[EN SUB] DIY Tutorial: Cross Stitch Notebook Cover | Today’s Attempt by Treswaluya

[EN SUB] DIY Tutorial: Cross Stitch Notebook Cover | Today’s Attempt by Treswaluya

Hey what’s up everyone, I’m Tresna and welcome back to my channel! So for today’s attempt I’m going to show you how to embellish your regular notebook with cross stitch of these characters from zootopia! Okay, without further ado, so let’s get to it! Here’s what you’ll need In this tutorial I’m only focus on how to make the cross stitch pattern, So if you want to know how I made this mini notebook, go ahead check out my blog or my steller. I’ll leave a link on the description below! Okay, now let’s start by making a squared grid for your design There are three ways to make squared grid First, you can just buy a squared notebook or a millimeter block paper. The second way is to draw it manually using ruler and pen just like I’m doing here Lastly, of course you can make it on your computer Use simple software like microsoft excel or design software like Adobe Illustrator Or to save some time, I made a template for you to download. Just go ahead check the link on the description below! Next, on the squared paper we’re going to draw the pattern First, find an actual image for your reference And then just like how I did with Star Wars icon on my previous video, I divided it into two parts which are the face and the ears and continue adding details. It is basically drawing a pixel art, so if you’re familiar with it it’ll be easier for you. Also there are a lot of tutorials for drawing cross stitch pattern I’ll leave two links for the tutorial that I find very helpful on the description below. And again, to save some time, you can just download the pattern I made on my blog! Once you have the pattern, cut it so it will be easier for you to handle. Then, open the cover and lay it flat above the craft foam. Adjust the pattern position and secure it with some tape. Here I’m using post it. Using needle or a thumbtack, slowly punch holes along the pattern. Once you’ve done making holes, peel the tape and the pattern and start to thread a needle I divided the embroidery floss by three, so I’m just using two strings of thread Tie a knot about three or four times on the end of the thread, make sure it won’t pass trough the hole. Use your design for your color guide as you go stitching. Okay, poke the needle from the back of the cover, and bring it back across another hole, making a diagonal line. Now bring it back to the front and make another diagonal line in the opposite way so that your stitch form an cross or ‘X’ Repeat this step so the whole pattern filled with X’s or cross stitch. Don’t worry if you make the back side a little bit messy because you won’t see it. If you’re finished or ran out of thread, bring the needle to the back, slip it under random stitches, make a loop and tie a knot. And there you have it! A mini Zootopia notebook! You can also use this technique to make any design that you like. Okay, I hope you find this video helpful if you like it, don’t forget to share this video to your friends, give it a like, subscribe this channel and leave a comment below if you have a question or request what should I make for the next video! See you next attempt, BYE ~!

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  1. Audia says:

    Halo Tresna. Saya tau kamu dari Steller. Nice works! 🙂 thanks for the videos xx

  2. Ray Buat Trailer says:

    ih lucu sumpah 😀

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    Kenapa link pdf nya tidak bisa dibuka ya? :'(

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    bagus banget kaaa

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    Tres beli puncher dimana si, puncherku udah ga tajem ni 🙁

  6. FashionnArt says:

    THESE TURNED OUT SO CUTE!!! Nice job! 😃❤️✨👌🏻

  7. Veronica Dibit says:

    menarik & kreatif skli..

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