Erik Confronts Ajani About Her Affair w/ Andrew | Love & Listings

Erik Confronts Ajani About Her Affair w/ Andrew | Love & Listings

♪ Let’s get it ♪ ♪ Let’s go ♪ ♪ He’s forming his mouth ♪ ♪ Like he’s got something to talk about ♪ ♪ He’s thinking he’s tough ♪ ♪ Just because he’s talking loud ♪ ♪ I hear you running your mouth ♪ – Are you having more than one open house? Or, all right perfect. Okay, I’ll definitely let my client know. But I think it’s going to work out. Yes, I look forward to
working with you too. Okay, goodbye. – What’s up? – Hi! – How are you? – Good! I was just talking to a potential listing for one of our clients. – Oh, the pocket triplex. – Yeah. – Okay, good. – So, it’s going to be listed next week. – Okay. – So, soon. Are you okay? – Yeah, I wanted to talk to you. – Okay. – When we do deals
together, our reputation is the only trust factor we have. Andrew and Ajani are telling
totally different stories and I need to know
who’s telling the truth. I don’t know, maybe sit? This is awkward for me, not
only because I’m Ajani’s boss, but also I’m her friend. Asking about things this
personal isn’t easy, but I believe in Ajani. She’s worked hard and paid her dues. I want to make sure she
has honesty and integrity because I have big plans for her. I saw the guys recently. – Uh huh. – We were at Zac’s house. And, Andrew was there. – Mm hm. – And they were all curious to know Andrew’s side of the story. (suspenseful music playing) You told Sarah that you and Andrew, you have something going on. Andrew said that you hadn’t. He said that you aren’t trustworthy and essentially said that you’re crazy. Is it true? – I cannot believe it’s
going down like this. I’m hurt, I’m shocked, I didn’t think that he
would turn on me so quickly. I consider any type of relationship that Andrew and I had, personal
or business, to be over. He’s lying and trying to throw salt on my name in the real estate business and that I can’t have. (beep) Andrew. (beep) Andrew, okay? (beep) whatever he has to say. I don’t give a (beep). I’m not doing business with him. I don’t have (beep) to do with him. I want him to be happy
and go on his merry way. I know what I did, he knows what he did, and that’s enough for me. I don’t need to defend myself, I don’t need to talk about it any further. – No. – If that’s what’s necessary. – I wanted to talk to you
because I wanted to make sure I didn’t have a liar on
my staff, on my team. – No, no, you don’t have a liar. My word is bond. So, we can fight to the death,
because I’m going to have, I’ve got details, I got
times, dates, locations. I mean, what you want? So, I’m ready, gloves is on. What’s up, I’m crazy? Okay. – I don’t believe in getting involved in people’s personal business. This is not my issue to solve and hopefully this doesn’t
affect Ajani professionally. But the circle of
celebrity realtors is small and Ajani and Andrew are going to have to work with each other again. – This is going to come up, Ajani. And he is likely going to be in the room and you need to be strong and
you need to stand up because you’ve worked very hard. You just found this pocket
listing that we need. You’re at the cusp of these big things and one of the few things that can derail that type of progress is
being known as a liar. A mistake is a mistake,
but a liar you are not. (intense music playing) – (beep). (crickets chirping)

Daniel Ostrander

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58 thoughts on “Erik Confronts Ajani About Her Affair w/ Andrew | Love & Listings

  1. yuri lapetite says:

    First for the first time in life

  2. SHB says:

    I heard rumors that you’re crazy… is it true??!!

    Wtf what a dumbass question

  3. Elaine Anderson says:

    Uh oh! This is messy. Ajani should have never told them women anything.

  4. Lord Marcus Gaza says:

    Firstly I'm first yea

  5. Lord Marcus Gaza says:

    Andrew is lying who wouldn't

  6. Latoya Cole says:

    Andrew is going to regret this for sure

  7. J H says:

    Where's the Libra video?

  8. Hello Me says:

    The biggest mistake she made. Was telling them two air head brawds. We know it was out there right when she told them.

  9. Haya Glamazon says:

    Never tell people your secrets! Andrew is a liar, Ajani should not have trusted Sarah!

  10. Haya Glamazon says:

    Why Erik rudely saying he needs to check if i got a liar on my team wtf??

  11. YaGirlification says:


  12. J.Antoinette says:

    Ajani needs some friends……ie not Sarah

  13. Yvette Archer says:

    SMH adults who can't hold their mouth ajani go for gold the sky is the limit

  14. Liz Darden says:

    I'm sorry but how is this professional in any manner? How about keep business as business and sir if I havent lied to you as my boss why are you asking me about my sex life? Also girl why tell your business. Acting in a ignorant manner isnt gonna get anyone listings

  15. Joshua Otusanya says:

    If you're reading this, you deserve the best!! Don't settle! Love you..

  16. Yeaitsmslittle says:

    How are you mad with a man you knew! You KNOW! Is in a whole relationship- has a fiancé no less….. be upset with yourself and keep that jezebel activity to yourself. There was no reason to spill that info unless you wanted to destroy his relationship and credibility. You’re two grown adults why stop acting like one now??

  17. TheZingRoom says:

    Honestly it does not matter to Erik. She has not let their relationship interfere with the business.

  18. Cookie Cute as a puppy says:

    Honesty and integrity?🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️.. the two of them lack both…, the fact that Andrew threw her under the bus and made it seems as if she was lying is just sad… but she should have never crossest that line …. nothing good came out of this!🤷🏽‍♀️… A waste of fuckng energy …😑

  19. Pamela Carpenter says:

    Boy!!,Stop that mess you just want the gossip

  20. Rica Ivory says:

    You surprised he turned on you?!?!?!? Girl, he had a whole fiancé, OF COURSE he goin throw you under the fucking bus for his FIANCÉ. You was literally just a fling. Idk why you even told anyone, but hey, now you gotta deal with the backlash bcuz he ain't goin admit it.

  21. Redblack Caz says:

    Can someone upload next episode please

  22. Don't Do Me boo! says:

    Receipts don't lie hunty gurl get ready to break them out!

  23. Brendon Israel says:

    This season finale is going to be explosive! It’s about to go down tonight! Ajani is about to blow Andrew up to his fiancée like an army grenade. This is only the calm before the storm.

  24. mz Gee says:

    If YOU can't keep your OWN secret what makes you think someone else can? I started out liking Andrew, but now he's looking like a coward, and liar. If he doesn't want to marry that girl just break up, don't do this ish.

  25. Grace Turner says:

    Welp somebody is LYING 😒😒

  26. Shantrice Gaddy says:

    He really like her that’s why lol

  27. douche mcghee says:

    Idk why I feel like all these people are actors 😂

  28. sherri daniel says:

    He's not being Rude he's being firm & serious after being blindsided by her being such an idiot To confide in the Very Becky's who have been laughing & stoning her IN HER FACE & behind her back!!! She 's being Combative ready to blow up the sh..t pile she willingly 50% responsible for making butc100% responsible for allowing it to become a casulty with a Domino effect on the FEW Black Realtors in the MultiBillion Dollar Deals that even thou there have been & are Black Clients, the Realtors did not have,access to The Market ( Seller A1 Listings ). An HR nitemare.they are working under The Umbrellas of Established Companies who are liable as This thirsty waitress who can Manage her personal vs business world at $7.00 an hr job
    But not able to handle her job with $☆☆☆,☆☆☆.00
    Commisions as She said Life ALtering No limit possibilities. She'a loose cannon. Consentual Sex withbanvagree ment to keep SECRET, She just rolled out an entire briefcase of Dossiers, film tapes txts sounds like premeditated Extortion plot against the little guy she assumes is nerd with marriage plans to protect. She obviously can't handle it. She's turning into #TAYLOR 2. & a Side of The manic Dark haired chick

  29. Gabrielle Clennon says:

    This is way too messy for me to handle

  30. schwifty mcscrubbles says:


  31. gijaleel says:

    I like that he was 100 with her..

  32. Antonia williams says:

    She’s so beautiful

  33. jaclene lee says:

    Ajuni should have not slept with Andrew knowing he has a fiance and Andrew shouldn't have slept with ajuni! He suppose to love his fiance so much, why did you cheat!

  34. Tina W. says:

    Please girl how old are you they always say we CRAZY💯😕

  35. Nique Ness says:

    From previous episodes, I got the feeling that Eric had a thing for Ajani. He seems disappointed in this news on another level…especially initially

  36. esther mutahi says:

    Ajani, you are STUPID! No one needs to know who you have sex with. Do you honestly think Andrew will mess his relationship with his fiance over a one night stand with you? His story will always be 'nothing happened between the two of you' and that will make you look a DAMN FOOL

  37. LoyaltyOverEveryting says:

    Oh ya she clearly lying

  38. Mimi Smalls says:

    This why people can’t tell Sarah nothin

  39. It's A Small World says:

    I wish she would have kept her damn mouth shut. That damn Sam and Sarah is nothing but trouble & messy

  40. Aneika Pinto says:

    She should have kept her mouth shut

  41. Chelse Badazz says:

    Ajani is lying dude

  42. Sharonda Martin says:

    Yeah she should've kept this to herself it's a huge mess 🙄

  43. thahappygyrl says:

    first of all learn to value your vagina! Sis! don't mix business and pleasure. I know it's hard when your young and hot and sexy.. this was a learning experience..

  44. Curly Wishes Caviar Dreams says:

    I didn’t even know this show was still airing 😩

  45. LouisLoother says:

    Ajani you threw salt on your own name by telling people that you hooked up. Ajani is messy af for this, if you are gonna be a side chick stay in the shadows

  46. ET M says:

    Some folks need to learn discretion.

  47. Andrea Wells says:

    Lol I don't believe they slept together. This is just for ratings. They're all bad actors. Ajani is gorgeous though.

  48. Ionie Johnson says:

    What's the big deal

  49. Sina Joshua says:

    Exactly how did Ajani think this is going to end? She knew the guy had a fiance, as for Andrew wow how you going to do something like that and somehow thought it will never come back to bite you.

  50. Paris James says:

    This show should be called sex and listings everybody too busy screwing each other instead of getting a bag 💼

  51. vidoyonwe rebecca says:

    She was flirting with him knowing fully well that he is engaged. Good for her

  52. testedatried 123 says:

    This girls is sneaky and messy. Why would you want to put that out.

  53. candy girlll says:

    but why you just call her crazy tho. He just nosey

  54. Penny Plush says:

    You should have kept your legs and your mouth shut sis!

  55. D'Angela Marx says:

    Im sorry but her lips are LIFE. I always wanted big beautiful lips like that. I feel like ppl with big lips give good love lol.

  56. Steph Daigle says:

    Guys always saying women are 'crazy'when they get caught !

  57. Larry I says:

    No deception in her voice from what I've heard, Drew got some "splaining" to do lol

  58. entertainment vidz says:

    These mothafuckas turn anything into reality lol what's new? A reality show in McDonald's

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