English Tutorial – Heretics/Kacíři #123 KCD|Kingdom Come

English Tutorial – Heretics/Kacíři #123 KCD|Kingdom Come

Greetings to all fans of the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. You see it raining outside. You hear. I see it’s raining on my bed. There are such nasty spots.
It’s nothing to do. I’m in a pub in Uzice now
and I’m going to continue … with task with heretics. You see, the food was not much. Yeah, he backed away. I’ll eat … I’ll buy some food at the lady’s. Because I was out of normal food. Also something for the dog. I feed the dog, where are you? Well, I’m going to talk … with the vicar, I also eat with him. If he’s awake. But he is not going to get up. And I’ll talk to the priest
if I’m not mistaken. So there is no need. I’ll go back to Rataje.
This was all weird. I’m going back. I forgot to eat. Well. So I’ll do it now. I exaggerated it. The tapeworm will take care of it. We’re going back. To Mr. Hanuš. Step by step we go to Rataj. There is Mr. Hanuš. But I’m still going to jewelry … on a chest in Talmberk while I’m here. Today, gradually … moving to Rataje. Crossroad. And twice to the left. There’s the Talmberk over there. Below that hill. But, the curve was steep. And I’m not drunk at all. [I don’t understand] I wanted to dig a treasure
under the dovecote. In Skalica and that’s on my way. Not exactly on the way. So. The blue horse is beautiful. So here I am. Save the game. And I’ll try to rob the lady. If I can do it. This is not quite simple. That it would be one floor higher? Probably yes. Here it is. So. Damn it. Probably not here, huh? Nevermind. On these chests … I don’t have the knowledge yet. So unfortunately I have to
go back another time. Nevermind. [Video cut – village Rovná] I’ll leave you alone.
I need to get up there. I guess it won’t be here. That will definitely be the birdhouse … protected … those fighting. Look, here … start digging. This is it? It’s kidding, right?
Well OK. Well, if that was it?
Probably not. What’s going on here? Here are some weird corpses. So how many of the dovecotes are here? It looks like there was one
in each house. This is nice. Is there any idea on the map? Any help? No, not a chance. I see. I found one, there was nothing. You can also dig here. That’s the first time I passed. Great. Damn, how do I get out of here? Rather, do I need to know how to get out? Well. So. Nice. I don’t like it here at all.
We’re going away. Let me see … I can’t do this, I’m going to do this now and this one wants what? Venison meat …
that I would meet some deer? Roe deer on the way? I could do that. I’ll stop by in some deer forest. [Road to Sázava] Well, by the river on the left. And it is done. Here’s the shack. I left a scythe the other day. It certainly won’t be here anymore. Now over the bridge. I’ll see where the deer is? I’m here. And roe anywhere. Um. Here they are, look. So when I go … around the river and then … as the nightingales were,
I would stop there for roe deer. I’m just here, so we’re going. And civilization – man. I went around too much. But that doesn’t matter,
I can get here too. I didn’t turn to the crossroads. So I went around it,
it doesn’t matter. This is a round trip around
the Czech lands. Let me see how they are. Save the game. So I have another task. I’ll see what this gentleman has. I won’t buy recipes. I’ll see if I can sell any books. Do I have any for sale?
I’ll keep that. This. I got it again. Well. So. And we will continue. We keep the new task for another time. I do not understand that people
do not follow the pedestrian path. I just don’t understand him. Here it is for vehicles. And not to walk around. It was impossible to pass through here. You still can’t go through it. You can skip it. So and the favorite
shortcut path to Rataje. Now I want to go up to the forest If there are deer. Here the deer should be. Where I am, here. Oh, I need more ahead. I’m too far away. Here they are, look. Look at them. No. Damn it. They were here, they’re not. It can be killed.
Yes. And it is done. Here we go. We have roe deer and we go … to Rataje. I’m almost there. First we go to Ales. Then to Mr. Hanus. Actually, to the butcher and then to Mr. Hanus. Where is Ales hanging out? Begging here. Is he here somewhere? Let’s find him. I don’t know if it’s good for anything,
give him more meat than he wants. I gave him fifty. I don’t know if he took all fifty. I’m not sure. We’ll sell the meat here. Sell. So. I changed it … au I traded it for stewed meat. I have to find Mr. Hanus somewhere.
Where is he? Yeah, he’s in the chapel. Come on … It is nice. It’s pretty weird. It’s very weird. But I don’t have to deal with that. So. I wonder what to do next. This task will be for a long time. I can’t do this yet. It would take some other tasks. So what do we have here? Who’s here? There I can look, that’s right next door. Assigner of tasks. Then I call the horses.
I’ll rattle a little. Well. It will be good. So I have a lot of tasks. But I keep it for another time. Now I’m going to the house. No, I’m going to the pub, because I have to check the stolen things. So change. I’m going up to the pub. Let me see what I have stolen and what not. It was just a review of things. And I’ll take the dice. Can this be labeled? Yes. It’s fine. It is well. Successive rows can be marked.
It is nice. Well, that’s something. This is devilish. And he’s gone. So I end today’s tutorial. It was such a rider. And I look forward to
seeing others stories. Have a good night.

Daniel Ostrander

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2 thoughts on “English Tutorial – Heretics/Kacíři #123 KCD|Kingdom Come

  1. _Timi_CZ_ says:

    ahoj mě nebaví slézat ty žebříky tak to rovnou spadnu teda když to není moc vysoko 😜😁 jo a když hledáš nějakou zvěř a přijedeš na místo kde mají být a nejsou tak stačí odjet dál a pak se vrátit ( někdy víckrát ) a oni se tam objeví a dávat zvěřiny víc než chce nejde vždy si vezme jen max co potřebuje a zklamala jsi mě s těmi kacíři, to byly opravdoví křesťané to já jim pomohl a Bohuta byl taky rád že jsem je neudal

  2. palo says:

    I když se mi zdá, že streamovat KCD jako "tutoriál", i když se mi zdá, že questy projíždíš poprvé, je trochu troufalost, přesto se na to dá koukat a určitě to má svůj přínos, "porto tě taky sleduji" a máš můj laik

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