Cyberpunk 2077 News – Alienware “Leak”, Aesthetic Changes & Game Design Listing!

What’s going on Neon Nation welcome back
to The Neon Arcade for some more Cyberpunk 2077 and Cyberpunk 2077 News. Today we have
a cryptic tweet sent out by CD PROJEKT RED and Cyberpunk 2077 and some clarification about it, a new multiplayer job listing from CD PROJEKT RED, an Alienware
training event and a potential 2077 leak of sorts, and some Countdown the the dark future
details highlighting a cataclysmic event in the lore of Cyberpunk. First we have our art section where we highlight
some community creations focused on Cyberpunk 2077. First we have a really neat Arabic Cyberpunk
2077 wallpaper mockup from Shadi Kabbesh. Who seems to be doing visuals for Vice. I’ve
always thought Arabic looks really clean and cool and it’s goes amazingly with the 2077
font style. Next we have a meme from the king of 2077
memes, DogsOfWar aka Stout with this quality edit. I think we are all low key fantasizing
about this scenario. Getting right into today’s News segment
we first have an interesting leak via reddit that was later deleted involving Alienware
and Cyberpunk 2077. This was initially discussed on our Cyberpunk 2077 community podcast, so
thanks to Mad Queen and IvanGT on twitter for some of these developments. In this deleted reddit thread a verified Alien
ware employee created a post titled “attended a training event for my job last night – I
have reason to believe Cyberpunk 2077 is coming out this year”. Again this is from a verified
user and goes on to say Attended an alienware hardware training event last night and they
had promotional material for their new laptop plastered all over the wall – a cyberpunk
2077 edition that was coming later this year but they couldn’t tell us when or what exactly
the partnership would entail, and they had not received permission from CPDR to announce
it as of yet. Our trainer implied that they would announce the hardware partnership when CDPR
announces a release date – which isn’t too far away. He does go on to say that this Is indeed speculation
but the assumptions are reasonable. A darksiders edition of an Alienware laptop launched with the darksiders
game, so this gives more weight to these rumors. Now alienware obviously has some sort of partnership
with CDPR and have been collaborating in marketing efforts by having night city and cyberpunk
2077 referenced and shown in tweets and trailers mainly for their new Area51m gaming laptop. This in combination with the plethora of rumors,
leaks and speculation all saying end of 2019 just adds another brick to this wall of arguments
for a 2019 release. Next we have Cyberpunk 2077 tweeting “Soon,
Soon” early last week with seemingly no context until some clarification later in
the thread, where they mention it’s in reference to the opening of their US Merchandise store.
If you guys are unaware the CDPR Merch store opened up in the European Union and offered
merchandise from the witcher, cyberpunk 2077 and Gwent to people that were wanting to rep
their brand and games. Now I was in the Cyberpunk 2077 discord as
people were speculating on this when Lilayah, CD PROJEKT REDs community manager tried to
clear some confusion. She mentions that it was supposed to be a reply in the thread and
not its own tweet. Now to be fair, These are not accidents, these are likely well thought
out tweets made to look like accidents, and meant to led to confusion and thus speculation
and attention. This is part of how companies drive hype and attention to their games, but
of course they have to deny these things and always keep us on our toes. Just as an aside to tweets that the Cyberpunk
2077 twitter has made, I’ll also be keeping my eyes out for a potential dev diary or documentary
from the CDPR team based off of this tweet . The tweet reads I hope CDPR and Cyberpunk teams are
making a documentary like how Santa Monica studios did with God of War to which they
responded with “who knows…” Next we have a new job listing for a lead
game designer for CD PROJEKT RED. This was found by a subscriber of LastKnowMeal’s
and highlighted in one of his videos so you can check that out for additional information
and more dedicated coverage. In essence this is a listing for a lead game designer who
will help guide the team and supervise the design of gameplay systems and online mechanics
in CD PROJEKT RED titles. Now usually job listings come tied to the game title that
job is in relation to, but on this particular listing, there is no title meaning it is very
likely that it’s related to a new CDPR game and could be the triple A title they want
released by 2021. Now this seems to specify that it is indeed for an online based game
and some of the responsibilities include directing the gameplay design around fun mechanics,
reviewing gameplay and balance, and ensuring that the design and gameplay experience are
of the highest quality. CDPR and their foray into true online experiences
is something I am incredibly excited to hear more of. Recent leaks are also suggesting
a teaser of sorts for the new IP will be dropped at E3 2019, but then the rumor goes on to
say it will release in 2022, after CDPR has explicitly said by 2021, and that they are
focusing on 2077 for this particular E3. I do think there
is a slight possibility to see an incredibly vague teaser trailer which would help carry
hype to the CDPR brand, but this is likely more of a longshot. Next we have some official forum answers from
again Lilayah CDPR’s community manager. These are random questions but give us some
insight into the world of CD PROJEKT RED and Cyberpunk 2077. In a thread regarding if ideas
pitched within the forum by fans during the developmental process was incorporated Lilayah
says that we will leave that for you to find out. Seems to me, they have looked at community
feedback and the forums for inspiration in Cyberpunk 2077. In a question regarding aesthetic and design
changes to the game and some concerns that the game will deviate from what the original
poster thought was an amazing gameplay reveal aesthetic, Lilayah responds that changes are
super common to pretty much every single aspect, which includes art and graphic designs. Artists
are constantly improving their work, so they can tell the story accurately. From her perspective
there is nothing to worry about and you will like what you see. This hints at some aesthetic
changes for likely the better when it comes to 2077. This comes along with recent news of the game
being quite different than before, and some older news from Adam Badowski specifically
mentioning that after the release of the 48-minute gameplay reveal that they will still be modifying
netrunning, how weapons behave, driving physics, facial expressions and animations, and that
what we’ve seen is very much a draft version. In our final forum question we have a revelation
that CDPR will have something exciting when it comes to cosplay in the future so keep
your eyes open, your sewing machines ready and your cyberware nearby. This hints at a
cyberpunk 2077 cosplay competition of sorts. Finally, we have some countdown to the dark
future episodes regarding an important moment in the world of Night City called The Collapse.
This is a series dedicated to understanding RTlasorian Games source material of Cyberpunk
2020 which Cyberpunk 2077 is largely based on. In episode 128 we learn about the nature of
the collapse and that no single event contributed to the dark future of Cyberpunk 2020 more
than the collapse, a market implosion which devastated the US and rocked the world economy. In episode 129 we learn about the history
of the collapse. By the early 90s the gang of four (the FBI, CIA, NSA and DEA) had been
covertly working together to manipulate the united states politics and legislation. This
was driven largely by lust of power. In 1993, the gang of four were worried about
the rise of the European Economic common wealth as a world power and started hacking European
and Asian stock markets to bolster US corporations and currency on the market. This was inevitably
found out by European agents and taken to the world press resulting in the crash of
94 which devastated the American stock market. Without the number 1 power the US at the forefront,
and without another country willing to step in to assume that role things started to fail. In episode 131 we learn about follow up events
after the crash of 94 which lead to the collapse including a covert war waged by the gang of
four in central and south America as a diversion. As a result, resources had to be pumped into
military and security operations leaving little ro rebuild a shattered economy and infrastructure.
A dying and polluted environment led to the events of the actual collapse. Thanks for watching guys and for everything
and anything cyberpunk 2077 join Neon Nation and subscribe to TheNeonArcade

Daniel Ostrander

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