FBI Might Be Investigating Matt Bevin

FBI Might Be Investigating Matt Bevin

>>The FBI is looking into the pardons that
Matt Bevin, the former Kentucky Governor has granted. And he granted these pardons right before
his governorship was up. As we all know, he lost his re-election bid. And what we know is that a state representative
has disclosed that the FBI has reached out to him. And here’s what he has to say. State Representative Chris Harris told reporters
that a criminal investigator contacted him last week and asked what he knew about Bevin’s
pardons. Now, I wanna be clear about something for
those who maybe haven’t followed this story from the beginning. Matt Bevin didn’t pardon non-violent offenders,
maybe people who were caught with possession of marijuana. Now, in that case, those pardons would be
completely fine. That’s something that we’re very supportive
of because non-violent individuals who had possession of drugs do not belong behind bars. What he did do was pardon convicted felons
who were convicted of violent crimes. Things like homicide and rape. Let me give you more. Harris did not elaborate on what questions
were asked by this investigator. And he declined to say which law enforcement
agency contacted him. But here’s what he did say, I can confirm
that I’ve been contacted by someone looking into the pardons that were issued by Governor
Bevin on his way out the door. The impression I got is there was an investigation
ramping up. It may be a formal investigation or it may
not be a formal investigation, Harris told the Courier Journal. It may be just calling to see if there’s anything
there to warrant a full investigation. I can tell you, at least, there are questions
being asked. Now, two sources with knowledge of the inquiry
to the Courier Journal on Monday that an FBI agent had spoken with Harris. An FBI spokeswoman declined to comment, say
the agency could neither confirm nor deny the existence of said investigation when reached
late Monday night. So just to go back and give you specific examples
of the type of people, Bevin pardoned, the courier Journal reported that Patrick Baker’s
brother held a campaign, Patrick Baker was one of the people that was pardoned. He was convicted of homicide. His brother actually held a campaign fundraiser
at his home for Bevin in July of 2018 that raised $21,500. The former governor also received a letter
from business executive Terry Forcht, one of the state’s Republican mega-donors, urging
Bevin to pardon Baker.>>Okay, got it. So we talked a little bit about this on Friday,
but that’s a really important development. About Forcht. So that information was not available to us
at that time. And so now the Courier Journal in Kentucky
is reporting that there’s actually over 650 people that he has pardoned or commuted the
sentence out. And one of my theories on Friday was that
part of the reason that he pardoned so many people is to hide the donors that he pardoned
in the middle. And so some of the pardons are so heinous,
as we’re gonna get to in a second, that it kind of distracts you from the Baker pardon. And Baker is a guy who committed murder and
tampered with evidence, impersonated a police offer and did a robbery. And this is not a pardon of a guy from, he
did it back in 87′ or so. No, he did it in 2017, two years ago. And so his family’s very well connected, gives,
what I call, legalized bribes, to Bevin. Now the media oftentimes says, no, those are
not bribes. Or in fact, every time they say, no, those
are legitimate campaign contributions. Well, when these guys give him $21,500, and
then they say, hey, wouldn’t it be great if our brother was out of prison? And then all of a sudden his brother comes
out of prison? What the hell do you call that? That is a bribe. And by the way, it’s a bribe when these guys
do it so, so bright when Exxon Mobil does it, when Pfizer does it when any company does
it, it’s obviously a bribe. But Forcht is a super important development
because he has given at least $2.8 million to state and national political causes over
the last 40 years. Including more than $100,000 to Bevins campaign
and in an inauguration funds. So it’s not just 21,000 it’s Forcht who is
a mega donor won a mega donor calls you and he’s bribed the party to the tune of $2.8
million. You’re gonna do what he says. It doesn’t matter how heinous, doesn’t matter
how awful, l you will do as you’re told. These politicians are not leaders, their followers,
their water boys, their errand boys, for the rich and for multinational corporations.>>Yep.>>So when Forched says jump, Bevin says how
high and how many killers you need me to pardon because I’m here to serve you. And that’s exactly what happened here.>>Yeah, that’s exactly right. And as I mentioned earlier some of the convictions
were for rapists, child rapists and recently Bevin was asked to explain his reasons for
party need people like that. And he’s gonna explain why in the clip that
we’re about to show you. But look, before we go to it, I have to say
it was disturbing for me to listen to. So I wanna give you a fair warning before
we go to it.>>And the guy is Mico Schoettle and he raped
a nine year old girl. Okay, and now you’ll see Bevin calls a speculative
or whatever, you’ll see the exact words you use in a second. Remember, he was convicted. It’s not at all speculative, he was convicted. Now, let’s listen to Bevin talking about it.>>A child rapist though. That is the lowest form of human life.>>Absolute scum of the earth.>>For people who have raped children, anybody
who volitionally assaults another person. And any kind of a sexual assault in particular,
and especially on a child, to me, is reprehensible.>>How could you.>>To assume, however, that everybody who
has ever been accused of this And even convicted of this has in fact done this is a big assumption
to make. It really is. There was a second one. This was a guy named Mika Scotelli or Sco,
I don’t even know how to pronounce his last name. Let me tell you about this fellow. He was accused of sexually assaulting repeatedly
for over the course of almost two years. Well, over year, every single Wednesday, I
believe it was, repeatedly sexually assaulting her and her sister, this girl claimed. She said that every week, he came in and sexually
assaulted me and my sister. Well, the same sister who is the same room
every time, denied all of it. These girls both were examined medically,
they were examined physically. There was zero evidence, zero. Both their hymens were intact. This is perhaps more specific than people
would want. But trust me, if you have been repeatedly
sexually violated as a small child by an adult, there are going to be repercussions of that
physically and medically. There was zero evidence of that.>>Jesus Christ. Okay, other than being monstrous, he’s of
course, wrong as we pointed out on Friday. Only 2.1% of subjects examined had visible
lesions on the hymen. In survey of pediatric child abuse rape cases. So 98% of the time the hymen is intact and
this guy’s like, what, what her hymen was intact, it’s fine. And after the guy was already convicted, the
first case he was talking about was a 15 year old that was raped so brutally that the child
had internal injuries. And they took pictures of it and put it on
social media.>>And he did the pardon anyway.>>Jeez.>>So I don’t know if he’s some sort of sadist,
and->>It’s disgusting, yeah, I mean, God, lowest
of the low, scum of the Earth, really, right? Where that money for your campaigns was way
more important than actual human lives. And hundreds and hundreds of pardons, right? Because he believes that these were, well,
this is the excuse he’s giving, that they were wrongful convictions. If he genuinely thought that, wouldn’t that
light a fire under him? Wouldn’t he want to do something about the
justice system if it’s that wrong that often?>>Yeah. Well, so I don’t know that he picked those
cases because he’s a particularly brutal and sadist guy. Or maybe it’s and, but or to kind of distract
people from the one he got bribed on. By my god, everybody’s talking about the nine
year old and a 15 year old and maybe not talking enough about the guy who, whose family did
the fundraising for them. Now look, I love that the FBI might be investigating
this, but if we’re being honest, what are they investing? In this country it’s legal to bribe politicians,
it’s called campaign contributions. There’s not a God damn thing you can do
about it. The Supreme Court says that that murderous
family was just talking to Bevin. And when Forcht gave 2.8 million dollars to
Republicans and $100,000 to Bevin, he was just using his freedom of speech to talk to
Bevin. That’s what the Supreme Court says Mitch McConnell
from the state of Kentucky same state is the biggest defender of that. He says no, no, no, no. When multinational corporations and rich donors
give us millions of dollars, they’re just talking to us. And they have a right to talk to us. So it is legal in this country to bribe politicians
that way. I know it seems shocking, but it’s absolutely
true. So I don’t know what the in the world they
would be investigating. So the problem is it that it’s illegal. The problem is that it’s legal. So that’s why I tell you guys about wolf-pac
all the time, wolf-pac.com because if you don’t get the money out of politics, what
the hell are we doing? I know other groups that care about money
in politics and they mean well but they say things like. Well, we gonna take action when there is a
big scandal. The whole thing is a scandal and can you get
a bigger scandal than this. To let murder and child rapists go because
of campaign contributions and what are we doing about it. What are we doing about it? What is the Republic party doing, they are
celebrating it. They are celebrating this bribery no way surpass,
if you’re a media person, and you say that the Republicans don’t celebrate these legalized
bribes, you’re a liar. You’re an absolute liar. Mitch McConnell and the Republican party love
this system where you can give unlimited campaign contributions to politicians through super
packs, fundraisers, wine caves, etc., which leaves me with the Democrats. Unfortunately, 80% of the Democratic party
also loves this system, also celebrates it. So spare me their fake outrage on this issue
for real Americans, by the way. 93% of us including Republican voters hate
this system. They know that is corruption but the band
marches on and pretends that Bevin is an outlier. Is some sort of unusual case. No, it’s the same exact thing as everyone
else, except instead of getting bribes to help the oil companies destroy the planet
as an example. Or from insurance companies to destroy our
healthcare system where by the way because of private insurance, 45,000 people a year
die, 45,000 people a year. But those who answer no, just campaign contributions,
right? In this case, it happens to be murderers and
rapists, but it’s a bribe any way you slice it.

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “FBI Might Be Investigating Matt Bevin

  1. Hobbes Tiger says:

    How many of the pardoned people this guy freed are black and not tied to a wealthy family?

  2. floyd fletcher says:

    I hope he gets terminal cancer.

  3. Holland GIVANCHI says:

    GOOD he has Secrets and his Finances should be investigated by Congress. Thank you for EXPOSING him your all grate

  4. Nate Morey says:

    The moment an election is over all power needs to be frozen until the new official is elected. The abuse of this as well as republicans crippling newly elected opposition needs to stop.

  5. sailormanariel says:

    Get outa jail not-free cards really exist.

  6. Rodsuper 1213 says:

    This son of a bitch should be prosecuted and then thrown into prison for pardoning child molesters who family gave him campaign contribution and did it as a return favor!!!!

  7. Robert Perry says:

    This fool just let more demon's on the street's, to do more crimes. And the new crimes they do, will be by his order's. Lock this devil the hell up. and round they ass back up. and lock they ass back up too.

  8. Ghislaine deFeligonde says:

    Bevin was the asshole, who said striking teachers were responsible for kids being attacked, because they couldn´t be safely at school, while the teachers were out frivolously striking…..

  9. Steven Hanson says:

    Pardons… how are they still a thing?

  10. Chris says:

    Ha, Another one of Trumps Endorsements! All are Arch -Criminals!! Everyone of them!!! Donors to the Republican Party are all Criminals too!!!

  11. WeedWhacker2010 says:

    THIS, ladies and gentlemen? THIS is the Republican Party.

  12. Candi Gryl says:

    Spiteful! Mad cause he didn't get reelected so spitting on Kentucky on his way out!

  13. Cofee Creme says:

    more republikkkan trash super suprise

  14. Lemmings gotta Go says:

    What he did do is ruin any chance of being elected to any position in the future, hopefully

  15. Katie says:

    All I can say is Karma is a bitch. Let karma work on this guy.

  16. hot James says:

    Bevin pardons were also to punish the people of Kentucky

  17. Oscar Villalobos says:

    I don’t get how the party of the “rule of law” keeps pardoning criminals lol

  18. Eamenic1 says:

    Ugh. Disgusting. This is a malfeasance of justice and a gross misuse of power.

  19. TheBlueFox_ Rech says:

    Wow talk about being a bitter loser.

  20. Natasha Mayton says:

    If he was going to do pardons, it’s shocking that he didn’t consider white collar criminals of convicts where there was doubt about their crimes where some agency had been actively fighting for a retrial.

  21. Daniel Vazquez says:

    Cenk hit it bullseye 🎯 when I heard about this it’s exactly what I thought. The FBI put him on notice now they just need to step back and watch who panics, phone calls, time money was received, what accounts went up and or down and a couple I wound mention here. I hope they nail this POS to the wall. He’s responsible DIRECTLY for what those he let out will do to others.

  22. Michael Banks says:

    I would’ve liked to see him as Jerk of the Year nominee.

  23. Zero-One-One Zero-One says:

    FYI – Young children under ten years old DO NOT LIE about sexual assault. 96% of children are telling the truth. The 4% who lie do so because their parent coached them to do so for a custody battle. That is straight from the FBI statistics on child sexual assault. If your child says it happened to them, believe them. They ARE telling the truth. Avenge their abuse so they are not scarred for life. They will never forgive you if you do not, and who can blame them? You are their only protector.
    Bevin is an absolute creep.

  24. DrZaius3141 says:

    Accepting a pardon entails admitting guilt. So when he claims their innocence, he's contradicting the entire process.

  25. jaime delgado says:

    So pardons for sale. How tf don't conservatives don't see that the Republicans party is just full of grifters?

  26. Paul T Sjordal says:

    Wouldn't it be more efficient to report on whichever Republicans AREN'T corrupt, criminal, and/or treasonous?

  27. Anne Collins says:

    Matt Bevin is a piece of work no wonder he's absolutely hated in Kentucky; and Moscow Mitch is a close second.

  28. J J says:

    I flinched when he talked about their hymens

  29. Back from the Dead Red says:

    OMG he is so wrong

  30. lfaldrummer12 says:

    Law and order party though, right? Republican governors, especially in the southern states are loathsome.

  31. Robert Acosta says:

    This man should be in jail/ prison what a clown.

  32. Robert Hart says:

    Sore LOSER!

  33. Constant Chaos says:

    Hymens dont mean shit

  34. Mrs Lem says:

    He did pardon people in prison for non violent drug crimes too

  35. Soul says:

    He did what! Oh that fucker is going down!!!!

  36. John Greene says:

    How much looking does the FBI have to do for this, Trump, etc? How does the obvious BS always take so long to investigate?

  37. John Greene says:

    Bevin is so god awful. Learn to be a human

  38. E Krenz says:

    Some men just want to watch the world burn, while others are poor immature sore losers. Bevin is both.

  39. ABORIGINAL ONE says:

    That's what you call Southern justice. Racists have no leg to stand on, they all are a bunch of liars.

  40. Shon says:

    Republican party. The party of moral character

  41. Hoogly Bart says:

    I don't get this whole pardon system. Where else in the world can a criminal be pardoned because it is politically acceptable right up to presidential level. Most other countries only ever pardon a hand full of wrongly convicted people in prison when the justice system got it wrong after years of investigation.

  42. Omego2K says:

    That 2.1% number didn't make sense to me so I looked it up. It's from a published article that references other published studies/articles. So basically a book review. The 2.1% number it references comes from a study that doesn't even mention the word hymen and it was an aggregate of boys and girls. The article quoted on this channel is a paraphrase of another article which is an actual study involving both males and females without any mention of the word hymen.

  43. Vox Populi says:

    I love how right-wing troll comments are protected no matter how gross and bigoted, but any retaliatory comments from us on the left automatically get deleted.

  44. Brent P says:

    Bevin deserves some prison time.

  45. rationalguy says:

    It's been said that families of some of the pardoned criminals gave Bevin tons of cash. Basically bribes.

  46. Melody Erin says:

    Good. We want those people on the streets.

  47. Clayton Brown says:

    If you vote for any republican today, you’re a piece of shit. Fact

  48. Logic In Government says:

    Another great example of Republican Family Values

  49. Nichelle says:

    Maybe Matt is pardoning people like that because he’s guilty of doing stuff like that himself, just food for thought

  50. Nat Jac says:

    I would love to know what percentage of the pardoned people were people of color. Most likely most are white and pardoning them would reverse the felony and reinstating their right to vote in future elections ( which Im sure was another reason to increase the Republican vote).

  51. samoth adis says:

    Lock him up

  52. Maureen Perez says:

    I think Bevin pardoned these horrific criminals specifically to give "the finger salute" to the public who voted him out. I think he did it for a vindictive reason and no other.

  53. Peter -PxDemaR- Bergman says:

    Bevin is really a piece of shit! But a think it will catch up on him eventually…

  54. I M Ofage says:

    Politicians that pull this kind of bullshit of pardoning animals like child rapists should be put in jail to serve out the remainder of the commuted sentence.

  55. DOE John says:

    U republicans 👱🏻👩🏼🐷👴🏻Are pieces of 💩

  56. Christopher Wilkins says:

    What race was all his pardons?

  57. Robert Long says:

    Your righteous outrage is justified, Cenk!

  58. Veritas Summa says:

    You know, family values.

  59. Olivia Dzide says:

    The abuses of power and disregard to transparency and truths to power on the path of republicans are not new but in this instance it’s unprecedented and unbelievable

  60. richard mcmorrow says:

    Republicans are sick minded people with no consequence for their past and or continuing atrocities.
    Why do republican voters not see this, or do they even care?

  61. 5cloudwalker says:

    Matt Bevin should be held responsible when these people commit crimes again

  62. Captain Swag says:

    Matt Bevin belongs in prison. Hope the feds lock him up and let him rot.

  63. MikaelKKarlsson says:

    There's spare room at Gitmo.

  64. ceb1970 says:

    I thought that to accept a pardon you must first accept the verdict as true..?

  65. Elbert Lee says:

    Maybe Barr will step in an save him, as is consistent with his MO

  66. Proxy5 says:

    Pardons in general are being grossly misused by these greasy politicians including Trump. Too much power in the hands of criminals in our government.

  67. James Ricker says:

    If Donald Trump is remove from office I can see his last act as president being pardoning every prisoner in federal custody, just to screw the country over

  68. HybridFlu says:

    Republican sinking the ship. Nothing new here folks.

  69. MrLemmegetit says:

    2.4 million. Just to through away on politics. How sway how.

  70. Aristotelezz says:

    It's very Trumpie to pardon for money, but very un-Trumpie to keep the promise.

  71. Aristotelezz says:

    It's very Trumpie to pardon for money, but very un-Trumpie to keep the promise.

  72. MrTwenty20video says:

    Wow! Bevin needs to be in prison.

  73. What's Up In Space? says:

    This is one of the most disgusting, and depraved things an American politician has ever done. And for the USA, that's saying a lot.

  74. L Medina says:

    With all those criminals on the streets and a Democrat in power…is going to make it look the elected Democrat Governor is doing nothing but doing a pretty bad job with the criminallity going up. But let's take a moment, is because of the new Governor, or because the corrupt Republican Governor that was just removed from office. Is he expecting being reelected again on the next term after the "bad" work the Democrats did …?

  75. AuntiJen says:

    Can a Governor
    being pissed @ losing,
    pardon EVERYONE?

  76. buddyrichable1 says:

    What in God’s name is going on in the USA? This insanity is destroying the country. The only difference between what happens in the US and how Russia operates is the inconvenience of elections. So the rich donors support both the Dems and Rep. They got it covered, they can’t lose.

  77. Brownie lover says:

    Jesus! Thank you! F.B.I! This story is insane! He needs to be in jail for endangering citizens! And for a hate crime – because let's face it, he did what he did out of HATE! And deeply rooted rage over his bigoted EGO!

    People need to research their candidates better! This guy reads like a sociopath, criminal and a predator!

    Oooh, the truth is revealed more and more!
    Another hiding donors! Wow! Nice to know the truth! AMERICA IS DEEPLY CORRUPTED,!

  78. Grim says:

    I hope Kentucky does the right thing in 2020 but unfortunately, stupidity is a disease that's hard to cure.

  79. RegressMeNot says:

    TYT only like pardons for hookers of color who kill their clients in cold blood while they sleep.

  80. Kren Wregget says:

    Repubs love murderers and child rapists. I don't believe in capital punishment, but I'd happily flip the switch on anyone who raped a child.

  81. steve ownes says:

    How gross…. But if we have to go there let me say this….there Ain't no pedophile on this planet that has a adult size penis. Period… I would guess if they did a study, most racist prob have the same issue. If we just have to go there. Yah nasty ass

  82. _ says:


  83. Tyler Hackner says:

    Republicans love scumbag murderers and child rapists don’t they?

  84. Andrew Garcia says:


  85. Jessica TX- Realestate Broker says:


  86. XHALE303 says:

    How adorable, it's Tuesday again in America….sure, could be any other day aswell

  87. I am Jean Pierre, the Evil Puppet! says:

    Yet another supremely punchable Republican face. What is with Republicans and their punchable faces? Some sort of genetic by product?

  88. Pearl Mitch. says:

    This is the main reason why politicians have no public respect – they are owned by their rich donors! So corrupt!

  89. Terry says:

    This monster should be locked up forever, governor or not.

  90. George STEWART says:

    I need a favor though.

  91. J. T. says:


  92. Common Sense America says:

    Not suprised.

  93. Luebla Blacknell says:

    The FBI need to investigate themselves…..If possible. They have always been crooked & corrupt- from the j. edgar hoover – slimy days…barr is just another thug- remember there is "no honor among thieves!"

  94. Lincoln Jeon says:

    ​@UC9bkp3mXJfoXUX7UMd5-IOA i like capitalism, fine. but i think you are getting capitalism, which is an economical tool, for our Democracy and you are comparing it with Socialism and Communism. Sure they all affect our society. but not the same thing.
    and if you base you judgement on that, when China, in 2030 or 2040 passes US economics GDP, then will Communism be better for you then?
    If we are such and great country, and i believe so, why do we not have health care as a right. and have so many homeless and so many Billion airs.
    as Yang said, in the next 5 to 20 years you will see Tech-knowledge eat up, bastardize Capitalism ( was , capital, innovation and labor = product) ect, Now tech knowledge, will eat up labor, and capital will freely move. sure its great if you have lots of capital. I guess you will make out great. that maybe the way you want to live, not me.
    have you ever seen a ant carry food on its back, going back to its mount. It dose not carry a billion food. nor dose it need it.
    sure, money and power corrupts, and its the duty of government to regulate that.
    If you think of simple, capitalism, Dog eat dog, then only one entity will last. that is why we have anti trust laws….
    We live in a democratic society, laid out by the constitution. Government for the people by the people" // [power corrupts, not all but more than enough. thats why its the will of the people, or many. not for or by the few. 1% or .00001%.
    I am sure who are smart and lucky.
    Thats what i believe.

  95. John Borges says:

    Money money money money and big big big EGO..

  96. Emil Vallecillo says:

    Go Ana & cenk get these corrupt republicans and their criminal activity put Bevin in prison with the rest of his corrupt buddies that he pardon by taking their place

  97. geared4 the truth says:

    Let us not forget the Democrats do the same thing, did Obama send any of Wallstreet to prison for destroying the economy?
    Sanders 2020

  98. Reese Torwad says:

    The true face of the rapist, murderous GOP is right out in the open, and a third of US loves it.

  99. Gdess 2001 says:

    There are other ways to rape someone than just penetrative.

  100. MaskedMarvyl says:

    Governor Bevin pardoned a vicious child rapist, and a murderer whose family raised $21,000 for Bevin's reelection. The victims' families were horrified.

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