Dumbest Lawsuits on Record

Dumbest Lawsuits on Record

People be suin’ other peeps
for some totes ridics reasons. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Gooood Mythical Morning!
– There was a day in which saying, “I’m suing you!” meant something. That
meant something in America at one time, but it doesn’t anymore because
people say it for all kinds of reasons. It takes almost nothing for someone to say,
“I’m suing you!” and today, we’re gonna talk about some of the most ridiculous
lawsuits that have ever been filed. But first, I wanna take a second to
encourage you to watch Shannon and Candace on The Hey Hey Show. They also talked
about this same topic. Totally different – frivolous lawsuits…
– Totes. … on their channel. (laughs) But you
should watch ours and then watch their show. If you don’t know about it, we
co-created The Hey Hey Show. – Yeah, you should know about this.
– With Shannon and Candace. It’s a daily show. You should watch it. It comes out
every day at three o’clock Eastern time. – So watch it. Hey Hey Show.
– Do that. Let’s get into this frivolous lawsuitage.
Do I have the first one? – You do, you do.
– Yes. In 1991, Richard Overton sued – Anheuser-Busch, the makers of Budweiser.
– Bud lou– (laughs) (mocking) Bud Lout. Yeah, they got a new
product called Bud Lout. It’s for really – stupid people.
– Bud Light. – Bud Light.
– Budweiser. – Famous for their…
– Commercials. – Commercials.
– And horses in the commercials. – Well, okay. Forget the horses.
– And the dogs. – And forget the–
– And those frogs. Just, okay. Shh. He is suing them for
their commercials saying they are – misleading advertisements, okay?
– (Rhett) Oh! Well, back in ’91. He’s not currently
suing them. He claimed the ads, quote, “featured Bud Light as the source of
fantasies coming to life. Fantasies involving tropical settings and beautiful
women and men (laughs) engaged in – unrestricted merriment.”
– Oh! – (both) Unrestricted merriment!
– That’s my life theme! You know, beautiful women… and men
engaged in unrestricted merriment! – I think he had a case here.
– Really? – A case of Bud Light.
– (both laugh) You didn’t do that on purpose.
That’s why you’re laughing so hard. It just came out.
You backed into that joke! – I walked right into that one!
– You backed into it. – … and then rescued it.
– No, you think it’s legitimate to sue Budweiser because they have people
engaged in merriment? That’s how I met my wife. I popped open
a cold one on the beach and then– – And she just walked up to you.
– She just showed up in a bikini and I was – like, “Let’s get married.” (laughs)
– That’s like suing the sleep aid Lunestra for saying they didn’t give you a glow-
in-the-dark butterfly to fly around your room. That’s like suing Netflix and saying
that House of Cards wasn’t riveting or – as good as the first season.
– It wasn’t, though. But I’m not gonna – sue ’em ’cause of it.
– Exactly. It’s like suing them. – You think it’s legitimate?
– No, he doesn’t have a case. – He sued ’em for $10,000 for…
– He does but he doesn’t. – physical and mental injury,
– Yeah. – emotional distress,
– I see that. – How do you see that?
– I don’t, I’m just playing along. I’m just trying to see
this guy’s side of the story. – and financial loss.
– Well, you gotta buy beer! – (both laugh)
– Yeah, but he’s saying… did he, like, – fly to an island and have merriment?
– And no one showed up. – And there were no beautiful women there?
– His merriment was restricted, and… – I’m suing!
– The ruling was he lost. The court ruled the ads were classified as puffy, which,
as we all know, does not give rise to – actionable fraud, endquote.
– Puffing. Puffing is a word I learned. It’s an
actual legal term that– – (puffs air)
– No, it’s not that. It’s when a salesperson puffs up a claim as an opinion
but not as fact, and they can’t be sued – for that. That’s the first one.
– Well, you tell me if you think that Austin Aitken had a case in
2005 in Cleveland, Ohio. – Okay.
– He was watching Fear Factor– Who wasn’t? (laughs) and he saw this: – (video) Blended rat.
– Rat stew. – Oh, no.
– You see that? (video) Aw, yeah baby. – It was just whole rats blended up.
– Augh! Look, look, look, look.
And these women… – C’mon Elizabeth, she’s way ahead of you.
– No, no, no, no, no! Yeah, just eating it like it’s Frosted
Mini Wheats, man. Just eating it right up – for that money.
– I don’t wanna watch this ’cause it makes us look like pansies. Even you.
You wouldn’t do that. Okay. I would not do that. So after he
watched this, he submitted a handwritten lawsuit that stated that the rat eating
made his blood pressure rise, making him dizzy and lightheaded, causing him to
vomit. Okay, I can see that happening. And this caused him to get up and run,
where he ran into a door frame, – Oh!
– and that caused him suffering, injury, and great pain. So he decided to sue NBC
for 2.5 million dollars for this. – Now, he’s a big fan of Fear Factor.
– For running into a door frame? Well, ’cause of the rats, man. He
specifically said that they went too far. (laughs) He was like, I’ve watched a lot
of Fear Factor. It’s one of my favorite shows. But when they did the rats, they
went too far and it screwed me up. – I vomited.
– Why didn’t he just turn the – television off?
– Well, he said… They asked him that question in court and he said, “I couldn’t
turn it off quick enough.” (laughs) – I almost reached…
– Once you’ve seen the blended rat, you can’t get away from it. But the judge
threw it out, saying that it was frivolous and warned him against appealing this.
But this makes me wonder, are we going to get sued because of what we eat on this
show? And specifically how you react to it? – Listen. If you–
– If you start vomiting, they start vomiting at home, next thing you know
we’re embroiled in lawsuits. Vomiting’s fine. Just don’t get
up and run into a door frame. Yeah. Avoid the door frame. Just go right
into the kitchen or right into the – bathroom.
– I’m not trying to… – Go to your bathtub.
– I’m not trying to do any puffing here, – but…
– And I will say… – I’m really trying to use that in context.
– This isn’t puffing, but I will say: We will never eat blended rat on
this show. We have standards. – That’s just cruel.
– Not gonna eat blended rat. – Mice? Mice? I dunno, it could happen.
– I’ve got one here that Shannon and Candace did talk about on The Hey Hey
Show, but I just wanted to tell you about it anyway because I know you’re gonna
get a kick out of it. – I’m gonna kick it.
– You’ll get a re-kick out of it when you – hear it from them.
– All right. 2006, a Portland, Oregon man named Allen
Heckard sued Michael Jordan, as well as – Nike, for 832 million dollars.
– He went for it. Now, what on Earth would he be suing
Michael Jordan that much money for? – Being too good at basketball.
– Just made him angry. Yeah. No, trying baseball. He sued him for
trying baseball. And you know what? I’m with him. You shouldn’t have done
that, Mike. Screwed everything up for – all of us.
– No… – Can I join this? Is this a class action?
– Um… no, it’s not. And it’s already been dropped. Spoiler alert. But his
reason was: he looked like Michael Jordan. He resembled him
in the face. That’s it. – He does look like him.
– He does. He’s got a shaved head, he’s got an earring… they’re
both looking to the right. Well, they’re making the same mouth.
They’re doing the same thing with their – mouths in this particular picture.
– (Link) Got a little bit of facial hair – action happening here.
– And he’s got the earring. He’s trying to look like Michael Jordan. He’s not
accidentally doing this. No, Michael stole that whole look, man. He
put the earring in. But if you look at his Facebook pictures, the resemblance
starts to fade a little bit, see? (Link) I’ve never seen Michael Jordan
with a toothpick in his mouth. – That’s true.
– Here’s another Facebook picture. – (Link) A little blurry.
– (Rhett) Hold on. Why are you– – You went on this guy’s Facebook?
– Yeah. It’s called research, man. – Did you friend him? Did you poke him?
– No. – Did you at least poke him?
– No. I found him on Facebook and… – okay, we are friends now. (laughs)
– (laughs) Oh, okay. But see, here he is in a blurry photo. He
took his hat off. Looking kinda Jordanesque, I dunno. He is six inches
shorter and eight years older than – Michael Jordan.
– Well, you don’t have to be an – exact match!
– He claimed in his lawsuit that he – couldn’t attend church or ride the bus
– Yeah. or play sports in parks or eat at
restaurants without getting mistaken for – Michael Jordan.
– Well, that’s… things could be worse. Yeah, if I’m playing basketball and people
think I’m Michael Jordan, that seems like it’s pretty awesome. I don’t need 832
million dollars to go along with that, – do I?
– Their expectation really go up, though. I dunno. The case was dropped when he
realized that he had to pay his legal fees – and he’s never gonna win.
– Okay. But hey, man, you do look like MJ.
You might– Space Jam 2. Work it. A woman named Marcy Meckler was in an
open air Old Orchard Shopping Center in – Skokie Illinois.
– A farmer’s market. Yeah. When she was attacked by a squirrel.
A squirrel attached itself to her leg. – Uh uh.
– Maybe he wasn’t attacking you, Marcy. – They don’t–
– You ever think about that? – They don’t do it that way.
– Two years pass. Two years pass. – It stayed on the leg for two years?!
– (both laugh) – Good gosh!
– It was a… Yeah, it’s become a part of my life.
She really likes my leg. Or he, I don’t know what it is.
It’s a squirrel. There it is. 24 months. Nope, that’s not what I meant. I see how
you could see that, but no. She was attacked by the squirrel and then she
didn’t say anything for two years. – Okay.
– Then she sues the shopping center for $50,000, saying, “You guys encouraged this
squirrel to remain in the area by feeding it!” This is an artist’s rendering
of the attacking squirrel. That’s not true. There is no picture of the squirrel, but
I just wanted to help you visualize what a squirrel looks like (laughs)
in case you’ve forgotten. – It’s a photo, not a rendering at all.
– She says she suffered severe mental – and physical injuries.
– Just on the leg? – Yeah, I just can’t imagine that the…
– Emotional… Now, listen. I ran into a drunk squirrel
in my backyard one time. Not kidding. He got into one of the oranges. I talked
about this in a Good Mythical More. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, I remember that.
– He got into one of the oranges that was fermenting, and I went out into the
backyard and he was like… coming up to me and he wasn’t scared of me, and then
he ran up a tree and fell down over and – over again.
– Did you sue the man who planted – the oranges?
– And I had dreams about that squirrel. I had squirrel dreams for
a long time about that. – But who did you sue? Nobody.
– Nobody. It’s nobody’s fault . It was a beautiful thing. It was nature.
I didn’t have any problem with it. – But he didn’t attack me.
– Who are you guys gonna sue? Let us know – in the comments.
– This case was dismissed, as you might imagine. Maybe waiting two years had
something to do with it. Maybe the fact that you can’t sue a shopping center
because a squirrel outside attacks you. You gotta sue the squirrel.
Missed your opportunity. – Well that’s news to me.
– But squirrels don’t live that long, so you gotta hurry up.
You can’t wait two years. Let us know in the comments, like I said,
who you’re gonna sue, and B, how much you’ve won in lawsuits and how.
Maybe we can learn something. – Don’t do that.
– Please do not give us that information. Just like and comment on
the video with something else. You know what time it is. Hi, I’m Laura from Ottawa, Ontario, and
it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. Make sure you watch The Hey Hey Show
where they talk about dumb lawsuits, including the man who sued himself and
the man who sued a dry cleaners for losing his favorite pair of pants. But get this–
he sued ’em for 67 million dollars. What? Click through to Good Mythical More.
I’ve got one more man who sued for 1.5 million dollars, or
something more interesting. (Rhett) Rhett teaches Link
how to speak whale. – (quietly) Hey, hey, hey.
– I’m here for your lesson. – Do you see them over there?
– (quietly) There they are, the whales? – Yep, yep, yep.
– Yeah. – I wanna speak to ’em.
– We paid to see them, but do you – wanna speak to them?
– Yeah, that’s why I’m here, man. – Teach me the gold.
– It comes from here. (groans) Really? ‘Cause it sounds like
it’s coming from here. But it starts down there.
Can you do that? Here? – (moos)
– No. That’s… that’s cattle. That’s cattle.
It’s more like this. (groans) They hear it under the water
and it sounds just like them. – (groans) (laughs)
– That’s bear. It’s more cow meets bear. Okay, okay. (both groan) [Captioned by Caitrin:
GMM Captioning Team]

Daniel Ostrander

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