Dreamy Tiny House Cottage-Most Wish-listed in Tennessee | Living Design For A Tiny House

Dreamy Tiny House Cottage-Most Wish-listed in Tennessee | Living Design For A Tiny House

Dreamy Tiny House Cottage-Most Wish-listed in Tennessee | Living Design For A Tiny House

Daniel Ostrander

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31 thoughts on “Dreamy Tiny House Cottage-Most Wish-listed in Tennessee | Living Design For A Tiny House

  1. Living Design For A Tiny House says:

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  2. Maria Morales says:

    Que feo grabas 😬

  3. Maria Morales says:

    Te enfocaste mas en las plantas y platos a en el lugar 😬esa casa tiene mucho espacio para estar todo mal acomodado la recamara arriba q mal 😬

  4. Donald Hall says:

    I might just be me…but why would anybody have such a cute primitive Rustic tiny house and decorate it Shabby Chic..No one could live in or even rent it for a weekend or week and keep it clean.

  5. Lauren Mallon says:


  6. Tinyhome deals says:

    That is a beautiful cottage. Very well done.

  7. Erika America says:

    Loft ruined it😭

  8. Mary Cutie says:

    VeryNice but west niles sars in states

  9. Carol Goerke says:

    What happened to this tiny home? The outside is so rustic and inviting? The inside decor doesn’t cut the mustard. It does not fit the outside.

    They really dropped the ball on the decor. It should have matched the outside of this tiny home, rugged and rustic!

  10. Rebecca Stratton says:

    Wasted time showing house plants over and over.

  11. halfinchkathy says:

    Mary Cutie – what in the world does West Nile Disease and SARS.have to do with this cute little house?

  12. halfinchkathy says:

    Carol Goerke – you gave a pretty harsh review on the basis of how well the exterior “matched” the interior of this darling tiny home. Perhaps its worth noting that the finish in- or outside was likely what pleased the person who ordered this little house. If you want rustic, order it on your home. My feeling is that this is a pretty tiny house and having white walls helps it feel less claustrophobic. I love its bright and happy feeling! And I wouldn’t call this shabby chic either. Its not over-decorated; there’s no fru-fru, lace, or pink china hanging on the walls.

  13. Deryk MacLeod says:

    might be cute but way too drawn out, made it a minute into it and was ready to start clicking ahead.

  14. Cecilia Shubert says:

    Show the house not cushions and plants

  15. Pam S says:

    I didn’t click to just see the house plants or the close up of pillows over and over. You guys suck.

  16. gail curl says:

    Do not like the loft! The walls are So Slanted Inward, you have No Room to move. Fridge needs to be taller too. This place is Cute on the outside, but it's just ok on the inside!! I see lots of room for improvement!!!

  17. Gialana says:


  18. UbuntoO says:

    Beautiful homes
    Horrible video and music.
    Sorry, get someone to do your videos and music.
    Narrate n tour also yo personalize the homes.
    Best of luck!

  19. Beth Miner says:

    Don't care about the plants I'm out

  20. Queezle Macnamara says:

    It's an awesome starting point. I am hoping that a slightly bigger square footage combined with higher ( & of course more accute ) roof will allow for 2 reasonable lofts with stairs to each.
    Clips are frustrating beyond words & I had decided to avoid them as of yesterday but I am grateful for this, it allowed me to see a basic version of what I a hoping to build.
    Really guys, I am totally in agreement with all the comments re; lack of narration, backing track, plants and pillows but thanx anyway.

  21. Lorraine B says:

    This is nice, but a whole picture would be nicer than these boring floating camera shots.

  22. Mary Vaughn says:


  23. karekokentv says:

    Lo siento, la casa parece Bonita pero el video es horrible. Muy lento y lleno de pequeños detalles de la decoración sin haber visto el conjunto. Seguro que podría hacerlo mejor. Un saludo

  24. kat ci healer says:

    No it doesnt help . not falling for your click bait again

  25. Yolanda Garza says:

    What a beautiful tiny cottage ❤ and so functional and spacious I love it 👍thank you for sharing your beautiful video ❤👏

  26. Danae Robinson says:

    TERRIBLE MUSIC. I had to turn down the sound just to watch, then felt like I wasted time just to see plants and pillows and weird camera shots. Thumbs down.

  27. flamingpie herman says:

    Kitchenette refrigerator and induction burner: shows me house plant.
    Bedroom: shows me living room.
    Living room: shows me bigger house plant… wine glasses and teapot…
    Claw foot bath tub: shows me window looking outside and porch with chairs. I guess I'll be taking a bath outside??
    These are the amenities I wanted to see?

  28. Nathan Collins says:

    Stop posting cancer causing music on your vids..and then you can you get to 10,000 faster, yw..

  29. Adeline Hugonick says:

    Great tiny house but horrible video. The music!!!!also too many closed ups. No dimensions, no voice

  30. Texas Outlook says:

    For me the only thing I like is the outside!

  31. Emilie LaFave says:

    You focus up-close views of things and I don't get an idea how the house looks, how the whole living room or upstairs bed looks. I can look at objects anywhere. You don't show large views of the house.. You need to pan around the spaces people occupy.

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