Don’t Let Lisa Murkowski Fool You

Don’t Let Lisa Murkowski Fool You

>>As always, the media is giving credit to
so-called moderate Republicans in the Senate. Because they have said that they might maybe
disagree with Mitch McConnell a little bit when it comes to the impeachment trial in
the senate. The latest example is Alaska’s Republican
senator Lisa Murkowski, who claims that she’s very much dismayed at how McConnell is approaching
the Senate trial. Take a look.>>In fairness, when I heard that, I was disturbed. To me, it means that we have to take that
step back from being hand in glove with the defense. And so I heard what Leader McConnell had said. I happen to think that that has further confused
the process. For me to prejudge and say there’s nothing
there or on the other hand, he should be impeached yesterday, that’s wrong. In my view, that’s wrong.>>I don’t know what it is about this particular
story. Maybe it’s because I’m fed up with the media
preemptively giving Republicans credit for something they don’t deserve. Words are words. I don’t care about your words, I care about
your actions. So it’s one thing to be like, I don’t know
if I agree with the way McConnell is approaching this. And the way they covered it is, strong words
for McConnell. Murkowski shows that she’s independent and
she likes it. No, she’s gonna do what McConnell wants her
to do. She’s gonna do what Trump wants her to do. Can we not give her credit until we see how
she actually behaves when the Senate trial happens?>>Yeah, so that’s fair. And actually wanna add something to that. But let me give both sides here, cuz both
sides do it. No, seriously.>>Both side do it. But Democrats actually do cave to Republicans.>>Yeah, which I’ll get to in a second. But n, to be fair to Murkowski, on a couple
of important votes, she has actually voted with the Democrats. Now, it is very rare and. And when she’s called a modern throughout
all the campaign or the overall coverage of politics, it’s not really true. I mean, she votes with Trump an overwhelming
percentage of the time. So I don’t know if there’s a categorization
of non-insane conservative. But she would be in that category, but on
some important votes, okay? And remember, she got attacked by Republicans
in her primary and then won as an Independent. So I mean, there’s a lot of nuance to Lisa
Murkowski. Okay, now having said, that the non-nuanced
part is what Ana said, she overwhelmingly votes with Trump and the rest of the Republican
party and is likely to do in this case. McConnell’s going around bragging that he’s
not gonna lose a single Republican senator. Now, another important addition to what Ana
is saying is oftentimes this is theater. But the media never covers it as theater they
go along with the Kabuki theater. So what do I mean by that? McConnell will sometimes talk to people like
Murkowski and say, I’m going to say, for the sake of the Republican Party, that I’m going
to do everything Trump wants me to do. And that’s what McConnell said, and that’s
why Murkowski’s making these comments. He said, we’re gonna work hand-in-glove with
the Trump administration. There’s gonna be no distance between me and
Trump’s lawyers. Now, the senators are supposed to be impartial,
laugh along with me. But so when he says that, he does it brazenly
and on purpose to show strength. To say, I don’t care about rules, I don’t
care about fairness. All of us Republicans are with Trump no matter
what, don’t primary us, Republican right-wingers. And media, we’re showing you that there’s
no chance of acquittal here. So talk about him as if he’s already innocent. These are the reasons why he does it. But the last reason is so that he can go tell
Murkowski, and Snow, and Gardner, some of the vulnerable Republicans, hey, you know
what? You can speak out against me. Don’t vote against me, but speak out against
me when I say I’m gonna work 100% with Trump. So that way you will have the appearance of
independence. And then you’ll vote with us and everything
will be fine. And you’ll get credit ahead of time for appearing
independent. So the fact that that conversation does happen
on a regular basis, we don’t know if it happened in this case, but happens on a regular basis. But the political reporters never cover it,
is troubling.>>Yes, yes, so that’s the reason why this
story, which broke yesterday, really struck a nerve with me. Because it happens over and over again. It happened to Jeff Flake, who’s no longer
Congress. But he would say things in the media that
made it appear as though he was an independent thinking Republican who was against Trump. But then when push came to shove, he gave
Trump everything he wanted, including voting in favor of policies that he claimed were
disasters and he wasn’t in favor of. Now, I wanna go to what Cenk was alluding
to earlier, which is how the media gets played. Okay, these are the so-called journalists
that get paid the big bucks to do their analysis and their reporting. But they get played by these Republicans and
their ridiculous theater over and over again. And what I can’t stand more than anything
is politicians insulting our intelligence and then the media playing along with that. So let’s take a look.>>Despite President Trump’s claims that Republicans
are united in the impeachment fight, and they largely are, there are a handful of senators
who may be making the White House and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell nervous. One Republican senator, Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski,
is expressing frustration. One of them is Alaska republican senator Lisa
Murkowski.>>Murkowski’s remarks are significant.>>Brianna it is remarkable, and here’s why.>>A high profile Republican is not in line
with Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell.>>House Republicans have been on the same
page. But in an interview Tuesday, Alaska senator
Lisa Murkowski signaled a possible crack.>>Today she is now voicing concern about
McConnell’s vow.>>Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell
pledging total coordination with the White House. And that’s not sitting well with at least
one member of his own party.>>It’s pretty remarkable that she said anything
really dinging him for this.>>Senator Murkowski’s remarks were the first
sign so far of any dissent.>>This is an important thing, because it
shows a little bit of a break here.>>Why is Senator Murkowski’s vote so important?>>She is disturbed by some of McConnel’s
comments.>>There really hasn’t been. It has seemed as though the republican party
is completely unified And this kind of steps away from that.>>She says she’ll have an open mind.>>Lisa Murkowski is a moderate Republican
who doesn’t always walk in lockstep with her party.>>She’s seen as one of three swing Republicans,
and she embraces her image of independence.>>She has not always voted with the party. She voted present instead of Yes on Justice
Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.>>She’s a moderate who very memorably did
not vote with the Republicans on Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation, you will recall.>>Okay, so let’s just re-cap that. Remarkable, significant, voicing concern,
not sitting well, important thing.>>Yeah.>>Let’s just wait. Let’s just wait for a second.>>So now let me tell you what percentage
of the time that Murkowski votes with Trump. Now, look, most of the Republicans are over
90%. And, But so I’m giving you that to be fair
and to give you context. But Murkowski votes for Trump 74% of the time. So a moderate seems to indicate 50/50, right? No, not moderate 74%. Yes, most other Republicans are worse. But three quarters of the time, she rubber
stamps Trump, awesome, wonderful, etc. Now, get one more piece of context to be fair. Some Democrats like Cuellar in Texas, vote
with Trump 70% of the time. So Murkowski and Cuellar are head to head. That’s a great reason to vote for Jessica
Cisneros, Cuellar’s primary opponent, who’s a Justice Democrat. You can look her up on And then they’ll call Cuellar moderate. He’s not moderate. He’s a massively conservative Democrat.>>Right.>>So anyway, you get the point. The point is that Murkowski almost always
votes with, I just told you the percentage, with Trump. And so it would be very surprising if she
voted to convict him in the Senate. And the last part of the theater, guys, is
that sometimes they do do that, and sometimes she does vote against Trump. But only when they know they’re already going
to win, and not necessarily when they’re the deciding vote. Murkowski, from time to time, has cast deciding
votes, okay? But that is extremely rare. A lot of times McConnell release senators,
Republican senators who are in vulnerable seats, to vote against them-
>>Yeah.>>But only if he knows he’s already going
to win.>>Exactly, and look, that’s the big difference,
I think, between Republicans and Democrats in swing districts or swing states, people
who are facing tough reelection. Look, Democrats always make decisions from
a place of deep fear, right? Let’s just give Republicans what they want
because I don’t want the Republicans to run against me in my reelection campaign. Whereas Republicans, they’ll do the theater. They know how to play the media, they do it
perfectly. And then when push comes to shove, they give
their party what the party wants, right? We don’t have fighters on the Democratic side.>>And-
>>So you->>In fact, quite the opposite, just last
thing here on Democratic side. We go to Dick Durban, he is the number two
Democrat in the Senate. And oftentimes the press paints him as someone
who is liberal or progressive etc. So Dick Durbin, on the other hand, is also
criticizing the Democratic presidential contenders for saying that they’re likely to vote to
convict Donald Trump. Why are you attacking your own senators? That doesn’t make any sense. And it’s one thing to say, I haven’t seen
enough evidence to convict him yet. It’s another thing to say, it’s outrageous
to think that you’ve seen enough evidence to convict him. 55% of the country thinks that they’ve seen
enough evidence to impeach and convict Donald Trump and throw him out of office. And we all have eyes, and we all have ears,
we saw the evidence. It’s not like the House didn’t already have
their hearings. It’s not like we didn’t already see 17 witnesses. So it’s not like it’s a trial that has
no information, a juror walks in out of the blue and is like well, I gotta keep an open
mind. I have no idea if he did it or not. I didn’t see the witnesses yet. In this case, we’ve all already seen the
witnesses. He definitely did it. So when Durbin turns around and hits Bernie
Sanders and Elizabeth Warren for saying they’re likely to convict, he’s helping the Republicans. See, this is why we have asymmetrical situation
here in politics in America. Where the Republicans are over the top strong,
and Democrats are over the top, or under the bottom weak. I don’t know, what phrase you wanna use, but
oftentimes pathetically weak. Again, Durbin saying, this is a separate quote,
we will not whip this vote. Meaning, we will not put pressure on Democrats
to convict Trump. Why not? He’s the guy who’s supposed to whip the vote,
who’s supposed to actually put pressure on faux Democrats to vote their way. And Durbin’s like, I’m not gonna do that. I mean, I’m gonna let them vote with their
conscience. In other words, we’re already telling Manchin,
and Doug Jones, and Kyrsten Sinema, and anyone else, yeah, sure, vote against us, who cares? And the Republicans are already bragging about
it. Republicans are like, yeah, we’re gonna get
Democrats to vote for this. And it’s gonna be a bipartisan acquittal. And Durbin’s like, yeah, you should do that,
go ahead. I’m encouraging you. He’s the number two Senator on the Democratic
side. And this is why Democrats lose and they suck
at this game. Because they pretty much throw the game ahead
of time.

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “Don’t Let Lisa Murkowski Fool You

  1. Gevian Dargan says:

    THANK YOU for this video and headline. Let's not fall for this crap again.

  2. Kiki Yene says:

    Naaa I didn’t fall for that shit even for a sec. remember Suzan Collins rep. Of Maine

  3. Gevian Dargan says:

    The Democrats are not an opposition party, by their own will and design.

  4. Julie says:

    That was my point as well, why are people praising them for reconsidering to actually do their job and as fair as possible but they have not done it yet and have proved in the past it's all pageantry just talk they will say all this to shut people up untill the actual day and their true self always votes party not patriotism we all know that..people wake up, how many times are they going to pull this card and people just buy all their selling

  5. Clay Moore says:

    The Republicans always "disturbed", "shaken", "taken aback", "have questions" but never do anything about it. I side with Ana on this

  6. spade2187 says:

    They fooled us once on Brett never again

  7. William Dorsey says:

    Duly noted, same for Susan Collins. I expect nothing from them as far as holding Trump and McConnell accountable.

  8. Fred G. Sanford says:

    Murkowski had an issue with the wording of McConnell's vow, not its intent.

  9. shellielove Hudson says:

    She and Collins are FOS

  10. shellielove Hudson says:

    She pairs her vote to get it cancelled out. So why even vote.

  11. Watson Everly says:

    "to me it means that we have TO … take that step back".
    THAT'S the word she chooses to emphasize in that sentence????
    sounds like an underrehearsed memorization.


    All these Republicans are followers of The Cult of Trump. They are not going to define their dear orange leader.

  13. MsPokey1234 says:

    The 2020 Democratic ticket = GABBARD & YANG (or Y/G! ) SANDERS = Sec of TREAS with Trey G. Head of FBI ~ Jim J. or Nina Turner as Chief of Staff ~ . ~ Krystal B. ~ Jimmy Dore or Tucker Carlson as Whitehouse Press Sec. IF any other "D" nominated, I will again vote for TRUMP."Again" in 2020……. 70 y/o V/Vet Dean K

  14. Kurt Callaghan says:

    If you give Murkowski crap for not sticking her neck out as far as you wanted, you give her no motive for sticking her neck out in the first place. Let Mitt spend some of that massive political capital to lend her some support.

  15. Chaz Jackson says:

    Exactly action speak louder then words. Because they all can’t be trusted on anything they say.

  16. Veronica Varela says:

    Lisa is the worse kind of politician! An embarrassment to women! She is truly disgusting human being.

  17. Robert Mitchell says:

    lying Lisa

  18. Shucks says:

    How many times do we have to get burned…by Lisa's words?

  19. Raphaela Botticelli says:

    She´s reacting because it´s overt. If it had been covert, she would have reframed the narrative for McConnell's position to be just fine.

  20. 74554N 41-5H4TTi says:

    “Laugh along with me”
    I did 🤣🤣

  21. bluedogfish2 says:

    She’s a joke just like Susan Collins

  22. CARL Echevarria says:

    Anna what you're fed up? Is it driving you crazy too? Are you sick to your stomach?

  23. Rick Auson says:

    You know why the media is going crazy over Murkowski? Because the GOP has become so cult-like and corrupt it's now considered breaking news that a senator is willing to just speak out about him. I believe she will do the right thing, after all she did vote against Kavanaugh unlike Collins. Also the GOP tried to primary her with a hard-right candidate and failed embarrassingly – for those who don't know what happened, she is one of the few politicians in history to have won with write-in votes (people had to write her name on the ballot since she lost her primary). She has leverage to be more independent and she knows it.

  24. Greg Hilton says:

    So he is a Republican dresses as a Democrat. Just like Biden.

  25. Googoo Giggle says:

    No evidence to convict who of what?

  26. Sharon Liu says:

    I agree it sounds too similar to other Republicans when they acted ‘independent’ for Kavanaugh

  27. Googoo Giggle says:

    Who were the third hand witnesses to the transcript-ed phone call that are afraid to talk?

  28. George McNeal says:

    They don't fool me at all,they will go with trump anyway 🤔

  29. Sam Smith says:

    Joe miller exposed her as a big Government RINO!

  30. Suzanne 2Suzanne says:


  31. MikeHott VODdotCom says:

    She did vote against Kavanaugh.. that's a big vote against Trump… just saying..

  32. Robert says:

    The really sad thing here is after trump is gone the damage to the country will be long lasting. The stain will have touched all fabric of life in the United States. My sympathy for that. Perhaps some good will come of this mess though, #1 the GOP is shown for who they are, right down to the last congressional person and senator, gutless, lying, greedy people who have no interest in serving the people of the country. You need to clean up the rot in government or it will be more of the same. And don't stop at the GOP look at Democrats who are not serving the country honorably, and boot them out as well. The time has come for big big changes.

  33. Brane77 BaronK says:

    Murkowski was thinking long and hard how to give a vote to Cavanaugh. Disgustingly low mind speed, but still faster then an average republican. Here is most probably just the same.

  34. Sheri Addis says:

    Wasn’t she the one who was on the fence about kavanaugh until she voted party lines?

  35. singerliljermz says:

    I know who she not fooling. She and Grimm Reaper-Mitch already talked about everything she said in that clip before the interview. Look how long ago the Grimm made those statements.

  36. shammy davisjr says:

    Hey Mitch I am going to have a hard reelection so lets get a talking point we can both agree on so I look moderate.

  37. Googoo Giggle says:

    Republicans do not seem to cave for lies 24/7. Republican caveman McCain is ding dong dead.

  38. Christine V. says:

    Ana why do you say thing like: "she will vote this", "she will vote that", "she will vote for so and so", you say it loud and harsh and it sounds like an accusation. You're a journalist. You should say: "she, most likely, will vote such and such", "I imagine she will vote this", etc.

  39. Jeroen Romijn says:

    Vladimir Murkowski 😂

  40. Caleb Fowler says:

    This is just cynical. Now you’re being like republicans saying that the right is just evil and we shouldn’t trust anyone who isn’t “progressive” like us.
    These “principled” people will throw away all of what they value in the quest for power. Look at cenk….don’t let him fool you. He’s a narcissist too

  41. Michael Coville says:

    I don't understand why Americans aren't out in the streets showing their outrage that these corrupt Republican pieces of shit are openly admitting they refuse to do their jobs and listen to the evidence and judge the President's actions based on facts and not partisanship. They ALL claim to be staunch supporters of "law and order" and "the Constitution" but here they are openly bragging about how they are going to allow a criminal to break all sorts of laws and violate the Constitution. Not one of them should have a snowflake's chance in hell of getting re-elected. Millions of people should be out in the streets demanding their immediate resignations. This is the end of democracy. They are making Trump into a dictator who can break any law he wants, rip up and spit on the Constitution and wipe his ass with it in public.

  42. Eliseo Bondoc says:

    She kind of reminds me of Willem Dafoe.

  43. Sergio White says:

    anna your starting to sound like janky growling with furver while delivering lines nooooo i was hoping he wouldnt taint you lol happy new year guys yes….yes……yess lol keep up the good work bern it down

  44. Otto Nomicus says:

    She's clearly an alien. Everybody hit her with phasars on my signal. This is what female Repubs look like, every one of them, all disheveled and mind-controlled looking.

  45. troels kristensen says:

    There is GOP and Israel who some call moderates. And that is radical/extreme right-wing for any other democracý but the US on this planet.

  46. Maureen Perez says:

    Murkowski and Collins are two-faced politicians. They "wring their hands and tut tut" every time Trump puts forth a dangerous policy, and then vote for it anyway. And Manchin should get the hell out of the Dems and go be a Republican. He's an absolute fake Dem, and probably a Republican "Plant" as well. Sounds nuts but he does not vote with the Dems. Gabbard is also crap. She is a coward who did not vote to impeach.

  47. Rob Bird says:

    Murkowski = False Flag

  48. charlidog2 says:

    I can hardly wait till Cenk starts his political career.

  49. Kate O'Donnell says:

    Lisa is always ringing her hands and then doesn't do anything…again and again!!!

  50. Wini Olivache says:

    Lisa and Susan talk the talk but never walk the walk.

  51. La Bruja says:

    Why do men in politics and in the media have the most god awful hair cuts/styles ever worn. Wtf do you call that hairstyle that joe was wearing? It looks like someone slapped a hairpiece on the lefts side of his head.

  52. carmay3600 says:

    Wrong Anna. Murkowski actually voted against Kavanaugh when she said she might and she has sided with democrats on other issues.

    Murkowski is nothing like Flake who always had fake outrage but then voted along party lines. He was indeed a “flake”.

    The media I have seen have actually said to take her words on the senate impeachment trial with a grain of salt.

    You guys have become hyperbolic in regards to mainstream media.

  53. adam pagan says:

    I don't trust that old republican bitch…

  54. Yahrun says:

    all republicans can be bought;the top 1 percent are republicans and even can buy democrats when they want…

  55. Sylvia Metos says:

    Once a Republican, always a Republican. She'll vote party lines, no doubt about it!

  56. Metal Theologian says:

    I'll bet money she's just Susan-Collinsing.

  57. Suzy Qualcast says:

    Is/was she that prosecutor/defence in that YouTube where the judge was in cahoots with whatever, is that her??

  58. ben dunn says:

    don't trust murkowski or collins after kavenagh

  59. Cindy Demambro says:

    The republicans are all the same don't believe their bull shit and established corporation DNC just as well.

  60. dvdschaub says:

    The MSM has taken the blue pill.

  61. Visfor Vegan says:

    Damn, she looks like death warmed over.

  62. Steve Richardson says:

    Susan Collins and Jeff Flake come to mind… Make a stink for the media, then toe the line for the Republicans

  63. Visfor Vegan says:

    Stop saying the Democrats sick at this game. They know what they're doing. They're the Washington Generals to the Republicons Globe Trotters. They're paid to lose, and they're damn good at it.

  64. horse love says:

    tyt is for losers and progressives are rapists

  65. mic Smith says:

    GoP playing possum. GoPossum?

  66. Manuel Linares says:

    I continue to marvel at the "horse sh-t" by both the Corporate owned MSG Media Outlets on reporting the few dissenters, with their tepid responses in drawing any line in the sand. The fact, that no Republicans, and I mean none-voted for the impeachment of a most obvious Liar-In-Chief, Trump. All one needs to do and just take, for example, the sheer cowardice of even those retiring Senators leaving with no demonstrable showing of guts or holding ones head high. nope, no courage nor valiant show of bravery-just towed the line for that POS Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Sen. Collins, no longer respectful, even the Judiciary-has lost much respect and credibility. The FBI further tainting their reputation, just cowards or just patsies not taking, the time to investigate allegations brought forward by credible witnesses for 80 serious ethic complaints (yes, this fool does like beer) Standards of "ethical conduct" cheapened as well.

  67. PeeWeenie says:

    Where was Lisa's dismay about what the Democrats did to President Trump?

  68. R. D'Aillee says:

    I'll believe Murkowski when she demonstrates her concern is genuine, and she votes accordingly. Republicans have lost what little credibility they ever had.

  69. Chris Brudy says:

    It's a smoke screen.

  70. Baxter Powel says:

    I am MORE than Tired of Gop BULLSHITS!

  71. Colby Henry says:

    They're right, Democrats are pathetic

  72. Robert Boyd says:

    She's nothing more then a Ashkenazic Zionist whos roots lead to Poland and definitely can't be trusted.

  73. Sherry Stewart says:

    Lady – STOP shouting and being so dramatic. I can't watch because your HIGH DRAMA and SCREECHING (ie – about Merkowski) is worse than fingernails on a blackboard! The real news needs no shouting. We get it! Soft pedal and we will listen! WHO are you screeching at???

  74. Jay Berg says:

    She's full of shit, how come she didn't vote to impeach the orange nut sack

  75. Michael Z says:

    same as kavanagh hearings.

  76. Moms MADD says:

    I didn t she is just talking it up to keep her votes

  77. Alex B Jones says:

    They all are going to vote right along with that traitor trump!

  78. John Hammond says:

    By positioning herself this way, and then voting not guilty (or however you say it) it more likely appears to voters as if Trump got a fair unbiased trial

  79. realpqleur says:

    Shouldn't you folks be working on Cenk's election instead of continuing to scrape the barrell besides she is a RINO….are you folks confused about who you have and don't?

  80. random269 says:

    Just heard her name on the news.

  81. leo lupo says:

    Trump is exposing them all .. Landslide TRUMP win coming 2020

  82. sbmphr says:

    Thanks I agree ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, words mean nothing

  83. tank black says:

    This is a sham. She was bought off to claim this stuff. It is a plan and it is sad.

  84. Dan Rode says:

    This phoney baloney has always been one… Lets see her vote for the removal and get others to do the same. Don't hold your breath. Its a look at me moment. That's all…

  85. Aeg 247 says:

    Lisa is not fooling me. I am disturbed over what Mitch said at the same time I wouldn't vote to remove Trump either.

  86. Kevin Sabins says:

    If you want to know the fake out, ask Trump about her. He is unable to go without stuffing his foot in his mouth. If he puts her on blast then he thinks it’s real, if he passes it off then he is in on it…

  87. uglyfrog says:

    Murkowski, Susan Collins and Jeff Flake come to mind… Make a stink for the media, then toe the line for the Republicans same as Kavanagh hearings. Don't forger their bullshit.

  88. Common Sense America says:

    Moderate republicans are still lying dogs and bigots.

  89. Anthony Clay says:

    It’s amazing how these two morons expect the republicans to go along with the house democrats fake ass, totally partisan, no crime committed, illegitimate impeachment. The only senators that will break ranks in this charade are the democrats.

  90. steve wakeham says:

    Murkowski with the fake concern. LOL

  91. Jorge A. Martinez says:

    Murkowkski must be trying to get relected again and will say anything to retain her seat. This is a Republican lies that they use to stay in power.
    Ha ha 😂 😂 ha ha 😂 😂

  92. spike23 Eagles says:

    She has no spine!!

  93. Clifford Roebuck says:

    This is the problem it should be Republicans, Democrat, Independent, and Corporate Politicians.

  94. Timothy Craig says:

    Fales, no spine at all!!!

  95. William Stevenson says:

    I’m so damn tired of lying asses murkowski collins and Gardner. Screw them!!

  96. DK3CHAMP says:

    This is how it's going to go down. Romney and Collins will speak on the floor that Trump was a bad boy, but will vote against impeachment because they believe the punishment is too severe. Murkowski will do a Tulsi Gabbard and vote "Present."

  97. queenbeethatme100 says:

    I agree. Lisa and Susan talk a good game then do exactly what the GOP EXPECTS. The GOP is a corrupt, criminal, treasonous organization.

  98. colette s says:

    everyone in DC is suppose to work for we the people, there should be no political parties fighting each other for power.

  99. way2jaded1 says:

    yup I would assume the bitch is lying until she demonstrates through action she is not.

  100. Betty Boo says:

    She will vote not to remove Trump,Party,money,power,job over doing the right thing like following the law and constitution and the fact that you are a woman is disgraceful and against the American people and America.

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