Full Linux Tutorial: Go from Beginner to Advanced with RedHat Linux and CentOS

Full Linux Tutorial: Go from Beginner to Advanced with RedHat Linux and CentOS

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Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “Full Linux Tutorial: Go from Beginner to Advanced with RedHat Linux and CentOS

  1. Oyakhilome Eric says:

    Good videos, easy to understand.

  2. xsithlords x says:

    why it has 2000 likes lmao ok.. imma watch it later ..
    just gotta get vm up and running

  3. ravi rahul says:

    RHEL desktop version not found in redhat website

  4. Puk Ka says:

    Hello Jerry,

    I need a advice before I start any Linux course. Could you advice me any professional Linux course which caters to most of the IT job postings these days. Let's say for example Linux/Unix PowerShell scripting something like that with other modules covering all basics to intermediate/advance level but not hacking. Please reply with links?

    Thanks in advance

  5. Bhargava Ramudu says:

    how to type '|' in kali terminal.I tried shift+backward slash key but it is printing # or ~ .what I have to do?

  6. SaintMelon says:

    my whole school year in 7 hours

  7. sudheer554 says:

    add subtitles to this video please

  8. shad hama says:

    please just provide me with link of free and no pay downloading

  9. Lordkendy Demensch says:

    please i have a problem with my ubuntu installation after the installation on virtual box when i want to start it i get response that my video memory is too low for the ubuntu to run i used up the 128mb that i saw during settings what can i do even when i continue it only take me to login box that does not like the one on the tutorial am confused.

  10. Chris Cross says:

    great stuff

  11. Jerry Banfield says:

    Get the course shown in the video and the Ermin's newest course featuring full time technical support that will give you answers to your questions AND 5 more courses with Ermin at https://jerrybanfield.com/product/ermin/

  12. David Yun says:

    If we are downloading by centos, do we need to download : DVD, Minimal, Everything, Live KDE, or x84_64?
    What do we need to download?

  13. Async Life says:

    Hahaha lol this is shit πŸ˜€

  14. REL Tutorials says:

    Nice vid Jerry

  15. Rahul Sharma says:

    Thank you sir this video tutorial is amazing it helps me a lot!

  16. Jonathan Bright says:

    This audio inconsistency is killing me. (Have a headache right now and this isn't helping) You would think a tech video would be able to normalize the volume throughout a video.

  17. fuzzy looser says:

    after installing kali it won't delete any of my general data right…..
    like softwares…etc…

  18. Ku Rehman says:

    The RHEL video is good both for Basic to Advanced if you Make the Super folder and all folder contain Information with Titles and Sub titles all topics.

  19. Joshua Kanatt says:

    nice tutorial sir,good english and good explaning this topics

  20. Jerry Banfield says:

    Take the full course free now at https://uthena.com/courses/linux?ref=668a46

  21. Mas 16:30 says:

    thank you sir ….this video is very helpful …

  22. How?? says:

    good work sir

  23. DANIEL OPOKU says:

    please where do i download key logger for free?

  24. YOGESH NAIK says:

    divide your video to different courses

  25. Benxter Jarvis says:

    Two thumbs up, very nice tutorial.

  26. Gaddenna Nk says:

    useless video

  27. MyPortfolio Max says:

    Question: You make Linux tuts in Virtual Machine on Windows OS? Unbelievable!!!!!!! )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Then, you are trying to teach Brazilian guy Chinese language using English))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) LOL.

  28. MyPortfolio Max says:

    I am gonna tell you who advanced user is in Linux system. Advanced user knows Vim (NeoVim/Emacs – True power user) text editor, Bash Sripting, Python Sys Admin, Sys admin Tools (there are dozens of them), Networking, OS Server Configuration, IT security (at least the basics), perfectly knows file system of Linux environment, Git, C/C++ languages(95% of Linux kernel is written in C and beloved Linus Torvald's programming language, even your beloved Windows and Mac OS(Mac OS under the hood Unix system) are written in C) , Fluent English Speaker and a little bit Electronic guy. All of these is going to take you about 1-3 years of your life or maybe MORE. But not 10 hours. I am a web dev and Linux system administrator – 6 years experience – But even now I sometimes scratch my head when I can't solve a problem related to system administration.)))))))))) This video is a joke. )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) During these period of time you make a ton of mistakes and read at least dozens of books related to this field and "just maybe" – AFTER ALL OF THIS you can call yourself advanced user of Linux system (But your main OS should be Linux).

  29. mydell inspiron510m says:

    Dear youtube,why is this useless video in my recommend list? Sudo pleasebanned-ng

  30. Snappers says:

    thanks for all who wasted 7 hrs from their lives to watch this video and warn us not to do the same mistake

  31. mehdi ashih says:

    i dont speak english very good can you help me plz

  32. Donald Lansing says:

    Why would you put so much into one video? It makes it so hard to use. Please just make play lists so people can find the topics they want.

  33. shubham kumar sharma says:

    "Apt-get install monodevelop" Command not found displayed Please help me

  34. Everything technical says:

    I watched full tutorial and was able to follow it fully, so very nice job bro.

  35. Duxitisation B says:

    I will come back to this tomorrow. But does this allow for me to have windows on my computer also? So I can switch between Linux and Windows?

  36. maghf0or says:

    can you share the download link of linux??

  37. BorX says:

    Most of this video is a waste of time! Gentleman, please be more concise.

  38. Adan Marin Ibarra Flores says:

    Why is this course $9.00 dollars? Is it the same as this one https://www.udemy.com/red-hat-linux-centos-rhcsa/?siteID=PsA.ywKQ2Qg-g26.YE.jFL.AU6TyCt_avw&LSNPUBID=PsA*ywKQ2Qg ?

  39. R.P. Singh says:

    Sir, I understand you teach hacking but I was searching for some good tutorial for learning to set up Vps (Thoroughly from beginning with Linux) for hosting web site . i watched your course found it very interesting but I am more interested in setting up and managing a server(presently, I know almost nothing about it). So, i like to ask you, if you have any course on that. If yes please give me a link to that. If no then please either create one or suggest me some tutorial which teaches like you. Frankly, I am fully impressed with your teaching style. Thank you.

  40. Mano b says:

    thanks for the video . recently rented cloud server with centos from www.datasoft.ws and got very useful information from this video

  41. Bamboo Gambino says:

    I Found this really helpful Jerry
    You inspire me thanks

  42. Tech_in_josh says:

    Appreciate that sir I loved you

  43. Healthy Breakfast Recipe γ€ˆ3 says:

    sir iam your student on udemy please make a bulk email server setup for bulk emailing course sir please

  44. Paul Cruickshank says:

    Do the words "get to the point" mean anything to you

  45. Cosmos Particle says:

    Hopefully I don't kill myself after this long as video lmao

  46. ahmed abualhassan says:

    good lacture linux

  47. Ravi S. says:

    dont waste your time. garbage

  48. kebman says:

    "Desktop users will never have to use the Terminal on Linux." Yeah sure. πŸ˜‰ But to be fair, it's pretty darn useful, so it's very important to learn. "That's why I made this very brief video…" Of 7 hours and 43 minutes… Also Mac is "a Linux based system" or UNIX, rather. It's not free, though.

  49. kebman says:

    22:25 tl;dr How to install VirtualBox (VBox): Download and click next. Nothing concrete about solving problems that may occur — like the chance of losing your entire internet connection. Just install it. It's ok. Choose network something later. It's not important until you lose it. And then you won't be able to fix it, because, POOF, no internet! πŸ˜€

  50. TOP WORLD MOVIES says:

    scamme.. tell me about that … bro

  51. ExpectMe Midnight says:

    3:32:32 still teaches rm -F!!! very superficial!

  52. Dread&tired says:

    so big company run on linux! that surprising new to me~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    so window company which another biggest company in the world they use windows right? .so no wonder why window break. because their not running in linux right?

    "yo dawg i heARD you like windows so i made you a windows so you could break a window"

  53. Tobi Belitza says:

    Don't let you delude by the lenght of the video! It is not really informative, there is no good structure. It's a waste of time unless you want to listen 7 hours to nothing. Go on other informative websites about linux mint- more informative and better quality!

  54. Dipak Salunkhe says:

    thanks jerry

  55. shahzad usmani says:

    what Directory has Network interface card configuration

  56. Singletasker says:

    I hate your voice

  57. Johnny's Techno Lab says:

    7 hours wtf πŸ™ i love hacking but i' m not seeing 7 hours video!!!!

  58. Mark Peter Van S. says:

    To be able to download Redhat, you need an active paid subscription.

  59. Nareg Shamlian says:

    Dude.. this guy sounds like Jake Gylenhaal

  60. milliaw dolbas says:

    waste of 7 hours lol. all talk XD. He should be a good fictional author hes a good bullshitter πŸ™‚

  61. Vinayak Mirani says:

    Mom said last video and go to bed

  62. Knoxiegb says:

    Tbh this seems to be very useful. Thank you for listing all the diferent times in the description in such a clear way

  63. JINPA82 says:

    53:01 i can't open it

  64. Lester Barrett says:

    I am bored to tears in the first few minutes.

  65. shaun says:

    To HELL with this …..! Android is better than this ….,

  66. Galimir Nund says:

    So, I got Linux Mint 18 and booted with it… the 'try it out' desk top had the correct time. When I went to install the OS the clock jumped 6 hours ahead and does not match the time in my BIOS?? I'm very new to Linux..why would it do that??

  67. Satish Prabhu says:

    how to open and edit files with extension (filename.so) in VIM or on Windows using cygwin or MinGW

  68. satyapal yadav says:


  69. Samuel Holland says:


  70. Tamma says:

    please show how to make partitions

  71. prateek kathpalia says:

    Great video !!! Thanks.

  72. Clip Support says:

    Not good to learn…..because he is not able to explain about command…

  73. Royal Rondy says:

    prof plz add subtitles to understand better

  74. Francisco Antonio says:

    thanks to help ppl get educated into Linux

  75. Slavi Angelinov says:

    Boy is your voice annoying. Skip!

  76. shirwac shire says:

    i have windows 7

  77. chens chenso says:

    Before I joined to your paid courses I want to make sure something first

  78. Joseph Kiernan says:

    "Something of a kind" πŸ˜“πŸ˜‚

  79. Sejal Bhargava says:

    superb for a begginer lyk me. was a grt hpl. God bless U for making this.

  80. honestyrocksu says:

    Most of what I heard was just a sales pitch for paid products along with bullshitting trying to get you excited about learning. Horrible! Really makes me angry. I searched on advanced linux tutorials and got this nonsense

  81. Rajesh R says:

    Learn Linux course in TIB Academy visit our website http://www.trainingmarathahalli.com/linux-training-in-marathahalli/

  82. Rajesh R says:

    Great video http://www.trainingmarathahalli.com/linux-training-in-marathahalli/

  83. Deshmukh Ganesh says:

    Timestamps please

  84. Rednath says:

    7 hous of video omg , i mean who the hell has so much time even watching this video. And where did you get the time even making this video.. W0W

  85. Severy Testar says:

    Your website is a mess dude. Too much crap going on. 30 seconds is about as long as i can stand looking at it.

  86. shiva shankar says:

    thank you for uploading video it was very helps to me.iam one of the client of datasoft networks i have dedicated server Linux based visit datasoft.ws.

  87. josh lepak says:

    thanks. im motivated to become violent

  88. Yevgeniy Damian says:

    just fucking write a book a bout it! Jesus you talk too much for no fucking reason. Just get to the point and not ramble. πŸ–•

  89. Afshin Aghazadeh says:

    And thanks for your video but i need subtitle for a 7 hour linux instruction video brother

  90. CR3D1N84 says:

    My bookmark

  91. tariku kussia says:

    importante idea go a head

  92. Ryan Sanchez says:

    I hate this

  93. Ryan Sanchez says:

    Go pewds

  94. Ryan Sanchez says:

    T gay

  95. Niranjan Naik says:

    You are a great teacher πŸ‘

  96. Edward MV says:

    Cool video but Jesus Christ is it hard to hear. I had to connect to a Bluetooth speaker just to get it audible. Even with headphones it was hard to hear. How can you be so technically savvy and not correct this is beyond me.

  97. teyob laurena says:

    thnx so much god bless both of u

  98. teyob laurena says:

    ill join once i have the money , iwant this for my career , for my kids and my future daughter & gf

  99. stan broniszewski says:

    I can understand CentOS, Debian, even SUSE since they can run well on servers as well as desktops. But KALI Linux? Why do newer distros having all the focus, but it seems people wouldn't give a thought to Slackware? Slackware is not only a solid distro, but it's the tried & true Linux that's not only the oldest surviving distro in current use, but also the closest thing to actual Unix. I don't control or influence videos, but Slackware, IMO, is the Rodney Dangerfield of Linux. And I do know this video is definitely the time worth watching. An investment in taking time out to watch.

  100. Afolabi Rasheed says:

    Hi Jerry
    Your 7 hours plus video is really amazing and helpful.i will be so happy if I can get to see more of it so as to help me in my career most especially Kali and CentOS linux.will be so glad hearing from you.thanks

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