Creating a BIOS Recovery Flash Drive for HP Notebooks | HP Notebooks | HP

Creating a BIOS Recovery Flash Drive for HP Notebooks | HP Notebooks | HP

This video shows how to create a BIOS recovery
flash drive for HP notebooks that have had hard drive failure or no longer have the HP_Tools volume or partition. First, insert a blank USB drive into any available
USB port on a working computer. Navigate to and double-click the BIOS file
that was downloaded from from the BIOS category
for your notebook. Windows might ask to confirm if you want to open the file or allow changes to be made
to your computer. Click Yes, Continue, or Run to continue. In the InstallShield Wizard, click Next. Click to agree to the terms, then click Next. If prompted, click Next to extract the temporary
files to the local hard drive. In the HP BIOS update utility, click Next. Select Create Recovery USB flash drive, then click Next. Select your USB drive, then click Next. The computer copies the BIOS files to the
USB flash drive. Click Finish. The USB flash drive is renamed as HP_TOOLS. If necessary, click Cancel to close the window. Remove the USB drive from the computer. You can find additional helpful videos at and on our YouTube channel,

Daniel Ostrander

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51 thoughts on “Creating a BIOS Recovery Flash Drive for HP Notebooks | HP Notebooks | HP

  1. origamistdave says:

    What about the tool for Mac? Wine/VirtualBox doesn't work, and an iMac is my only other PC… Help

  2. Kyle Steeves says:

    I have no option to create a recovery usb drive.. When i download the BIOS file it gives me InsydeFlash, it asks me for my current ID and New ID and does not in any way seem like it wants to create a recovery drive, it wants to update the BIOS for the pc i'm currently using, I have an HP G61 Notebook that has the black screen error, it has the error code of 2 flashes on the caps lock LED so i know it's BIOS corruption, please help.

  3. Josh Keller says:

    at 1:05 of this video, after clicking next it becomes insydeflash. there are 4 white boxes that you can click on. once you click on any one of them insydeflash closes. the original file name is not transferred to the thumb drive. please explain why this is happening instead of what is in the video.

  4. Josh Keller says:

    fyi I have a Pavilion dv7-3165dx

  5. Josh Keller says:

    winflash gets transfered to the thumb drive, but the sp47531 opens as insydeflash. there is no extracting. it tells me not to turn off my computer. there is a start button and an exit button. current bios, new bios, id, and version are all blank. it says it's about to update my bios. sure you are running on external power. b. before continuing, close all applications. c.your system will automatically shut down after update.
    i dont want to update this computer. i want to update my computer. my computer wont boot. i needed to download the bios off the hp website using another computer. knowing this. how do i get the sp47531 to extract to my thumb drive? is there anything specific that i'm suppose to have extracted? if so then what and can you help me?

  6. Steven Yeboah says:

    Hello… Do I need the same Operating System as the affected machine before extraction can be possible? Because I keep getting an "insydflash error" and due to this the recovery wizard doesnt open.


  7. luis alberto ramirez leon says:

    winflash gets transfered to the thumb drive, but the sp47531 opens as insydeflash. there is no extracting. it tells me not to turn off my computer. there is a start button and an exit button. current bios, new bios, id, and version are all blank. it says it's about to update my bios. sure you are running on external power. b. before continuing, close all applications. c.your system will automatically shut down after update.

  8. Julio Sanchez says:

    Regards, I have a DV9925NR Pavilion that was working fine, I just replaced the hard drive because the previous one was broken. It proceeded to install windows vista original as it comes from the factory with all its installers of the web of HP. Everything went great when installing the HP software Update began to indicate that the BIOS is outdated, proceeded to automatically update it and there came the disaster to restart the computer. From that moment the equipment only turns on, it does not give video, all the lights are on, the fan is activated but at 1.5 miins it goes off and on again in 3 seconds, then it lasts less than 25 sec and it goes out again And turns on 3 sec, and so repeats without end. Try to restore with the videos using the USB method with the windows + B buttons worse nothing is left just whistling and reading the USB I can do I am already destroying the laptop. Thank you if you can help me please.

  9. D A says:

    Will not work for most people as it looks like HP have kindly removed this functionality from their bios update program. It NEEDS to have a working OS – which defeats the object for most people being directed here.

  10. Peter Sundström says:

    Yes! It worked like a charm 🙂
    When performing a BIOS update on a 15-n221so the system halted and i was forced to remove AC and battery to power it off after ~10 minutes. Created the BIOS recovery USB as shown in this video, and voila…the damn thing was working again!

  11. Apostolos Kyriakos says:

    When i'm trying to do this there is no option to create recovery usb flash drive as shown in thiw video.

  12. Mahmoud Hassan says:

    i have installed win 10 and i i can't access to windows , logo of windows 10 appear under it white circles Gather one after the other , there is another thing i i can't enter to Bios or boot option's while i am press F9 and F10 i am also try whole F press , my laptop hp pavillion dv6 notepook can u help me sir !

  13. Ade Mugni says:

    my notebook is am125tx. insert usb into laptop, press win key + b. display black screen fans turn on, repeat, bios recovery did not appear for some hours. is it normal? how to restore? help please

  14. Luis Arturo Reveles Meza says:

    I have downloaded the BIOS file on a working computer and i can't create the usb recovery flash drive, the program doesnÂŽt give me the choice to do it. It just creates the folder in C and thats it. It keeps telling me that the bios file is not for my PC (which is clearly obvious given that I need it for a dv6620) What can I do?

  15. James Kariuki says:

    When i try to create a recovery usb, i keep getting the msg "InsydeFlash cannot load the driver. Please close all applications." I have run the program as administrator and all applications are closed. Am using Windows 7 *64.

  16. Muhammad Mashhood says:

    ROM.CAB file missing error
    hp elitebook 8470p
    windows 10

  17. Jason Franz says:

    Does not work. The bios file I downloaded gives me the permission prompt and asks me to agree to the terms. AFter that, it does absolutely nothing. This is for an Envy 15-w237cl laptop.

  18. jeepercreepers9 says:

    Whenever I try to create the recovery drive, it will show the progress bar, but when it gets to full, it stops, then crashes. It does create some files in the drive, but they don't work

  19. Mark Eren Cipriano says:

    Help. There are no BIOS slider for HP pavilion 15 b008ee? How can I get this recovery software?

  20. Dr.Bruzdzinski says:

    this is only InsydeFlash program doesnÂŽt give me the choice to do it. where is the program shown in video ? pls link

  21. First Last says:

    After <<<<agreeing to the terms >>>>>insyde bios update pops up… start flash ….but gives error to flash…..>>>what to do….

  22. Indian Consumer Guide says:

    my hp elitebook 8470p bios is corrupted. so i want to make a usb flash drive from other computer. when i try to do this process in other computer but after installing software,i cant get windows bios utility screen. please tell me how can i make bios flash drive from other computer

  23. Nikhil Yadav says:

    i had formatted my laptop ..i want to know my bios driver is or uninstalled

  24. Christer Holm says:

    The update utility does not recognize the flash drive, I tried several, but the "Select a USB flash drive " list is alyway empty, no matter what I put in.

  25. Elia D'Orazio says:

    HP Bios and Update Recovery doesn't appear…

  26. 18TommyBoy says:

    This is video OMG… Very bad, how update when no windows??? Blank screen

  27. DrunkinLogic says:

    HOLY Hell, I just bought an older model envy and been searching far and wide for 3days now on how to fix this bios issue … Good God no matter ware I look , HP support Has No Clue how to do Anything , Always referring to Automated responses like they are reading an out of date manual ! HP SUPPORT ,Put the Vaio Down ! we need Help.

  28. Oussama Rezgui says:

    soory but i can find a video haw to recover my bios password there is any posiibility that i can remove the password thank you

  29. Pro365 says:

    required hp uefi bios update utilities are not available in source or destination folder..
    hp elitebook 8470p…

  30. chemist12909 says:


  31. Zoom Team says:

    I don't get that finished message on display, when I put USB on my HP laptop I don't get anything.

  32. MF MOOD says:

    help me, after setup instalation, there's pop up showed "insydeflash cannot load the driver error"
    please what should i do??

  33. Ahmed Raheem G says:

    Doesn't work I try several times but get nothing still my pc not work

  34. David Oliveira says:

    The "HP system BIOS utility" window don't open to me

  35. Chrisvidmm2 says:

    How do you create a recovery flash thing on a Windows that is not working. I do not have any other working computer. There is supposed to be a way and I cannot find it anywhere. I wish you could just call HP and they would email you a link to where you can download the F program so all you need to do is stick it into your computer and recover the thing. So F frustrating…

  36. Tay Gumi says:

    Will this method help/work? If I broke/brick my Bios on a HP Z420 Mainboard by Updating?

  37. Amir Ayaz says:

    how to install SP91950 softpaq in usb for installing an operating system on hard disk?

  38. John Mathias says:

    It doesn't boot up from the USB so can't fix the BIOS

  39. John Mathias says:

    I found out how to use the bootable USB! To use the bootable USB you created for your faulty HP laptop I found the following useful info: Insert prepared USB into the HP laptop it is intended for. Make sure the laptop is turned off and the charger plugged in. Turn on laptop whilst holding the windows key and letter B on the keyboard. The system will find the USB and the BIOS flashing process will start. Do not interrupt the process. Check the BIOS version afterwards to confirm the updated version.

  40. Tamim Noory says:

    I have boot problem today I want recover the system image which was in my f local drive suddenly I got an error recovery file not found and I can not recover windows and my computer not boot and stuck on that black screen and 0f3 error 😧 please help

  41. Doctor Why says:

    If only anyone would finally explain what files exactly should be on the USB key, and in what directories!
    Trying SP79709, update of 2017, the installer is from 2012 and does not work on Windows 10, or Windows 7 – need a usb key because this laptop does not boot into Windows.

  42. ZionnetheMeme Productions says:

    So uh…
    I'm trying to unbrick my HP 14-df0023cl Notebook, and I downloaded the BIOS update.
    All it did was install something called 'Insydeflash' which proceeded to do absolutely nothing.
    Is there some sort of BIOS file or folder, or is there a BIOS Update Utility for my model laptop?
    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

  43. Hamza Micheal says:

    i done all thing but still locked bios
    ? help me ..

  44. FanFan_Fantastic says:

    I can not downgrade to my factory bios, so basically you upgrade your bios you have a chance to be screwed. My fan noise is going crazy now, I will never own an HP laptop again!

  45. Bryan Penuela says:

    hello can i create a recovery drive in a different computer or only in hp devices/laptops

  46. LellePrinter82 says:

    Trying to fix my friends Probook 440 G3 that has black screen and capslock+num lock is blinking, and after a while the cpufan spins up. Tried to create a recovery usb with the recovery tool, but that option is greyed out so I can't go any further. Tried it on both a HP laptop and a non HP computer, that option is still greyed out. I will soon give up on this, not many options left besides trying to fix the bios and hopefully to get my friends laptop to boot again.

  47. Massimo Zompanti says:

    Hallo I have a Pavillion series PC (Dv6) which after an update has shut down and only the CAPS LOCK flashes.

    I followed the information on the support site and realized that it could be the corrupted BIOS. I followed the procedure by downloading the BIOS file suitable for my PC model, so in another working (HP) PC I opened it and I expected it to open "HP SYSTEM BIOS UPDATE UTILITY" but only installed the application in the PC. How can I make a bootable USB BIOS drive?

  48. Crest Jazz Men says:

    Hello HP suppor
    Mon laptop : compaq presario CQ62-242SF
    I can't creator recovery key because the flash utility don't give me the possibility.
    I extracted the bios files on a usb stick and tried to boot with win+B keys, i just got a lot of neverending beeps.
    I'm sure I'm not far from a solution, maybe it' about formatting, files or folders…
    Can you help me please ?


    Hey HP do you people sell motherboards for your laptops. And if yes what is the price.

  50. 69winamax says:

    Hello, I have an HP Elitebook 820 G3 with i7-6600U CPU. I downloaded the (HP Notebook System BIOS Update (N75) 01.44 Rev.A 12.5 MB Nov 12, 2019) "sp99970.exe" on another working Samsung Laptop with Windows 10 64bit OS. Run the sp99970.exe, that extracted itself on the C: drive (c:SWSetupSP99970N75_0144.bin, HPBIOSUPDREC64.exe, HPBIOSUPDREC.log, and others) and nothing happens. I run as Administrator the HPBIOSUPDREC64.exe, but I get the error message: The system BIOS update file is missing or corrupt, but the N75_0144.binsystem BIOS update file DOES EXIST. I have tried to create USB BIOS Recovery flash drive several times with no success. I get this message allways: The system BIOS update file is missing or corrupt.
    Is there any other method to create a BIOS recovery flash drive for HP Elitebook 820 G3?

    Regards: A.M.

  51. Isharu Matsu says:

    I run that tool and the program closes before it gives me any options…

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