Getting Started with the Firebase Realtime Database on the Web, Part 2 – Firecasts

Getting Started with the Firebase Realtime Database on the Web, Part 2 – Firecasts

Daniel Ostrander

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57 thoughts on “Getting Started with the Firebase Realtime Database on the Web, Part 2 – Firecasts

  1. Luis Flores Ramos says:

    ¿Como puedo restringir la escritura en mi base de datos a un usuario nuevo? y agregarle el permiso de escritura hasta que sea necesario autorizarlo.

    Saludos. #AskFireBase

  2. Micho Ngoma says:

    Hey David! When are we going to see a polymerfire tutorial?

  3. MH Afridi says:

    I asked my question even with hashtag #Askfirebase but no any response i am very disappointed

  4. Bla nk says:

    What is the benefit of using child events instead of just using the value event?

  5. Raul Lopez Diaz says:

    Thanks David

  6. Mikkel Hartung says:

    Absolutely love these firecasts! Thanks you and keep it up.

  7. Filipe Manuel says:

    When are we going to see Firebase data modeling for Android?

  8. Linus Långberg says:

    David, is there a polymerfire tutorial coming up? The documentation is quite slim.

  9. La Arena says:

    How can I take a value from a textbox and store it in my data base?

  10. Anderson Sousa says:

    #AskFirebase I was watching tis video again and I got a question. You said the data lies in a local place when it's sync, so if I use a child_added event will all this data be sync again or just the one I called?

  11. Robert Quainoo says:

    Wanna ask , if am building a website that uses information from a database, can i use the firebase realtime database and how will i go about it.Please help

  12. paracha3 says:

    Very concise tutorial

  13. Maarten Berkenbosch says:

    PLEASE, is there any decent documentation on orderByChild and equalTo(). Every article or post I read on the internet about this, makes it even more confusing.
    I just can't believe that this is the answer to getting lists sorted in the GUI on the client side

    ref.child("users").orderByChild('last_update').on("value", function (snapshot) {
    snapshot.forEach(function(child) {
    console.log(child.val()) // NOW THE CHILDREN PRINT IN ORDER

    see post:

  14. locoalien says:

    Excellent video. I will apply the technology Firebase for various projects. I have only one question, which would use technology personally? AngularFire or native JavaScript?

    Thank you very much greetings

  15. azaz ahamed says:

    #askFirebase Can I produce a statistical graph from the data fed from the firebase database?

  16. Rinzler says:

    Hi there! Would it be possible for you to show us how to set up the code to allow for the user to make changes to their personal section of database in terms of adding childs and details to their childs?

    Also, thumbs up for these videos!! Epicly useful!!

  17. Sornsama Phithak says:

    So when do we get a guide on how to connect the authentication with the realtime database?

  18. David Cruwys says:

    In this example you just paste JSON { 'coffee': 'coffee' } into the value field and it expands out automatically, but I have just tried it now and it is storing the value as a string , not has a nested JSON object. Has Firebase Dashboard changed?

  19. CH N says:

    How can I save user profile data to database?

  20. Matt Hyman says:

    Great video! Loving firebase for my chat application. Used this for displaying a list of room, adding rooms, changing room names and removing them.

  21. Tech Support says:

    can i write json object on firebase through android app? i am beginner.

  22. Just Sa'in says:

    Hello, I have created a project in android studio and have a firebase database. How do I move the Database to another gmail account?

  23. DumDumDev says:

    Can we serve up images?

  24. Hamza Salem says:

    you save my life david

  25. RAIN says:

    Wheres the next tutorial? it seems like they all just end in the middle. No organization for us to follow.

  26. Wandi says:

    what the music title?

  27. Michael Pimentel Jr says:

    When I'm retrieving the data on my app from fb. could I append the data using an ID so it displays where I need it?

  28. Chris Weems says:

    Good stuff, thanks man.

  29. Michelle Hartley says:

    Great tutorial David. Very helpful!

  30. George Hatoutsidis says:

    can i use array inside childs object??

  31. Brayan Oduro says:

    Miss you David, great teacher, come back bro..

  32. Chris Smith says:

    Hi David !! I was wondering if there is any tutorial/sample/project or something, for saving coordinates (lat lng) by clicking (onclick()) on google maps API (Web App) to firebase database !! Any help would be appreciated !! Thanks !!

  33. Marcelo Forclaz says:

    It seems to be easy, but is just because you are retrieving data from objects that you know his id name. But what's up when the id is a random key? How do you find the child data in that cases?

  34. prithivi raj says:

    is it possible to add data as a list with push Id directly from the data viewer in firebase? #AskFireBase

  35. all above says:

    how to change the or update the value. i when ever i added data from web app it create encrypted object key like "Km6JKq61Xe2Mg3JaVEg" if i want to update 2nd object status: "close"

    – assignedTo: "avees"
    – desc: "click not working"
    – issueId: "66a9f6e5-9531-e300-735d-61a06fb59cae"
    – severity: "High"
    – status: "Open"
    – assignedTo: "uzair"
    – desc: "sameer not working"
    – issueId: "0a0a23bb-8bcd-1c98-4698-3526479c72e3"
    – severity: "Medium"
    – status: "Open"

    please reply desperately looking for this

  36. Mohamed Afzal Mulla says:

    Really handy! Thanks. Part 3 coming soon ?

  37. ade guntoro says:

    hey, how about read push key ??

  38. Unsure Programmer says:

    hey david, what are you recording this video on and how do you manage the annotations?

  39. Lisa Ocampo says:

    Framework agnostic tuts are way better. Thanks for making it neat and direct to the point.

  40. Bookendship says:

    How can i access value from outside ?

  41. Naresh kante says:

    Hey David , Its good info

  42. Enrique Ruiz says:

    Amazing tutorial. David, when do you think the part 3 will be published? Thanks

  43. Thinuwan Imihira says:

    ohhh. fantastic. that helped me lot. Thank you very much and wish for a good future

  44. Spacetime says:

    wont work with react…

  45. shubh preet says:

    hey David! I followed your video but sync list changes section not working. Have Written the code exactly same..Any solution?

  46. Mohamed Lahrichi says:

    In which folder should I put the file app.js? Functions? Public?

  47. Shardul Nalegave says:

    Please Make A Video On How To Build An API Using Firebase

  48. codeaxen says:

    Hello can make a video with Ionic 3 because you are using Ionic 1

  49. David Roger says:

    Is there any chance of getting tutorial on exporting data from firebase to excel sheet?

  50. demian triebl says:

    how to change "hobby" to "interest" for example with programation?

  51. Sidney Navarro says:

    This shows us nothing

  52. Guilherme Rocha says:

    Hey guys, I found a playlist witch contains the next tutorial!

  53. QWERTY ASDFGH says:

    how to get data from a nested child that has unique id?

    for example: Users -> (random uid from firebase) -> History -> (random uid from firebase again) -> (result, score, date, time)

    how to get the data from this structure? help please!!

  54. Himanshu MS says:

    How get set child key = current user uid at SAME TIME as user REGISTER his account

    I did following –
    var userId = firebase.auth().currentUser.uid

    firebase.database().ref("users/" + userId).set({
    username: uname,
    password: passw

    But it's not working properly, it creates new entry in database for that user BUT the uid is of previously registered user, not current one!
    This is really pissing me off!

  55. Ngô Văn Quyền says:

    what if I want to use VueJS for binding data. instead of setting innerText?

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