Deploying self-service password reset | Azure Active Directory

Deploying self-service password reset | Azure Active Directory

(music) In this video, we’ll talk about
how we can deploy SSPR? The first step we want to do is Choose authentication methods
for the users, Ask those users to register,
Configure password writeback if we’re talking to an
On-premise’s environment, Enable password for reset from the
login screen if we choose to do so, and then we want to Test SSPR as an end user. Now let’s jump into a demo
where we can see this in process. Okay, so I’m in my demo environment here and we’ll go ahead and enable
password reset, so we’ve logged into the azure portal,
we’ve gone to Azure Active Directory and now we’re going to click on password reset. When password reset
comes up we’ll want to enable the Self-Service Password Reset, we’ll click all and we’ll click save. We’ll come to authentication methods and we choose we want
one authentication method for reset and let’s enable email, mobile phone and office phone for users
to reset their passwords with we’ll save these options. We’ll choose Registration and do we
want to require users to register when signing in. For this environment we’ll say no, since
we haven’t changed anything there’s nothing to save. For notifications, we’ll choose yes
that we want to notify users on password resets and since this is the
default, we don’t have to save. Alright, now that we’ve seen how to
enable SSPR, let’s test SSPR as a user. Users have two options to access SSPR either from a web browser or from the Windows Logon Screen,
alright let’s see how this works in– in real life. So I’m at the login screen
and I can’t access my account so I’ll hit can’t access my account, and it’s my work or school account. And now I’m presented with the SSPR get back into your account page. So, I’ll type in my user name helga and I will enter the characters on screen, click Next, and now it’s going to
ask me to verify, who I am ? So we’ll ask SSPR
to send me a text message and we’ll have a send a text– I’ve gotten a verification code on my phone and ahead next. Now, I can enter
a new password for helga I’ll confirm the password, and I’ll hit finish.
My password has now been reset without IT Intervention.

Daniel Ostrander

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