in this video we’re gonna be using the
babyliss pro Clippers I’m going to give him a drop fade on the side and
I’m going to give him a part haven’t already you should subscribe and
without further ado let’s get it to the video I’m picking the hair out and I’m
gonna cut the top down with the number 4 and the lever is fully closed and I’m
going with the grain ok now here I take the number 2 guard with the lever fully
closed and right here I’m just removing bulk from the side of his head I’m gonna
do this around the entire head this is just eliminating any unnecessary weight
that will get in the way whenever I began to blend the hair and here I’m going to make my bald
guideline and I’m gonna do this do this around the entire head and I’m keeping
it kind of low because I don’t want to raise the fade too high alright now I’m going to begin the
fading process the lever is fully open and I’m creating the guideline and guys
like I said in the past I want to bring you guys normal haircuts that you will
see if you were normally cutting in a shop somewhere so I don’t try to find
the models with the best grade of hair or you know with perfect silky smooth
hair I try to find everyday people to cut for you guys because that’s what
you’re going to be giving in your shop nine times out of ten as you can see his
hair is it’s a little less dense than normal hair but you know everybody has
different hair types everybody’s hair type is different so you just have to
learn how to adjust to different hair types but here you just see me erasing
this bottom guideline I started with the lever closed and you see me slowly
opening the lever blending out that guideline so I started
with the closed and then I opened it up two notches and they’re completely
removed it now just repeat this around the entire head notice how I’m holding his ear down that
way I I don’t Nick it here and that way I make sure I’m fading everything no way
I get a good clean smooth blend notice how I’m using the corner of that
blade a lot of times it doesn’t take the full blade to blend okay here I have the
one guard with the lever fully open making another guideline and here I drop down
the lever and I start blending out so the the lever is fully closed and you see me
going up under that one open and then here I open the notch open the lever
and go in between that one open and one closed like I say you notice a lot that
I’m using the corner of that blade whenever you’re blending in the small
space a lot of times you can’t use the entire blade so just learn how to
manipulate your clipper and I’m going to super I’m going to repeat this step
around the entire head and I said in previous videos some
people like to focus on one side of the head and then go to each side the
lipping them in the back side or you can use each guard and just go around the
entire head repeat the same step running inside here it’s so many different ways
to fade guys that’s why I keep reiterating just choose a method that
works for you and then stick with it it’s all about being efficient that’s
all it’s about just find a method that’s efficient for you and then just keep
going with and there you can see the fade is slowly
coming together okay now I’m gonna take the half guard and then just erase that
that line of demarcation as you see them just a second in line and they slowly
but surely goes away and we’re gonna repeat this around the entire head
coming below what you do do you focus on one side of the head or do you do one
step around the entire head I want to see what different fade methods you guys
use so comment below and let me know what method you guys use okay and the
last step it’s taking the one and a half guard and just blending it into the top
you can see that faint weight line and the one and a half is gonna erase that
line for you guys see that one and a half is taking that
line out and remember we we cut down the sides with the number two so we don’t
have to go any higher than this with the with the guard and notice how I’m not digging with the
Clipper I’m letting it contourl with the shape of his head okay now and we’re gonna move right
along with the lineup process we’re gonna keep everything natural even
though he has lights eyes we’re not gonna push anything here because that
would look a whole bunch of girls back we’re just gonna keep it natural and
roll with it guys and then here I’m just tapering down the front hairline
just so they have a lay still and you see I switched to my t-outliner
to me it’s just nothing like that corded power so you guys comment
below whether you prefer a cordless let me make sure I’m saying it right
comments below whether you prefer cordless or corded Clippers in my opinion you just can’t beat that
power of a quartet clipper as you see we’re just keeping everything natural
and then here just for style we’re gonna add in a part and I know some people
they go straight in when they do parts but me I like to just take my time and
just go in you know slowly with the part you don’t you don’t want to make it too
wide initially and as always always condone you always
condone using the razor and makes the hairline last a couple more days it’s
definitely worth it if you ask me right here we put it on the finishing touches alright guys this is the cut so comment
below and let me know what you think and I will see you guys on the next video

Daniel Ostrander

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  1. Issac Lopez says:

    Currently deployed, your videos help out greatly! Thank you!! 🇺🇸

  2. Oj Stoical says:


  3. Imtiaz imi says:

    Nice cut….

  4. Byron B says:

    Nice cut, still waiting on a video on how you set your trimmers or a quick segment lol

  5. chillgettintoit says:

    Great videos always bro I’m always learning from your channel thank you and keep dropping 💎 straight forward easy to understand

  6. wilsoncarter33 says:

    Awesome cut… Question for you. I'm balding in the back of my head. I was wondering could you recommend a product or something to help my hair grow? Thanks in advance for replying…

  7. Belinda Barker says:

    Nice cut❤️ love your videos!!

  8. Roach Dennis says:

    Can u do a bald fade wit a 1 closed on top? I'm new at this & I'm struggling with the 1 guard open guide line!

  9. Freddy G says:

    I like how leave a v on the back ussally I do a even line im going to try it

  10. Freddy G says:

    I only cut my own hair and I do the front and try to keep following the fade

  11. Freddy G says:

    How do I get a even size cut Everytime I cut my hair I feel like it not even idk if I'm digging to deep solo cut

  12. Eric Belton says:

    Corded clippers. There's nothing like the originals.

  13. El Paul says:

    Great job bro 🔥🔥🔥

  14. El Paul says:

    Cordless clippers cool but nothing like that corded power

  15. Juan Cordova says:

    Great video how are you enjoying the BaByliss cordless Clippers?

  16. Naturallyrare Tiffany says:

    One step around the head is easy for me

  17. Sonia Fails says:

    No sponge?

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