Does the Pocket Listing Exist in NYC? [2020] | Hauseit®

Does the Pocket Listing Exist in NYC? [2020] | Hauseit®

Yes, pocket listings do exist in NYC although
they are far less prevalent than on the West Coast. In NYC, the overwhelming majority of listings
are traditionally marketed, even when it comes to celebrities and mega homes. While you may see the occasional pocket listing
or MLS only listing in NYC for a privacy conscious seller, most celebrities and the very wealthy
don’t seem to mind publicly marketing their homes like everyone else. What is a Pocket Listing? A pocket listing is a property for sale where
an agent has an exclusive listing agreement signed with the seller, but the owner has
instructed the listing agent not to list the property on the MLS nor any public websites. The listing agent must instead privately market
the home through their personal and professional network, typically though channels such as
email newsletters and social media. Sometimes, an owner will only want their property
to be a pocket listing for a brief period of time, known as pre-marketing, before intending
to put it on the MLS and public search websites. Pocket Listing vs Whisper Listing A whisper listing is simply another term for
a pocket listing, and the two are often used interchangeably. With that said, whisper listings can sometimes
mean a listing where the listing agent doesn’t have a signed exclusive with the seller yet. As a result, the term whisper listing is a
bit greyer than the term pocket listing, as the latter typically means a signed exclusive
listing agreement is already in place. A whisper listing can also be used to mean
a privately marketed For Sale By Owner listing, meaning the owner of a home doesn’t want
to utilize a pocket listing, but would rather sell a house privately by owner. Pocket Listing vs Open Listing An open listing is a property where the owner
has refused to sign an exclusive listing agreement with any broker, but has offered to sign a
buyer agent commission agreement with anyone who will or does bring a buyer. This open listing agreement is often known
as a FSBO commission agreement or one time showing agreement. In other words, an open listing is very different
from a pocket listing because an open listing is essentially a For Sale By Owner listing,
whereas a pocket listing is an exclusive listing with a broker that happens to be marketed
privately. Pocket Listing vs Off Market Listing A pocket listing is a home that is being actively
marketed for sale, albeit through private channels, while an off market listing is not
being actively marketed at all. In fact, an off market listing typically refers
to a previous listing on the market that has since been de-listed, either per the owner’s
request or because the listing agreement expired. How to Find Pocket Listings Real estate investors find pocket listings
by messaging as many brokers as they can with their search criteria, and asking brokers
to keep them in mind for any listings they come across that match. What are Pocket Listing Commissions? Pocket listing commissions are typically no
different than the commissions brokers will charge for a traditional listing. Remember that brokers will still have to compensate
buyers’ agents, and virtually all buyers will come from buyers’ agents if you’re
doing a pocket listing. And buyers’ agents will expect to be compensated
fairly, and to be paid a standard buyer agent fee. Interested in learning more? Check out how you can save all 6% in broker
commission through an Agent Assisted FSBO at

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