Explain Everything: Show a Live Webpage

[MUSIC] Show a live webpage with
Explain Everything. [MUSIC] Start with the new Explain Everything
project and insert a browser. [MUSIC] Type in any web address,
osu.edu for example. Click on the window once to resize and
move it around your page. Click again to lock the page and scroll. Now you can add text and annotate
directly on the site. Press record to capture your voice and
screen movements. Just press pause when you’re done. [MUSIC] When it’s time to share
your video with the world, press the Share icon in the upper
right hand corner, and select Video. Save your web walkthrough directly
to your iPad on Buckeye Box, or share it directly with your classmates. And that’s how to use a live
webpage in Explain Everything. [MUSIC]

Daniel Ostrander

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