Embedded Derby Database In JAVA Application – Tutorial

Embedded Derby Database In JAVA Application – Tutorial

What is an example of using an embedded derby database in a java application? What derby jars are needed for an embedded derby java application? How to pickup an embedded derby driver from java code? What is the JDBC URL for accessing a derby database from java code? How to use the JDBC DriverManager in order to pickup a connection? How to create a table and insert tuples into an embedded derby database from java code? How to create a statement and execute SQL in JDBC? How to printout the returned tuple in a JDBC ResultSet?

Daniel Ostrander

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20 thoughts on “Embedded Derby Database In JAVA Application – Tutorial

  1. Shahriar Husainy says:

    Thanks, it helped…

  2. Turbolego says:

    Exactly what i needed.
    Thanks for this video.

  3. kader khan says:

    Thank You Very Muchhhhh… it is really helpful..

  4. Lomaliza jean pierre says:

    Thanks alots, i needed this 😀

  5. zaneacademy says:


  6. Sergey Russu says:

    Thank you, very clear and concise.

  7. Dust Caricar says:

    do you know code conventions ? 😉

  8. Shay H. says:

    The video is coming up super fuzzy (I'm assuming it's a bad connection b/c YouTube always does this to me). What IDE are you using?

  9. Myles Collins says:

    Clear and concise. Very helpful. Thanks.

  10. BeddyTear says:

    Wow exactly what i needed to get me started 🙂

  11. Raul Lugo says:

    thanks a lot dude, great video!

  12. vas1l3k says:

    Hi, Can someone help me, please? How can I connect to this databasion from my Main Class?

  13. Talha Ameen says:

    Hey am using NetBeans IDE. Every thing is working absolutely fine but folder of Embedded database is not there in project. Why ???

  14. TheDagger222 says:

    Just to check this means when I export the final file it will have the database built in as part of that file right?

  15. yashendra naidoo says:

    Thanks this helped a lot.

  16. Bittu Saha says:

    I create database and table as your instruction and its work successfully….. but when I run the program its says table already exits…… what should I do……

  17. Esteban Alvino says:

    thanks, what about using this db to store log information instead of sending to log files in the app box where the shell scripts run.
    I'd like to have your feedback on this matter.

  18. golu singh says:

    sir how to use project in other pc

  19. holapepinho89 says:

    Clear and concise !
    I have a question : when I run the program on Eclipse it works fine.
    When i export it in a Runnable JAR, the db connection doesn't work.
    What to do ? How can i export my program with embedded db ?

  20. zaneacademy says:

    JAVA Web App w/ Embedded Derby Database – Tutorial 01 @ https://youtu.be/WKQeuTxXzKI

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    JDBC (Parametrized SQL Query w/ DataSource) In Web Application – Tutorial 04 @ https://youtu.be/s2kiktXf9eo

    JDBC Tutorial (using the Derby Database) @ https://youtu.be/u60-bBwj07I

    derby db eclipse plugin – download, install, and test run tutorial @ https://youtu.be/9AZ8XylPH5Q

    Embedded Derby Database In JAVA Application – Tutorial @ https://youtu.be/9GEW6kv4dKU

    Network Derby using Eclipse Database Development Perspective – Tutorial @ https://youtu.be/dbwFLHOG7i4

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    Derby Database JAVA Functions – Tutorial 01 @ https://youtu.be/jLzsi8vdlhw

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