Education Source (EBSCO) Database

Education Source (EBSCO) Database

Education Source database is a great place
to find information on topics ranging from early childhood education, higher education,
and instructional design. To locate articles in this database, you’ll want to add keywords
to the search box. I’m going to start with academic achievement. So that’s quite a broad
topic. In order to get a little bit more specific, I’m going to add the term “AND school lunch”.
My search was very specific so I returned about 36 articles which is pretty good. If
36 was too many, you can also go and limit your search. In the Limit To section, you
can change the Publication Date range. You can also limit to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed)
Journals. In the Source Type, you can narrow to magazine articles which are denoted by
the Periodical symbol in this database. Magazines are a great place to get an overview of the
topic, but if you need something more scholarly. You can also limit to academic journals. Let’s
go ahead and take a look at one of those academic journals by clicking on the title. On this
details page, you can access the full text of the article. This article has both HTML
and PDF full text. PDF is usually preferable because it will have page numbers to help
you do in-text citation. It will also contain any graphs, charts, or images from the original
article. This page also reveals the title of the article, author or authors, and the
source. This includes the volume and issue number, page numbers, and where the article
was published. To make sure that this article is going to work for your research needs,
you want to review the abstract. This is basically a short summary of the article. If this is
an article that works for your research, it’s recommended to email yourself that article.
In order to that, click on the Email link in the Tools section. Here you can add any
email address you’d like. Before you send that article, make sure to choose a citation
format. Here you’ll find APA, Chicago, and MLA. And what’s that is going to do is send
you can example citation. Now it won’t be perfect because it is computer-generated.
Watch out for things like punctuation and capitalization. It will get you started on
the right path to your citation. When finished, click the Send button. Now you’ll see an email
confirmation. If you don’t see it in your email, make sure to check the spam and junk
folders. This concludes the Education Source tutorial.

Daniel Ostrander

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