GTA San Andreas Beta Version and Removed Content – Hot Topic #11

GTA San Andreas Beta Version and Removed Content – Hot Topic #11

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “GTA San Andreas Beta Version and Removed Content – Hot Topic #11

  1. GTA Series Videos says:

    We've decided to open our Discord server to everyone if you want to hang out or chat.
    Here's the invite link:

  2. Sole Proprietor says:

    Man if CJ, Rydah, Smoke, Sweet, B-Dup and Bear was the squad, that woulda been so dope

  3. Max G says:

    lol im so dead bout how clinton said "we need to handle video games like tabacco, alkohol and pornography".
    To me a wayyyy bigger problem is your fucking gun laws, wtffff

  4. BotOP says:


  5. Jorzz Crackz says:

    Nice Sneaky Captions in English on 21:08

  6. Popogguy ppg says:

    Subtitrы na russkom zakosyachenы v googble translate

  7. Joey Nathan says:

    Jay Z and several other corny soundin muthafuckas

  8. Daniel says:

    this brings back so many good memories, i actually watched the whole 46 minutes! awesome video

  9. Petar Djordjev says:

    This is so cool. Never knew that a game can have so many removed things from beta

  10. kayro gamer says:

    39:12 The FBI car looks awesome,sadly ,they didn't keep it in the game 🙁

  11. scuttle06 says:

    headlamps opened in day isnt real, he cant hurt you.
    headlamsp opened in the day: 1:14

  12. Steal the painkillers says:

    I love the professional quality of all of these videos, nice job dudes.

  13. Zidan XD says:

    Ryder = Snoop dog

  14. WWEGarzaSlam says:

    10:14 I would have been fine with that.

  15. F.O.X says:

    Me After Watching The Whole Video:


  16. STLCODPS3123 says:

    21:04 yet another reason to hate that cunt

  17. Ilia B says:

    Почему субтитры на русском настолько отвратительны?

  18. Dellorto 84 says:

    did anyone notice the skateboard's shadow is a bicycle at 40:24

  19. Falah Falah says:

    This is so relaxing

  20. Hybrid Sayian says:

    Listen claude was from gta 3. RosenBurg Vice city . salvatore Liberty city? Im srly confused

  21. Hybrid Sayian says:

    original artwork of tbone im liek TF MAN

  22. Fuyuhiko says:

    32:58 that Toreno's phone call xD

  23. footba11fan41ife says:

    Why tf you keep saying Ballas like balas?

  24. LEO says:

    So were "Beta" versions of GTA games just used by internal R* staff?
    Are these videos just piecing together leftover game files and pre-release media?

    I'm just curious if there were ever any betas released to the public

  25. Cole S says:

    The last Non PC GTA game

  26. Gab Killer says:

    Wait, i founded gang territories in San Fierro without using mod, i think it’s a glitch

  27. Amjad Feroz says:

    ain't going to make bully removed and beta version the time is gone

  28. Beast Mode says:

    The mission with sweet with no guns I played that it’s so many of those things that I have done before

  29. DK racing X x says:

    You the best

  30. Briston Brown says:

    His face at 19:38

  31. Cheese says:

    So, San Fierro's name changed to… San Fierro?

  32. ÿCJ_YT says:

    Finally i heard your voice

  33. ÿCJ_YT says:

    Fuck politicians! we love the game mannnn!

  34. Kyle Fagan says:

    Express yourself! There’s removed content right there…

  35. Señor Lechuga says:

    Captions on the Hillary's speech lmao

  36. Lord Gollum says:

    Ah shit here we go again

  37. Kuheli Kayal roy says:

    finally a video which is 49mins long and tells the information of my favourate gta game

  38. Christy Rivera says:

    You forgot about 50 Cent was supposed to voice for CJ

  39. David Pedersen says:

    The Indian ascent is still in the game or at least the PS2 version were the pedestrian says: "my ass is stinky"
    And "smell my finger" 😂🤣

  40. crazy albanian hacker says:

    Yeah if rockstar let this in gta sa too nobody will like to play other games this is why this is still the best seller gta game

  41. Buddy Corner says:

    The police station is in the Xbox 360 version

  42. HyouMix ! says:

    I gotta be honest, I don't like GTA 5 game story.. GTA SA is just different.. It's just.. I can't really explain

  43. Dangerous Moonwalker says:

    8:43 I’ve been wondering how Kenny paas got the sound clip for when he is the chicks whisperer
    10:15 wondering where he go Ryder’s cry too

  44. JohnsonStPetersonson says:

    Stop doing my left ear and then my right ear like that, its tripping me out.

  45. UrDailyLocalWeeaboo says:

    Did u forget they also removed where there's a way to follow the damn train

  46. Chhai Chhai says:

    Extended gang war mod is not working with Mobile device

  47. William Difficult says:

    what the fuck is that accent supposed to be

  48. Musty Gangster says:

    Is this guy black or white?

  49. Twiisted Felonies says:

    Area 69…….wow

  50. Billy Dela Cruz says:

    Man if these features were in the game gta sa will be realistic

  51. Karin Ritter says:

    Thanks for creating this amazing video. This beta stuff is very great. GTA:SA Ais my 2nd favorite Game of all time (the 1st ist Zelda: Oot and the 3rd is Shadow of the Colossus). Keep on, bro. Greetings from Liechtenstein🇱🇮

  52. Daniel Lopez says:

    Need to get a pc so I can play some of these mods

  53. Ediz Demiray says:

    Bad turkish lang

  54. Robert Ro says:

    Plecase add romanian on subtitles

  55. Blake Mcilwain says:

    Why not movies mainly cuz movies show so much worst shit that looks a hell of a lot more realistic and it’s easier to get a hold of

  56. Hayai-san says:

    42:05 (0~0)

  57. Mr.Eddie Leddie says:

    Area 69,pier 69 what is 6ix9ine gonna sticky blicky uh

  58. Reading And Northern 425 The Average Train says:

    <faaaart> oh my ass is stinking

  59. Donkey Squidward says:

    is Big Bear voiced by Big Boy?

  60. Urudu 3uudue7 says:


  61. 0pt1cm3m3t3ch says:


  62. Alexander Jarvis says:

    San Andreas has some things gtas never had
    Haircut places
    Tattoo parlors
    Pizza places
    Cluckin Bells
    Inside Track betting
    Police Headquarters
    Strip clubs
    Safehouses duh

  63. Alexander Jarvis says:

    Why were there gonna be 2 missions called Doberman

  64. Carmen Neide says:


  65. TMLB206 says:

    One thing I kind of found in the gamefiles is that the cellphone was kind of going to be interactive and usable phone not only made for picking up calls. I don't know if it's 100% true or not, i discovered it, but it's just a hard guess…

  66. doper 2806 says:

    If R* was to remake gta sa and include everything cut off from the game originally, like missions, features, models e.t.c I'd pay any price to buy it…

  67. Cool xD says:


  68. HellhammerSS says:

    Gary Seven, you get that name from that old Star Trek episode?

  69. Shadsy The Hedgehog says:


  70. Shadsy The Hedgehog says:

    Smoke's bowler hat is what makes him Smoke.

  71. Dr. Sosig says:

    Oh claude its bigger than the gears stick

  72. Alexander Jarvis says:

    Hit Radio or Head Radio what did you say was cut

  73. Ryder Nigga says:

    Man I really enjoyed it 🙂

  74. Dylan Campbell says:

    This is age restricted but the video of Marcellus Wallace getting fucked in the ass isn't. YouTube is a joke

  75. TriForce Official says:

    "And according to tattoos, San Fierro's name even changed!" shows the tattoo with the same name

  76. przemon1209 says:

    xD big smoke face on miniature says "UGH"

  77. farzanegan z says:

    gta sa 2 or remstered or gta iv?

  78. Nico Nico Nii Bxtch #SB4L says:

    17:50 “lucky muthafucker..” that had my high ass rolling in laughter lmao

  79. Huy Đoàn Gia says:

    18:23 minor characters change t-t-too

  80. Arturo Perez says:

    You can remove content from the game? I wanna do it. For example I wanna have a Jetmax Boat in the house in the beach. Another one in the house nearly to Big Ear (where Sandking is located) change the Speeder Boat to Toreno's Cabin, who appears in that place (Save House close to Big Ear) and a couple of Squallo in places I have in mind.

    I wanna to change the Jester who can be found behind Wheel Arch Angels to put it in Wang Cars (Maybe in Savanna's side, or in the other side close to Elegy)

    Change too the Bullet for Turismo and Hotknife for Infernus in Driving School (I like more Bullet than turismo, but Bullet can be found in 2 more sides in San Fierro) and the Infernus who is the Faster Car in the game.

    I wanna to change a Nevada Plane in San Fierro to Las Venturas too (because there's 2) and the Beatle Plane in Tierra Robada to Las Venturas too)

    And finally the Speeder Boat in the Lake close to Bárbara's home to that same side to Vertical Bird, that one mission you have to steal a Hydra Jet and later destroy some objectives (if that is'nt the name of the mission please somebody tell me)

  81. David Beltran says:

    2:18 gta 3 location?

  82. Goro Harumichi98 says:

    Such a shame Ryder didn’t tag along with CJ, Kendl And Caesar. Would’ve been some funny dialogue cross country.

  83. Филипп Фрай says:

    Субтитры начинаются , затем их качество падает . А потом они и вовсе пропадают

  84. 2han says:

    Altyazı gözümü kanattı amk

  85. TheBatmanGamer666 Channel says:

    Gta San Andreas is not just a video game . It's a big invention in human history , like the car !

  86. Very uncreative Name says:

    This just shows how much better gta san andreas would have been with most of these features

  87. Rab'Anderson2013 says:

    Who are the Balaz??. From what i remember they are called BALLAZ.

  88. Oh Yeah yeah says:

    U kinda sound like officer Tenpenny lol

  89. Mario Trujillo says:

    they should've kept the beanie for sweet to look more like ice cube

  90. Day Cg says:

    Politicians are up there with lawyers and school snitches with the people I’ll see in hell

  91. Elena-Luiza Dutu says:

    Gosh the music gives me goosebumps 😍

  92. TierGameplay says:

    My memorable game

  93. TheUnknownchannel says:

    He can talk

  94. lino kuma says:

    Of rockstar doesn't limit this game, this game would be remembered as the biggest and accurate DMA game

  95. Mehmet Taş says:


  96. Resonansi Music says:

    damn, my mom was in my room when the "hot coffee" features are explained

  97. Caio Alexandre Games says:

    9:12 Easter egg In Portuguese caption hahah

  98. SEv4IK says:

    Я русский

  99. Sky Wolfie says:

    GTA San Andreas Multiplayer would have been cool

    But imagine the San Andreas Multiplayer mod not existing

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