Flash computing of Abacus

Flash computing of Abacus

I am always being asked the question, what exactly is flash computing? Actually, flash computing is the incarnation of mental image computing The traditional training method of mental image computing is by the abacus After a while, we teach them image computing gradually i.e there is a virtual abacus inside your brain Image will appear in your brain at the same time you manipulate the beads However, modern technology advancements allow us to utilise the flash computing technique into our training progress Let’s take a look at how our students practise A lot of people were stunned after observing the demonstration It is almost as if witnessing a superpower The skill however could be trained AbacusPro was invented for us to utilise the concept behind flash computing, allowing us to gradually help students Try to imagine, when numbers flashed in front of our eyes so rapidly, There is simply no way to handle such a task with a normal calculation technique by the linguistic pathway However, if we use flash computing as a training method Students will calculate accordingly by their visual pathway which grant them the ability to calculate rapidly The image needs to be processed almost instantly since it appears constantly and rapidly which requires both memorisation and calculation simultaneously British people called it the computational memory Thus, shall you want you and your children to acquire such a remarkable skill just come and find us, AbacusPro, I am sure we will be of great help.

Daniel Ostrander

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