Google Dictionary & Translate: pros and cons

Hi there, Vladimir here with another
video about how to learn English When it comes to learning a foreign
language, I strongly believe that Monolingual learner’s dictionaries are
our most important study tool. I highly doubt you can master a
foreign language as an adult without monolingual learner’s dictionaries and even if you could, it would take double, triple the time Luckily for English language learners, English has the best monolingual learners
dictionaries in the world, all free, on the internet In this video, I will walk you through some
of the main features of Google dictionary Google dictionary, not to be confused
with Google translate even thought it has a built-in
Google translate. I call it Google dictionary but it is not
actually by Google It sounds complicated I know
but let me explain Say you are reading an article and
you come across a new word the word Success You could go to Google search bar
and type in Success and next you could type in ‘meaning’ or ‘definition’ What you basically do is type the unknown word in
google search bar followed by the word
‘meaning’ or ‘definition’ either one is fine Let us hit
Success definition And it takes us here You can see, it says dictionary With a separate search window I call it google dictionary but it is actually this thing here Click and it says Go back to Google dictionary
and low and behold the exact same definition and the exact same example sentence but unfortunately, it’s all you get Oxford gives you a ton of example sentences, Basically, Google dictionary is an abridged
version of the Oxford dictionary It gives you the pronunciation using
the phonetic alphabet as well as an audio recording just the British pronunciation as is the case with
Oxford living dictionaries It also has synonyms section And then you have this origin thing,
something I never cared much about quite fancy And then is Google translate choose a language Let me tested with Bulgarian,
a language I happen to know or Japanese there you have it,
Google dictionary which is actually a stripped down version
of Oxford dictionary with built-in Google translate not your first choice for a dictionary,
not your second or third either in fact, your last choice
for a learner’s dictionary there are much better dictionaries out there free online dictionaries and believe it or not,
this is just half of it. There is so much more about
how to use monolingual dictionaries how to cross-reference them, how to study grammar and collocations how to study example sentences I talk a lot about monolingual learner’s
dictionaries in my book Virtually Native and I give you step-by-step instructions
on how to use them My book is available on Amazon

Daniel Ostrander

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