaro says:

    Guy Martin driving Traktor. Guy Martin in Tesco. Guy Martin taking a shot. Guy Martin doing selfies. And so on. Who gives a fuck. Do something ! Stop being dickhead

  17. Ben Conway says:

    Why cant all tractors be this fast there wouldn't be a problem with traffic then

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