Export eBay Listings to CSV Excel File – Quick Overview 3Dsellers Tool

Export eBay Listings to CSV Excel File – Quick Overview 3Dsellers Tool

Hey there, Aaron from 3Dsellers here.
Let’s run over the Export CSV tool and the features that it includes.
So this allows you to export your eBay listings and the data that is associated with them.
This can come in handy for sales reports, or even backing up your eBay listings
so you can publish them later So the first thing we’ll do is name the file. And then you can select fields. These are the fields that will be exported
into columns for your exported CSV If you do not want any of these here,
simply click the X – and it will delete them. And once you have the tags that you
would like, the next option: you can filter by categories.
So choose the categories that you would like to export, or you can leave it unselected and have all of your categories exported. The next option we have is the Filter Listing Status.
You can leave it as ‘all active listings’ to export all of your active listings;
‘sold active listings,’ – ‘unsold active listings,’ ‘ended listings’ – ‘sold ended listings,’
and the list goes on… You can choose ‘sold listings’ to monitor
your progress throughout the year. Speaking of, the next filter is ‘Filter Listing Date.’
You can choose all dates, but if I wanted to know how much I sold
in November, I would choose this option, click the input box, go back to November,
choose from the 1st to the 30th. And now I’ll be exporting my sold listings from
November 1st to November 30th. Next, you can filter by site ID.
If you have your listings on multiple eBay sites, this can come in handy.
As well, eBay Motors is in here. So if I wanted to export all of my motor supplies
that were sold in November, this is how I would have it set.
You can then include item specifics. This could include your MPN;
Press enter, and it adds the tag. Or you can export all of them You can also export all of your images, this comes in handy for backing up your eBay listings and you can include all of
your variations and since this is a sales report.. I certainly would like to see which
variations are selling more than others. Then, you would simply click
create CSV and a new CSV will be generated for you. You can copy the download link, or you can just directly download your CSV from 3Dsellers Then, after downloading,
your listing data will appear in your CSV, organized in columns, with your data contained. Thank you very much for watching
this quick tour of the Export CSV tool by 3Dsellers Have a great day!

Daniel Ostrander

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2 thoughts on “Export eBay Listings to CSV Excel File – Quick Overview 3Dsellers Tool

  1. Rajiv Mittal says:

    what about description column, can save it in html or not ?

  2. voyan38 says:

    the ability to add/edit field is handy, but this tool still only goes back 90 days.

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