Fishing for GIANT BREAM *RECORD FISH* | Team Galant

Fishing for GIANT BREAM *RECORD FISH* | Team Galant

I’m nervous!
– You’re not allowed to lose this fish. It’s 8 kg! I don’t know what to say! I’m
flipping out! Look my hands! Good evening fishermen! I’m
located in Rögle Dammar in Skåne … I’ll together with Alexander Björk go for our annual bream session. There’s a possibility that Europe’s biggest breams could be swimming in these waters … however it’s hard to get a bite, despite them being here. This makes this session very exciting! Me and Alexander pursued some bream fishing last year with success … what are your expectations for this session – do we have a chance to catch a big bream? It’s good, has just been a colder period lately but now it’s warmer conditions. Looks promising! We’ll just have to see what awaits us. The best thing is – we’re the only fishermen here.
– Very rare! Actually rather great! It sure is, hopefully we’ll catch a toad!
– Our tents and gear are set up … let’s attract the fish! Here’s the ground bait which we’ll use in order to attract the fish. Let’s get it out. Without any ground bait, the fish could be located anywhere. There, there, there, there or there! This is why we’ll throw some ground bait out in order to gather the fish in a concentrated area. Here’s the ground bait – let’s fire up the rocket! Aim for something, such as a tree and make a long cast! We’ve marked the line at 60 meters, therefor our ground bait will be concentrated in the same area! I’ll do 20 of these rockets. One of these rockets equals about a handful of
ground bait. Alexander, you’re a rocket expert – why aren’t you working for NASA? Weird isn’t it? As bait we’ll use plastic maggot on a blowback rig. When the fish eats the bait – it hooks itself. Effective! Hooked up, first one.
– Hopefully a toad. Big?
– No idea, hard to tell. Hopefully not a male, it’s fighting a lot more.
– Or a big female? The male bream usually resist more. Get the net Tobbe. Got it!
– Awesome! Great job! How fat!
– A lady? Sure is. I’ll keep it on the mat in order to prevent it from damaging itself. The scale is zero:ed with the bag which we’ll use to weigh it. Check the belly out! Let’s see how much our first bream weighs. 4.72 kg. Nice! First bream for this session, around 4.7 kg. Beautiful fish, just in it’s spawning period. Hopefully we’ll catch a bigger one. We need an 80 cm.
– An 80 cm bream at this place and it’s a beast. The plastic maggot delivers fish! Great release!
– That we did great! Awesome, let’s get one more!
– Let’s head into the tent again. We’ll see wether it’s a small or a big bream.
– How does it feel? Feels decent.
– What’s it doing? This one feels quite big. What a bream Alexander! 7 kg perhaps! Check it out – so sick!
– It’s really big. Can’t believe it! What’s happening?
– When it’s cold you need to stay warm! Such a big fish after the first night! What are you estimating it’s weigh to be? We’ll see, but above 7 kg.
– Great. Bream fishing at it’s finest! Your favourite type of fishing! Taring the scale. Done. Holy! I’m almost passing out! We’ll try another scale – mine’s too unsteady. New scale, less wind. The bag weighs 1.27 kg.
9.01 with the fish! As mentioned, this bag weighs 1.27 kg, therefor it’s 9.01 kg. Let’s do the math later! It needs to be released. 7.74 kg, right Tobbe?
– Correct. What a fish!
– Great job, awesome. It’s so fat.
– Insane. Let’s measure it one last time. 78 cm long. It’s excited to go home. Congrats, well done!
– Thanks. When catching a toad you need to clean your hand using the toad-towel!
The color pink is essential! Let’s get our stuff ready and proceed fishing!
– We’re looking forward! Your rod! It’s hooked up, go for it. Let’s do it, first fish for me! Feels heavy! This session is going too well compared to the last time. It’s a good fish. It’s big! I’m nervous! Don’t lose this. What a bream-fiesta! Let’s get it up and examine it! First fish for me during this session, weighs 5.24 kg, 70 cm long. Let’s release it in hope to catch more! Good bye! Survive and I’ll catch you in three years! We’ve mentioned the word “toad” a couple of times, I believe we’ll be using it a lot more! Why the word “toad”? Bigger fish is usually called “toad”, why? I don’t know. That’s just how it is. I refer to big fish as “pig”.
– Exactly. Toad is a synonym for pig I guess.
The nickname for a bream is a toad, the nickname for a pike is pig! Let’s catch a toad!
– That we’ll do! Since I caught the bream, I need to get my rig ready once again. I’ve attached a PVA-bag to my rig.
Here’s my hook, my bait … and the PVA is made out of a net containing ground bait. The net dissolves when being in contact with water … which results in the ground bait being spread out perfectly around my plastic maggots – the primary bait! When fishing for such a long period you’ll need to bring the essentials with you. We’ve brought with us two tents which we’re sleeping in. Here’s mine and there’s your’s! We’ve also brought with us a mat in order to be as gentle with the bream as possible … when it’s moving and flopping around it’s not being hurt due to the comfortably mat! We’re keeping the bream inside this while we’re weighing it … it’s also comfortable for the bream to rest in. A lovely chair to sit in while eating, checking out the nature and drinking a cup of coffee! This is my crib! Here’s where I live! A bed, a chair for visitors, a table for beverages and food … and a place to keep all your bags in order for them to stay completely dry when it’s raining. This is what our gear looks like. We’re using two rods each, 12 foot, the length of the rod is crucial … since we’re fishing far out. Casting a long distance is important! Here’s our alarm, when the fish gets
hooked it sounds like this. We’re also keeping receivers on us, this doesn’t force us to be near the rods all the time … since the device will tell us when we get a bite. I can even be asleep! I’ll wake up. Tobbe has gone through the rods, now I’ll show you the rigs we’re using. A regular bolt-rig. The fish hooks itself due to the sinker. The hook turns by itself when the bream inhales the bait, thanks to the sinker. As bait we recommend plastic maggots, corn and bolies. All of them works. The reason why we’re using plastic bait is due to the presence of crayfish! It’s a security measure since they’re harder to peel off for the crayfish. This allow us to fish for 12 hours without being worried … the bait won’t leave the hook until we get a bite! If we were to use real maggots the crayfish would’ve eat them immediately. The fishing is usually slower during the middle of the day. The hottest time is during the night … therefor it’s crucial to get the stuff ready before darkness sets in. Everything need to be perfect. Go for it?
– Slowly. Fish! Let’s go for it! Hooked up!
– Feels very heavy. Not flopping around that much?
– Nope. Could be a big female.
– Nothing at all! The males tend to fight a bit more. Good sign for a big female! They’re usually a bit more calm. It’s over here – come Tobbe! It’s big! One of the biggest male bream I’ve ever seen. The males have these types of spots on them … the obvious sign – it’s a male. Even the fins are spotted. 77 cm long.
– Insane. The biggest male bream I’ve ever seen after all these years I pursued bream fishing. Let’s weigh it!
– Let’s go. 7100 grams
– No. 7.21 kg! There we go! Two 7 kg + breams!
– Insane! A male this size is incredible. So sick. Insane! Let’s keep this fish in our bag and get pictures of it in the morning. Okay, since it’s such a big and old male we’ll get the pictures now and release it. We regret what we said about keeping it for the night. My second biggest bream ever, 7.21 kg if not mistaken.
-Yeah, 7210 grams. 77 cm long.
– Incredible fish. Dream male bream! Two 7kg+ breams! Insane, let’s release him. Bye bye! Back to where you belong. Bye!
– Off it goes. What’s this Tobbe?
– Toad-cake! Are these required when fishing for toads?
– You eat them after you’ve caught a toad! Hooked up on a bream. Feels decent – we’ll see. Behind us there are two carps.
– Which we caught just recently. It’s raining like crazy so I’ll need to be cautious with the camera and be ready to net it. You’ll get to see it when it’s landed! It’s done raining, time to get some pictures of this 7 kg+ bream number three for this session. Beautiful female – check out this two-colored bream! Goes under the nickname “Two-toned”. Information is the key for a successful fishing session We’ll therefor use this Deeper in order to measure the conditions such as depth, temperature, creating sea maps. See the amount of vegetation, nearby fish if you have a sharp eye. That’s why we’ll keep it in the area we’re fishing at! And analyse the surrounding area. I’ve attached my phone on a bandstick using Deeper’s phoneholder. I’ve put the Deeper in GPS-mode … so let’s get it out and analyse the fishing spot! It weighs 100 grams, therefor it’s good to have a strong rod which allow you to throw it far distances. There we go – 60 meters out! 2.8 meters of depth, the surface
is around 20 degrees celsius … we can also see there’s some weed on the bottom, hard bottom as well due to the strict line. I’ve made a map out of my fishing spot – as you can see we’re fishing in a kind of deeper area … with shallow areas around it. You can also see another shallow area and how it’s structured – using this map. You’re not allowed to use a boat in Rögle Dammar – therefor the Deeper is a great substitute … to get a clear and good vision of the spot. Run for your life Alexander! Hurry! Fish on!
– Almost getting a heart attack! What’s happening?
– It’s on! I was on the opposite side of the pond. I’ve ran such a far distance. Heavy fish Tobbe.
– Is it? The alarm screamed! I was over there chatting with my mates when I suddenly heard Tobbe scream. The receiver’s signal couldn’t reach that far out.
– Heavy? It follows with ease – we’ll see. Felt quite
heavy in the start Feels light?
– Hard to tell. Hopefully not a male. It’s enormous!
– Holy! Please net this Tobbe! Big female! Got i!
– Awesome! It’s huge.
– Certainly is. Easily 7.5 kg. Check it out!
– The belly! Holy! Could be a new personal best for you.
– Not impossible. What a monster! We’ve just measured it.
– Let’s do it again. The longest bream I’ve heard of
being caught was 80 cm. This bream is 80.5 cm.
– No, it’s 81 cm. Check this belly out. How crazy. Worth the run – may the Gods know that! Taring the scale. Done. Here you go.
– Thanks. The moment of truth!
– Insane considering how fat it is. Exceeding 8 kg!
– Are you kidding me? I’m about to cry. 8.03 kg. 8030 grams! Holy! I can’t describe it! I’m lost for words. Check my hands! Second biggest bream caught in Sweden, everything caught on camera. Let’s keep it in the net when we get some witnesses. Probably one of Sweden’s biggest breams. I am lost for words. We’ve made it comfortable for the fish, 8.04 kg, 80 cm long. Yeah, we weighed it once again on two different scales. Using mine followed up by your’s. We came to the conclusion that
8.04 kg is the correct weight. Here’s a witness as well, what’s your name?
– Stefan Persson. He’s an old specimen-veteran. He made sure that we weighed it correctly. Exactly – a witness is crucial. There’s a debate regarding the current record … therefor it’s best to be on the safe side. Second biggest caught in Sweden! I’m actually happy that you were the one to catch it since I’ve only fished here last year and now … you’ve fished here how many times?
– Many years. Really happy catching one of the
few 8 kg + breams in Sweden! A toad!
– A class for itself! Let’s examine it once again – we’ve kept it in this bag so it can recover. Let’s get some more pictures and
release it. Let’s get it up! Last time we’ll examine it before it’s release.
– Exactly.
Once again – huge congrats!
– Appreciate it! Captured on camera as well – how fun! A dream bream no matter where you are! Let’s release it back to where it belongs! That bream will wrap up this session. This has been incredible – the chances to have such a great session … is like one in a million, it’s impossible.
The fish we’ve caught are insane! Magical. Right place at the right time.
– Most certainly. During the first 24 hours after this video has been released – me and Alex will answer all your questions … down in the comment section. Don’t be afraid to comment and we’ll answer it. Don’t forget to follow me and Alexander at Instagram and Facebook, links are in the description … Alex has also made a new channel on Youtube.
– Called “My view of fishing” … released a video recently about shallow fishing for carp in this pond. Check it out! Do so! Don’t forget to smash the like button if you’ve watched this far! Take care fishermen! Bye!

Daniel Ostrander

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