Easy WPA Dictionary/Wordlist Cracking with Backtrack 5 and Aircrack-ng

Today I will show you how to brute force
wi-fi protected access encrypted networks using Backtrack5 and
Aircrack. First off, we need to set out wireless card into
monitor mode, we can do this with the Airmon
command we need to find our wireless card and
enabled the monitor mode to let our pc listen for wireless packet traffic we can now start airodump to
capture data packets here we can see the list of detected
access points, the encryption types and even clients connected to the
networks in this example, I’m going to be using my own
network we now need to record the BSSID, or
basic service set identification it is the MAC address of the access point
we’re trying to crack we will also record a client connected
to the network finally we need to channel the access point its
broadcasting, 6 in this case we have all the information we need to
start capturing packets We will create a file called “capture” and add our access point information now we can use a tool called Aireplay to
capture the four-way handshake Aireplay injects ARP-request
packets into wireless networks to generate traffic we will use aireplay to force the
client to re-authenticate and exchange the WPA key as they connect again we enter in our client and access
point data and you can see in the top right corner
of the terminal we’ve captured the WPA handshake we can now try to crack the password
using a password or dictionary list here I’m using a custom word list but Backtrack comes with a good list
called “darkc0de” many attackers use large dictionaries
that increase their chances of cracking a password as you can see, a dictionary list or word
list has thousands of commonly used passwords and phrases this is why you
want to have a complex password with numbers and symbols if the password is found in the
dictionary file then Aircrack will crack it one hundred percent of the time depending on the computing power of your
machine and the size of the word list Aircrack you can take between a few
seconds and a few days to try every combination success thanks for watching

Daniel Ostrander

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