Export AI Hub metadata into an iSheet

Export AI Hub metadata into an iSheet

Once the AI Hub is set up and data is being passed to one or more AI engines, you can pull out and display that rich metadata in an iSheet. You need a file metadata iSheet to show the analysis for files. To create one as a site admin, go to Admin then iSheets. Click add and select iSheet. Give it a name and click the File metadata template checkbox and save. Now add some columns to hold the data you want to import into the iSheet from the AI Hub. Click on More actions then Manage columns. Here you could choose to add a single column or import multiple columns which allows you to quickly add a number of columns in one go. The Source dropdown is AI Hub and the Analysis engine allows you to pick the engines that are available on your site. Now select the fields to import. The AI Hub created the Yes/No fields so that you can filter out records that don’t contain any value. Allowing you to create a view of only the files that contain that entity or clause. Save your selection of fields. To change the default column names just type in the field and select a corresponding column type that best matches your data. Save your changes. This has added four new columns to this iSheet with default column settings. If you want to add one more column to this iSheet, simply click on the Add button then choose Column. You need to select the Import from external datasource checkbox which will expose the same AI Hub options as before. Now go to your iSheet and as the files are being processed, the columns will fill up with information. For more in-depth information on these topics please go to our Knowledge Base at kb-collaborate.highq.com

Daniel Ostrander

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