Fastest Time To Eat 15 Ferrero Rocher Chocolates (Guinness World Records) | Furious Pete

Fastest Time To Eat 15 Ferrero Rocher Chocolates (Guinness World Records) | Furious Pete

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “Fastest Time To Eat 15 Ferrero Rocher Chocolates (Guinness World Records) | Furious Pete

  1. Flynn little just cool cool dudes Gillingham says:

    Tttttttttthhhhhhhaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkk yyyyyyyyyyyyyyoooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. sonny rodriguez says:

    i love those chocolates i have some in the freezer

  3. Sly D3vil says:

    Do a 🍩 eating challenge

  4. Daniel Wade says:

    If he didn't have to take off the rappers and didn't have to show he ate the rochers them he would've demolished them 😂

  5. vargo hoat says:

    i coulda eaten 100 without the faggy rules in the same time, pete woulda got over that much ez

  6. VideoNOLA says:

    Seems the entire video carefully avoids ever stating what the record time WAS!?!

  7. NoHaxJustAScrub says:


  8. Karen Santiago says:

    #team FURIOUS

  9. ExtremeBassLine says:

    hey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  10. MoonWavePro says:

    I would be to scared to get choco in my teeth tbh.well not scared but u get the point.

  11. BrightonTom23 says:


  12. Alys Grant says:

    This took forever

  13. umar zeshan says:

    I bet I could beat this

  14. ZyreX says:

    i can swallow them in one piece i should do it lol

  15. Hershey Katigbak says:

    I want also can eat like that

  16. Camy Morency says:

    that is nothin

  17. Mohammed Khalil says:

    That day and month was on my birthday

  18. VenBak says:

    just my opinion.pointless record

  19. Alberto B says:

    Italia hahah

  20. Dheeraj Vattigunta says:

    The easiest record I can do it even faster

  21. Z3LDYNST says:

    Cheater! You didn't eat the wrap

  22. Stranded Gamer says:

    Plzz sub to me and check the latest video for sub back and shoutou

  23. Ryan Smith says:

    Furious Pete is Canadian?

  24. Moncy Biju says:

    whats ur timing????

  25. MetinCrafter says:

    He takes long to swallow one. I literally only need 1-2 bites if i wanted it faster

  26. Chicken Potatoes says:

    How many foot long subways could you eat in an hour

  27. 4k3 says:

    this is the first easy challange war of furious. i can do it too

  28. Alex Baigus says:

    I bet that stupid record was invented that same day so of course he would beat it xD

  29. AdipöserPlayer says:

    This is Not Pete or Peter… To jest kurwa Piotr

  30. Milf Hunter says:

    Wenn ich high bin esse ich mehr ferrero und schneller 😂😂😂😂

  31. ReZ Swift says:

    If I was an alien watching this from space I'd think humanity were a bunch of twats.

  32. Arya Satheesh Kumar says:

    i swear i can eat more than that in a minute. 🙂

  33. Crazycreeper _life says:

    What time did he get compared to the other guy

  34. matthew corliss says:

    I know it's an old one to comment on but break some Oreo record

  35. ZombiBoneCrusher says:

    you look so stoned in this video

  36. Brian Salagdo says:


  37. Unknown 1 says:

    he ate too much words…

  38. Woosh Bait says:

    Nice castle crasher music lol

  39. jerome 1 real says:

    vim aqui pelo la fênix.. sou brasileiro abraço pras gringa

  40. Tesco is Cool says:

    Fat boy

  41. Get Me 1000 Subs For No Reason says:

    I subed and liked because of this one vid pls like if you agree

  42. SimplyStix&Bonobo says:

    hey furious if you tilt your head back more so the judge can see in your mouth faster instead of him squating to see you will shave more time off

  43. MamaCoco Fitness says:

    Can you beat the lemon juice record, I feel you were not in your game

  44. Karl Karll says:

    I'm the 1000000M views guy lol

  45. JonnyCool says:

    Eso fue mas de un minuto que no sean mentirosos

  46. JonnyCool says:

    That was more than a minute do not be liars

  47. Karthik Karsha says:

    I want to eat them tasty

  48. Michael Morgan says:

    no dood thats not right

  49. iDice Kingkaiserzap says:

    So… am I the only one still wondering how long it took you to consume x15 Ferrero Rochers?

  50. Guidoizsucc 77 says:

    That's me eating my mom hidden chocolate stash

  51. TiFan says:

    now .im hungry 😂😂

  52. Dakoda Baldur says:

    Mom: Do something great with your life
    Me: OK I promise
    Me: 5 minutes later

  53. Lil Dreas says:

    The rules are so cheap👎🏻

  54. Luis fisher men gaming and vlogs says:

    pete yoy are amazing at records

  55. Dreadly says:

    The reason why he checks the mouth so observantly is because chocolate sticks like fucking glue to the sides of your mouth and teeth, it's worse than Caesar salad.

  56. Brainwash Effect says:

    How the hell is this hard? Being Italian we eat these all the time. I don't get the challenge.

  57. Asukal vlogs says:

    cmon just chew ones and swallow

  58. Asukal vlogs says:

    notice how furious pete nod his head down so the guy dont see his molars with chocolates? 4:24

  59. Ninja Chicken says:

    I think I could beat this record.

  60. RiverFerret 9803 says:

    Your mouth would be so dry.

  61. Ron Anxiety update says:

    I got a feeling I can do that, but instead of eating them can I swallow them?

  62. Tony Chris says:

    name of that song

  63. Jade Mills says:


  64. Super Ham says:

    2:17 hey I recognize that song from somewhere 😉

  65. Izwan khairul says:


  66. SKT T1 LOPEZ says:


  67. 기현 Arikadou says:

    Mess yourself makes it harder by, Bigger chocolate eggs and making it 1 minute and 46 seconds less than the actual one…

  68. Benjamin TUPUSE says:

    Your the man

  69. Flailing Salt says:

    Hes canadian?

  70. vaishali lele says:

    Wow this guy is crazy !!

  71. Sibil Ahammad says:


  72. Turing Mendoza says:

    That chocolate has rice crispies mixed and swallowing it irritates the trachea.

  73. Kyler Rogers says:

    Dang those rules!

  74. Akhil Kulkarni says:

    They should have unwrapped it before .This is the fastest time to unwrap and eat 15 Ferrero rochers

  75. Shiny Braixen says:

    bruh I can eat like 37 ferrero ball chocolates in 1 min

  76. Uganda knuckles says:


  77. Uganda knuckles says:


  78. Uganda knuckles says:


  79. Uganda knuckles says:


  80. Uganda knuckles says:


  81. Uganda knuckles says:


  82. Uganda knuckles says:


  83. Uganda knuckles says:


  84. Uganda knuckles says:


  85. Uganda knuckles says:


  86. cooper campbell says:


  87. Satnam says:

    Good videos

  88. Satnam says:

    Pizza world record good very good pete

  89. Kashell Jack says:

    Need u to eat 100 scrambled eggs

  90. T P says:

    Im debating attempting this one lol. This seams like one of the more doable records that you have acheived. Congrats on the world record. Who knows lol, maybe i'll try one of these days instead of just commenting about it haha

  91. GameHacker Pro says:

    Pete! Can you make a video
    Of you eating ramen

  92. gennin35 says:

    Anyone else having sound issues?


    I didn’t enjoy at all

  94. victor emmons says:

    So wats the time ??

  95. Dragon Saga PvP says:

    + eating more than 1 at the same time

  96. Lord Hacker says:

    Pete puede comerse 3 o 4 febreros por cada bocado, las reglas del record son tan estúpidas.

  97. Mikes Karaoke says:

    Would be better if they look after the time runs out. I can eat lot's of Ferraro Rochet but don't no how much in a sitting. Maybe a box😂

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