Emirates A380 World Record Flight For Most Nationalities Onboard

Emirates A380 World Record Flight For Most Nationalities Onboard

– It’s the history making flight with the most amount of
nationalities on board today. Nice to meet you, my African brothers. Italian! Look at your hat! Uganda, high five! – Scotland. – [Sam] What’s going on here? – We’re making history. – Belgium. – India. – He’s actually the
captain flying us today. People from different
backgrounds, different colours, different religions,
all going on one plane. This is great. (cheering) – Yay! – [Sam] Latvia!
– Woo-hoo! – Pleasure to take you around the UAE and the Seven Emirates today. Pleasure and honour for
us to be doing it as well, so nice to work with you. – Sam ! – Oh Jafar! – EK2019! (uplifting music) – We are offering a special
year of tolerance snack box. – One-hundred and
forty-five nationalities. It’s, you’re officially amazing! – When we land, we all gonna
friends together, right? (cheering) All the nationalities on
this flight together now. Here we at Dubai Airport today – Do your part! – I’m super excited to
represent Brazil on this flight, look at my nails! (inspiring music) This is true tolerance, Brazilians and Argentinians,
friends flying together. – United always. – [Sam] Wow! – I’m from Zimbabwe. – [Sam] Zimbabwe! – I am from Gambia. – Nice to meet you my African brothers. (foreign language) Italian! Wow, look at this Italian suit. – Ivory Coast. – [Sam] Wow! Look at this hat here! And which country are you representing? – I’m representing Iran – Iran! Well done! – From Spain – [Sam] Where you guys from? – Indonesia. – [Sam] Indonesia! This one, Batik, yeah. You got Manchester United Batik! Hello ! – Hi how are you? – [Sam] Where you guys from? – I’m from Uganda. – [Sam] Uganda! – I’m from Hong Kong, Macau. – [Sam] Oh! (speaks foreign language) High five! Uganda, high five! – Hello Mr. Sam, I’m Leo from Argentina. – [Sam] Hello! How are
you? – Nice to meet you. – [Sam] Oh, I wish I dressed that way, you have a beautiful
jersey, I love your jersey. – Thank you Mr. Sam. – Can anyone guess where this
flag, where he come from? Tell us the answer now. – Cape Verde, Cabo Verde. – Cabo Verde, Cape Verde.
I think you are so far, the rarest one I met so far. – I’m from Somalia. – Somalia! Ghana? – Gabon. – Gabon! – Scotland. – [Sam] What’s going on here? – So we’re making history, so
we have to write our names, and the names of our country and drop the cloud inside this board. (chattering) – [Sam] Belgium! India! (upbeat music) Ey! High five! (music continues) You know, he’s actually the
captain flying us today. – Oh really? – This is the captain. – So I’m writing cards to the crew to give them a little gift, thanking them for being
part of my 163rd flight with Emirates. (upbeat music) – This is a special flight
with all the nationality, but any day on the Emirates
flight there’s probably 40, 50 nationality on board. So you see all people from
different backgrounds, different colours, different religion, all going on one plane. This is great. (upbeat music) (laughter) (foreign language) – [Sam] Which country scratching? – [Woman] Tajikistan. – [Sam] Tajikistan! – I love my country I,
love being from Canada, but this is kind of a challenge. – [Sam] That’s a lot to scratch. Canada! I’m gonna scratch my country but you know, I think I’m a global guy, the globe is one country
but I’m gonna scratch the place I grew up in, China,
Hong Kong, and Australia. (upbeat music) Is this your wedding dress? Ey! – I’m from Turkmenistan. – Turkmenistan! Turkmenistan as well? – No I’m from Portugal. – Portugal! But your…
this is Portuguese? – This is my husband, so I’m
representing his country. (upbeat music) – Which country this flag is? – Suriname. – Suriname! (foreign language) – Hello Suriname! We’re just at Dubai! – (mumbles) Berlin, Botswana,
Cameroon, China, Cyprus. – The boarding gate here
is very special procedure, it’s actually board by nationality first, so it’s not board by
first, business, economy. – Hi! Good morning! – [Sam] Have a good
flight, have a good flight! – [Sam] Have a good
flight have a good flight! – Hello ! – [Sam] From which country? – [Sam] From which country? – Kyrgyzstan. – [Sam] Kyrgyzstan! – [Woman] You must visit our country. – [Sam] I have been, Bishkek -Oh, really? – [Sam] Yes, yes, yes.
– I hope you liked ! – [Sam] Enjoy your flight! – Yes, see you! – [Sam] Enjoy! – Bye bye. – [Sam] Bye bye. (chattering) – From Dominica. – [Sam] Dominica! – Step to the right please. – Hi ! – (foreign language) – [Sam] Hello how are you? – Hi, how are you? – [Sam] From where you are? – I’m from Botswana. – [Sam] Huh? – Botswana! – [Sam] Botswana? – Yes. – [Sam] Yay! Columbia! Latvia! – Woo-hoo! – [Sam] What national costume? – The best national costume! – [Sam] The best national costume what is? – The UAE. – [Sam] The UAE! – Hi Sam welcome on board, it’s a pleasure to take you around the UAE and the Seven Emirates
today on the Airbus A380. We’ll be flying at 9,000
feet across the UAE, across above all seven
Emirates and land back in Dubai about an hour from now. Welcome aboard. And today also with me on the flight is Captain Abbas Shaban, and also senior first officer Karen. – Hi. – Sam I just want to introduce you to our colleagues, engineers, one of the finest engineers that we have in Emirates. They are our colleagues. They keep us flying. Keep
the aircraft always in shape, safe, ready to fly, on time, all the time. – [Sam] Hats off to you guys thank you so much for your dedication. – Thank you Sam. – Now it’s working. If we need more time we will facilitate with
the air traffic controller. I suggest to have an enjoyable time. It’s an experience, it’s a
pleasure to have them on board, and it’s a pleasure and honour
for us to be doing it as well. So, nice to work with you. – Sam! – [Sam] Oh, Jafar! – See you again! How you doing my friend? Long time no see! – Nice to see you my friend. – Good to see you too Sam. – Always feel like back to my second home. – Hiya! (mumbles) Looking there? Wow! – [Sam] Oh, Jafar I didn’t
know you have special talent. very talented man here. Here we go! Welcome onboard EK2019! (cheering) – It’s gonna be a history making flight with the most amount of nationality together we’re one! (cheering) OK, I hope I forgot to record
this, we don’t do again. (laughter) (inspiring music) – I am sitting at 50 alpha which has got a great engine view. With me these two ladies
from India, from Chennai. Love everyone mix it up together here, it’s like a UN here on this flight. (inspiring music) – [Pilot] Cleared for
takeoff runway 1-2 Emirates. T0 1-9 (mumbles). (engine revving up) (mumbling) (engines continue) (clapping) (upbeat music) – So we just took off, and now we’re flying low at 9,000 feet, that’s the cruising altitude
of the whole flight. First we do a right turn and we’re going to head over Sharjah, then onwards to Umm Al Quwain, and then to Ras Al Khaimah. Then cross to the East
side of UAE to Fujairah, and then come down via Abu Dhabi. That will be one hour flight over the Seven Emirates of UAE. – Today on this flight we’re offering a special year of tolerance snack box. Inside we have a selection
of different snacks. We have water, apple
juice, sandwiches, fruit, and different snacks for you to try today. (chattering) (inspiring music) – I’m Shivali Mishra,
an official adjudicator with Guinness World Records. I’m here today to adjudicate
the most nationalities on an aircraft. Let’s hope the results would be as per what we have expected. – [Sam] Are you one family, or? – We are an EK family. – [Sam] EK family, Emirates family. – It’s great to be part
of the unique experience, once in a lifetime you know? By the way, Sam, I want
you to document this, it’s going to be my attempt to try and break this record too. And you know, this is just
the beginning of the record that we will probably break again. – [Sam] Absolutely. – Sam, we are gonna do that on speaker, would you follow me? – [Sam] Okay! – Let’s go up there. – [Sam] Let’s go! – Let’s go! – Good afternoon ladies and
gentlemen, I’m Shivali Mishra, official adjudicator with
Guinness World Records. I was here today to adjudicate the record for the most nationalities on an aircraft. The minimum requirement for
this was 75 nationalities. On today’s flight we have… 145 nationalities! (cheering) Which means EK2-0-1-9 has set an official Guinness World Records title. Congratulations you’re officially amazing! (cheering) – [Captain] Ladies and
gentlemen, this is your captain. Together we have now
crossed all seven Emirates. I hope you enjoyed your
time with us aboard. We’re coming up to the one hour mark. Thank you for being a part
of the Emirates family, and let’s take this flight
home and make history! – [Sam] And there’s one for me as well. – Yes of course ! – [Sam] Thank you. – My pleasure ! – [Sam] Thank you so much.
Can you show us what’s inside? Can you show me I’m holding the camera. – Yes. So today. – [Sam] Thank you for helping
us to be part of history achieving a guinness world record for most nationality on
aircraft EK2019 from Dubai. – From Bosnia and Herzegovina. And I’m pleased to have
this amazing experience, and the year celebrating
the year of tolerance, and achieving this amazing world record of 145 different nationalities on board. Congratulations to Emirates, and congratulations to all of us. (upbeat music) – You know I just can’t
miss a fan flight like this, like because of aviation it
bring us all together you know? When we land, we all gonna
friends together, right? (cheering) – Yeah! That’s the power of
aviation, it brings the world. Hello ! Come here, come here meet me! When we land, we all gonna
friends together, right? (cheering) (chattering) I have three kids. This is the fourth one. – [Sam] Oh he hasn’t been born! – The first one is Zain, Jonas, Sidra, and this I don’t know. Baby girl or baby boy. – [Sam] Oh this one is very lucky. He hasn’t been born but he
has already flown the A380. – Yeah, really ! – [Sam] Very nice. Congratulations ! – Thank you so much. (foreign language) – I’m born and raised in Italy, but my mom’s from Philippines,
my father’s from Afghanistan. – Italy, Philippines, Afghanistan. – Yeah. – You’re fitting for this flight. And how many languages do you speak? – Four. (upbeat music) – Well as you can see, we are
turning final coming to land. What I wanna say, this is
definitely not an ordinary flight. And as you can see it’s
the diversity of the UAE, of all the nationalities came together, and created this flight together. And at the end we are now all
guinness world record holder, of the most nationality
on one single flight. (clapping) (plane engine roaring) – [Sam] Goodbye Suriname!
See you down there. Bye bye! Goodbye! – Bye! – [Sam] Bye ! – Bye ! – See you guys. – [Sam] Goodbye, see you! – See you bye! – [Sam] Bye! – Goodbye! – Bye Bye! – Bye! – Bye Bye! – [Sam] See you bye bye! – Bye, see you ! We just arrived, but that’s
not the end of flight yet. We’re gonna go down, and I believe there’s a
ceremony waiting for everybody to celebrate. – (foreign language) It’s a
pleasure to be the only one from Fiji that’s here. – [Sam] Yeah, Fiji! – This great country,
the year of tolerance. (foreign language) Thank you ! (trumpets playing) (plane egine roaring) (orchestral music) – We’re going to get one group photo of all the nationalities on
this flight together now. (upbeat victorious music) I came to the UAE nine years ago and I have never met so many people from different nationalities before. Throughout my time in the UAE, I had already started to
appreciate other cultures, and enjoyed mixing with them. Aviation brings the world
together. Together we are one.

Daniel Ostrander

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