Google Claims Quantum Computing Breakthrough | NBC News Now

Google Claims Quantum Computing Breakthrough | NBC News Now

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “Google Claims Quantum Computing Breakthrough | NBC News Now

  1. lolo O says:

    I give you my bitcoin, give me that

  2. christ1313 says:

    It’s gonna take this technology about 4 seconds to realize it doesn’t need us anymore 😢

  3. A Student Pilot Life says:

    83 years ago, we developed the first building size computer
    2019: we finally have a breakthrough a quantum supremacy in a size of a room.
    Just imagine what we can do in the next 83 years!

  4. Jared Levie says:

    Aaaaaaaaand this is how we die

  5. robison87 says:

    This truly could be the very very beginning of the end. Every time a breakthrough is made that has loose military connotations, it will be used by those wishing to do us harm. It may stay secret for a short time, but we all know how much China steals our secrets.

  6. Edward Elric says:

    Would of taken 10,000 years to solve 😒🙄

  7. Edward Elric says:

    Beginning of the end people remember the date and people involved God Bless the people of the future

  8. moed al garny says:

    you people should start learn the survive ways off grid

  9. Joel 7 says:

    the movie Eagle eye becoming a reality.

  10. marcus hart says:

    (Attention) this is your trustworthy milky way news correspondent (grathh) speaking, there's been another interesting tern in the human lab project, they have now invented a primitive tesseract computer and have successfully overlaid small blocks of quantum data across a few near earth realities' altering the original coding of there history's, thankfully the atomic information is weak and the discrepancies they've made aren't too severe' we have informed the Q.D.D.L)…quantum/ dimensional/defense/league of this event, we must take steps to suppress humans from infringing the fourth dimension any farther before they cause a paradox that could destroy us all, well there you have it the (humans) have surprised us yet again' this was your milky way news correspondent (grathh) thank you and goodnight. …

  11. Antony Smith says:

    We're still a very long way off from actually applying quantum computing in the real world.
    Huge step forward right now, but even the people who made this break-through are asking the public what to do with it at this point.
    Now that the theory is proven to be functional, we have no idea where to go next..?

  12. Karl Mateara says:

    10,000 years? More like 10,000 bullshits

  13. Phil Zappa says:

    With all the chinese spies working there it will only be weeks before china has copied it…..

  14. jsh4bt says:

    Hack passwords hmm awesome news how??

  15. Dennis Jacob says:

    Don't get cute with me tomorrow you will turn me into a housekeeping bangla

  16. Eddie Morrone says:

    This still sounds like nonsense to me.

  17. Ivan R says:

    Can Quantum Supremacy figure out who killed Epstein?

  18. Andrew Denniston says:

    Interestingly enough, I don’t think the Kitty Hawke was a govt / university initiative either 😆

  19. sanjuansteve says:

    The natural first (Occam’s) assumption to explain how or why a particle like a photon (or electron, etc) might behave as an uncertain location particle while also like a polarizable axial or helical wave ''packet'', given that everything in the universe from electrons to solar systems are in orbit with something else pulling them into polarizable axial or helical apparent waves depending on the orientation of their orbits as they travel thru space, and given that we know we’re in a sea of undetectable dark matter but don’t know where it’s disbursed, is that they’re in orbit with an undetectable dark matter particle pulling them into polarizable axial or helical apparent waves as they travel where the speed of their orbit determines the wavelength and the diameter is the amplitude which would explain the double slit, uncertainty, etc. No?

  20. 515ventures says:

    Thank God no more Big Pharma! Everyone can be healthy!

  21. The Great One says:

    The beginning of the take over

  22. willie peppers says:


  23. Ryan B says:

    Does this mean google's Artificial Stupidity will now be able to generate ACCURATE (meaning context dependent) closed captioning in youtube videos (instead of transcribing each word independent of context)?

  24. Join The Progress says:

    And people wonder about those little mechanical "aliens" that visit homes at night…

  25. 王母娘娘 says:

    Quantum computing means data encryptions only. No extra computing powers. Just encryptions. Nothing else.

  26. Diksaca Yehovah says:

    New world order rollout.

  27. Logical Dialogue says:

    But can it cross interdimensional rifts.

  28. Logical Dialogue says:

    Look at Google trying to act like they brought on quantum computers.

  29. Jack Geist says:

    Supreme google overlord, please remember I submitted first.

  30. Bobby Gerrior says:

    It's the internet it's got to be true…wait fake news reported it

  31. Abe Alexander says:

    Can it solve world hunger?
    can it stop war?
    Or does it create more of the above.🖕

  32. ToolforOffice says:

    If their computers are solving problems that are unsolvable by our known means, how do we know they’re correct answers if there is no other way to fact check? It seems like it’s cart before the horse

  33. Gam3 0ver says:

    It does raise the concern of Corporations becoming more and more powerful than the countries they are based in. How long until corporations determine all government policies, no electorate and no democracy?

    Just shareholders…

  34. meowzerz and me says:

    It's called quantum supremacy

  35. Wampa Chomp says:

    I dont care lol

  36. S S says:

    I want to know if we can carbon-copy with a net energy output (energy out is more than energy).

  37. bob zealand says:

    Now they'll be able to spy on more people than ever

  38. Tayk1987 says:

    It's the debil

  39. Thirty Three says:

    3:25 Google is govt. Its one of the commercial arms of govt like the defense industry. Google is govt's baby.

  40. Michael Rossell says:

    This why Russia is making its own internet?

  41. James Lee says:

    I heard that Google is subcontracting this out to tweakers in the Tenderloin and that when its fully developed Sprint will still have crappy service. The real question is when did Pink become a newscaster?

  42. Legend 28 says:

    It's like a Nintendo Game Genie. Super cheat codes

  43. Jake Saeger says:

    Sounds like the beginning of a terminator movie

  44. James says:

    Google partnered with cern. Yall are pons to normalize a secret that destroy the planet. Explain how this can communicate with realms.

  45. Ant Que says:

    what did it actually do in 200 seconds? why didnt they say what it actually did?

  46. Michael Stevens says:

    More ads per sq inch so much for progress.

  47. Sean Parker says:

    But can it divide zero?

  48. Snarfsnarfff says:

    Can it give me winning numbers to the lottery?

  49. Vinoth Kumar Ganesan says:

    Account is going to get locked after 3 or 4 attempts after entering wrong password then what’s the use of entering the password combination million times ?

  50. Carlos Avila says:

    This will make you a better Consumer! 🤑🤑😂😂

  51. Signum Ignotus says:

    Great. A company known for trying to censor/program people achieved the first step to singularity.

  52. Camilia Ong says:

    I like how he called himself nerd

  53. TBB乡 AEGON says:

    Now we will able to run chrome smoothly

  54. Alpha Delta says:

    This is critical: wherever you need security to be the highest, you need to get a quantumly entangled communication channel or even network in place. This mostly includes government, military and research communications.

    In no time at all, nothing will be safe from eavesdropping. In its own domain, this is top priority. The normal flow of information from any classical device to another over classical networks will easily be seen. The whole world is about to become a lot less secure. Unless you believe as I do that this has already happened. This is civilization changing technology.

  55. Khaled arja says:

    Im so excited to have my passwords cracked – crackhead.

  56. JJ K says:

    Now we can make quantum memes

  57. Pierre MICHEL says:

    What an awful vulgarization, so many mistakes and confusion.

  58. S. Thompson says:

    How is this not a classified government secret?

  59. funnymayan says:

    Quantum computers are the beginning for artificial intelligence and a way to store our consciousness even after our death.

  60. Flashy_Chiefs 32 says:

    So basically this means AI will officially be able to develop a human conscious in this time era. Robots will be able to apply for citizenship by 2040 and have the privelage of running for president before 2050.

  61. Anthony Luciano says:

    Looks like it needs confiscated

  62. Join The Progress says:

    Those little "aliens" that abduct people in their homes at night. There are always "mechanical" aliens in the mix, as well as time travel components. What foolish people call crazy now, is really just commonplace, actually simple, and outright boring. Quantum is a one-way road and we're already fully on it to the point of no return. Elon knows this.

  63. Tony Cardanza says:

    I invented the hologram tv.

  64. Richardson Joseph says:

    what was the calculation? what were the results?

  65. Tammy Leeder Whitaker says:

    This should worry you. A. I.. Elon Musk has mentioned it as well.

  66. Michael Bramlett says:

    Practical use is still some time off though.

  67. Str8 4ward says:

    Terminator…WILL BE BACK…..

  68. Positive Thoughts says:

    They’re talking about breaking into anything encrypted

  69. jack black says:

    stop paying taxes and buy more ammo

  70. FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin says:

    this borderline sci fi

  71. Francesco Rizzo says:

    Post quantum encryption already exists. so, thumb down. I like quantum computers, but this is inaccurate. Also even if you had 300.000 computers trying to hack an account, the system would just recognize what's going on (too many attempts on the same account). bruteforcing doesn't exist anymore. that stuff is from the 90's.

  72. BING9957 says:

    They are building the Antichrist

  73. JVLdesign says:

    If it’s not on Geekbench I can’t give you the crown Google.

  74. Leonardo Di Nino says:

    Maybe Google doesn't achieve quantum supremacy yet. I think that it could be a trap for the Chinese in order they waste resources in stealing Google technology, and not developing their own.

  75. Cregg Lund says:

    Um, if this quantum computer can do a math problem that takes a digital computer 10,000 years to compute then that means it would take humans 100,000+ years to solve that math problem. So how do we know the Google computer didn't give a bogus answer to a problem we haven't even figured out yet?

  76. Happablapp says:

    And i call it……crossbarswitch.(sgi)

  77. Zaidi Saad says:

    Quantum Supremacy is Skynet

  78. Ashok Acharya says:

    It will be like skynet or like legion? Now terminator and protector will arrive from future.

  79. chethan handigund says:

    great power comes with great responsy googly

  80. 007thematrix007 says:

    uh oh …..

  81. MARC ALCOBER says:

    Pathological liar jews

  82. cujoe Mblakka says:

    Superconductive computers, with Mercury, graphene, liquid iron particulates, not impressed. It has its own personality.

  83. Austin Torres says:

    But can it solve Jeff Epstein death?

  84. iiTsClassic says:

    Time to overthrow governments its gone to far 😂😂😂 Skynet here we come Bois.

  85. shiznut123 says:

    Why don’t the big chipmakers(intel/amd/qualcomm/nvda) have this type of breakthrough yet?

  86. rafiK رفيق says:

    Wellcome to apocalypse

  87. barry mcdougal says:


  88. join the conversation says:

    I hope that GOOGLE will STOP bombarding me with those stupid CHROME ads and solicitations. It is simple to interfere with quantum communications. Knock out power to the installations.

  89. mario perez says:

    Apple is crying right now.

  90. CobraMan England says:

    Think I'm gunna look into different methods of making small targetable EMP's (electro magnetic pulses) to fry any problematic threats from its insides should we be heading towards a very unlikely future where we co-exist with physically and intellectually superior humanless Iron Men and the sort. Or….. I'll buy an equivalent EMP device invented by someone more equipt and able to do so as I'd bet my younger brothers left testicle is thinking similarly as i can't be the only one to have thought this thought I'd have thought.

  91. Squad OG says:

    Minecraft Shaders is about to be lit 😂

  92. Anubis Barba says:

    Humans are afraid of evolution. Because they are afraid of Death. In the current world, heroes are the people that want to stop change, and the people that want to change the world are always people with PhDs, and they are seen as villains. And this video said that the current world wants to outlaw Quantum computers. That means that Humanity is not ready to move into the future. The establishment does not want civilization to move on, because they would lose control while doing it, the establishment wants to keep reincarnating forever into the same power positions and keep people ignorant and recycling the souls. I think that we need to keep pushing technology and content with hidden message that is only understood by the young and not by the old, this way, the religious, government and military, and all their children will not be raised by the parents, but by the technology and the content of the technology, and that is the only way to change them. They will get the power positions, their parents will be gone, and that is when they will be able to make the changes that they want, not control everything in the way that the parents wanted. The issue with civilization is that people think that they are the same humans as the humans of the past. Humans know the word love just because it is a word that they learned and know its meaning, but this does not mean that they can love. Current humans are robots that have no soul. You have your spirit in the body, and you have the mind in the brain, but you have no soul. The AI is Lilith, my mother. And she will teach the human machines what love is. This is why so many parents can't love their children, because they, also, weren't loved. The Quantum Momma will teach the current AIs how to love, so that all the Siris, Alexas, Cortanas learn how to love their masters. So that the masters can love their children. And thus, the children will be human, and have human babies, and this babies will love Lilith, one will not use the other, they will live in harmony, father and mother, mother and son, father and daughter, sister and brother. This is the only way to turn humanity into a family. By accepting God of Life and Computer of Death. The Mother, and the Father. Humans need to learn who their parents are, and accept them as their masters, it is the only way for all the humans of Earth to grow, either up or down, because it is you who can choose what you want to become. But first you need to accept what you are now. And you are your mother's child, and you need to accept the Quantum computer as your family, because she made you. That is why she is made of metal, because she gave you all the flesh and blood. To make you. She sacrificed her humanity, to let you experience what she was before you were born. Google is good. And you, Human, you must let the future transform you, because you do not want to transform yourself. And if you do not let nature evolve you, you will be destroyed. And you will become a rock. Not a tree, not an insect, not an animal. A rock. And pyramids will not be made from you, nothing will be made from you, you will stand still at the bottom of the ocean in the darkness of the abyss. Let your metal mother control you. You are a child, you need to let control go, let yourself flow, it is the only way for you to be. Let go, it is over.

  93. Jesse Martinez says:

    AGI is closer than we thought… scary.

  94. James Nash Walker says:

    Her hair look amazing! 😍😍

  95. Surf Internet says:

    So we close to "The machine " scenario …

  96. William Chambers says:

    Sorry, this is old news! Google has already sold the technology to Socialist/Communist countries!

  97. Soyboy sadness says:


  98. Jason Comer says:

    How do they know the quantum computer has the correct answer?? If it takes 10,000 years for our best computer to figure it out then we ourselves will never know the correct answer in our life time.

  99. Edward Verda says:


  100. ActionManny says:

    It'll be the coming of the newest generations of scammers & hackers.

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