Courtney Love | On The Record

Courtney Love | On The Record

Am I cool, Jonathon? In terms of my time thing? Are you sure? I’m sorry, it’s just some
sh**. I need my mojo. Okay.
I think you got it. No, I don’t have it.
I left it at someone’s house. [Rock music] I’m a survivalist,
if nothing else. Betting against me is
probably not a good move. I like to rock. I’m not the person
you should count out. I was never pretty. Us girls who grew up
a little more homely have to try a lot harder. If you don’t want it,
you’re not going to get it. I’m the last bitch
standing, end up. Courtney… Yeah. How are you?
Fine, thanks. Nice to
meet you. Thanks. You’re On the
Record with Fuse, how you doing today? I’m ok. Long morning? Yeah, long night. What time did you
get up this morning? I didn’t sleep. So you’re still just
coasting on coffee… …a lil’- a lil’
coasting on coffee yup. (laughs)
Ok. Umm.. really like the album,
“Nobody’s Daughter” very powerful, another
great Courtney Love album, and I get the sense
in this one that… It’s a Hole record. It is, yes, but these
records express you, and who you are, right? Yes… I mean.. ..but it does it
within a band context. Yeah, I wonder why
you’re not a solo artist. Because I can’t deal with
being not in a real band. How is this Hole when nobody else from the previous Holes, there have been several iterations of Hole, but.. Trent Reznor. What’s the
difference? Billy Corgan. I had the name since 1986.
Hole, Cock Pit, Swamp P**, Babes in Toyland. Obviously, I lost
Babes in Toyland, but I have my own
name, Courtney Love, so I didn’t even bother
fighting for that. Um, Cock Pit, probably there is a band
called Cock Pit right now, but there’s always
a band called Cock Pit. Swamp P**..
chances were low. And so Hole, because
it came from Euripides Medea– there is a hole that
pierces right through me, is the one that I kept. I had a partner,
Eric Erlandson and now I have another
partner, Micko Larkin. I can’t play
with Eric anymore. He’s, he’s never played a stroke
of music to my understanding, since, since the day
that in the Vancouver when we split up the band. But you and Eric
founded the band together. No, I founded the band. You didn’t co-found
the band. It’s all you.
No it’s a
freakin’ myth. In 2002 when I was all f** up,
I signed a document allowing Eric to
have 50% of the name, which was a greedy and
pathetic move on his part. In ’02, I was really really ill.
And he shouldn’t have done that. But now we worked it out.
So he gets his money, and it’s whatever. So, on “Nobody’s Daughter”
I get the sense of a person who’s at war with themselves.
Is that accurate? It was accurate last night. (laughs) Uhh, yeah, I mean I- I
don’t know it’s sorta like two energies are just
like going like that just ehhhh, like that. I mean I feel like sometimes you are extraordinarily talented, and then you are your
biggest obstacle. Okay. Do you agree
with that? Yeah. And you have
this talent and you have this will to push
forward no matter what, and then you throw
yourself in your own way. Yeah. Are you in control
of yourself? Very much so. I mean the person who I get
from reading and listening to “Nobody’s Daughter” seems
like you know you have forces that lead you into deep holes and then you have, you know, these soul wrenching difficult situations, and then you also have this determination to win
and to get out of those holes. Yeah … I-I think betting against me is probably not a good move, just because I tend to
get what I want sometimes, most of the time
I mean I do. It’s- it’s- it’s… I’m not the person you
should count out, you know. And um, I’ve proven myself
that I can stand-stand back up again too many times, so. Are you, now, on the
wagon or off the wagon? I’m not on any
drugs at all. How long have
you been sober? 8 years.. 7- nah- no, no, no-
8 years…7, 7 years. I mean… it was- you know,
it was do it or die. You know,
I mean I’m not… I’m- I’m a survivalist
if nothing else. Yeah you’re making this album
in rehab, in California, in a place where
you can’t make noise. Yeah that-
that sucked. Some of it. “Never Go Hungry”
came from there. “Pacific Coast Highway”
came from there. In “Pacific Coast
Highway” you say that “I’m overwhelmed, and
undersexed, I’m overwrought and so disgraced and too
ashamed to show my face.” Mm hmm. What do you mean? Well on this record I actually
ran into the woman in Vegas who was standing there the
night that I, uh, walked away from this guy
and, umm, said to her, “You know what I’m not gonna-
I’m not, I’m not f** anyone for, like,
until this record’s over.” I.. like I did a Morrissey
and I… I became… well… by choice, celibate
umm for almost 5 years. Which was bananas. Umm, it wasn’t as bananas
as not being celibate though that has its problems too. (laughs) But um I um
I definitely you know, needed all of my energy
to put into this record, like all of it- I mean… And that stuff can be
really distracting. Sex and love and… and the love part especially. But how difficult is it to
be celibate for 5 years? It was weird because I- I- I- I ended up-
no drugs involved- I’m about 5’11 and I ended up
at about 101 pounds umm from the energy
of the record. I mean like Billy Corgan was a
big part of making this record and then there’s the whole..
sort of, it seems like the relationship
sort of flames up. Well that’s him, you know. Billy is, um, mercurial
to say the least. But you are, too. Not really. Not like he is.
I’m a pretty stable person. I mean I’m as
steady as a rock. Um- You’re a stable person? Yeah, I mean, I can be
counted on to show up, I can be counted on to be loyal, I can be counted on
to be honorable. Um, I’m an incredibly
stable person. Were you always? Yeah, even when
I was on drugs. I was stable in
the sense that I’m- I’m there for the
people I love and um, and uh, I mean I’ve missed,
other than the ’04 record that doesn’t even count,
um I’ve missed in my career, 2 shows. Can I have my coffee real quick? What does- what do you mean
by “Nobody’s Daughter?” Uh, isn’t that precedent?
I mean.. that… I……… Uh- I am not
anybody’s daughter, my mother was nobody’s
daughter, she was adopted, my grandmother was put in
the Hollywood orphanage, and obviously
Francis is too very.. somebody’s daughters and she’s
trying to be nobody’s daughter so we’re not going to get
into that today but um uh, it’s a strange natural lineage
that I have. Very strange. Are- are you adopted? No but I- my father, his
custody was removed by the time I was 3, and I haven’t talked to my mother for mm, 30 years. But I mean everybody comes from
somewhere, right? I mean.. Yeah but my mother- my mother,
let i- i- the romantic version would be that I survived
the abortion attempt, but she went down to, but
I’m sure that’s not true, she went to Tijuana to get
an abortion and you know, I was not, I was, what’s
the word, ill conceived. I was a very not
happy accident. On PCH you say, “I knew a boy, he left me so damaged, do you even know the extent
of what you ravaged?” Yup. I mean you’re
talking about Kurt.. No- no.
No? Who are you talking about? None- none of your business. But I know who
I’m talking about.
Okay, okay. So I mean it could be
applicable to Kurt because of “the boy who came from the sea”
part evokes Kurt, I think. Yeah. So then
when you say, “I’m on the PCH with
your gun in my hands.” What does that mean? It’s an allusion to suicide. Is that literal?
Did that happen? Or is it metaphoric? Mm, I don’t know
how to drive. (Toure laughs) Sooo you do
that math. So what was your last
conversation with Kurt like? It was gross,
it was gross. I notice in your career
this sort of arc, where you’re making great music but you seem out of control and all these weird turbulent things are happening offstage and then there’s the moment
of where you go Hollywood and you seem.. Courtney’s
got it all together, and everything is cool now
and there’s not.. Yeah I met this guy, I had this really, really psychotically bad boyfriend, and I just picked him from nowhere just plucked him, just plucked him, he was a
total beta male whatever, and then I made the mistake
of um letting him steal, well I mean I believe
in cause and effect, so letting him
steal all my money, and then while he was doing
that I basically was like the town hooker and just slept
with whoever I wanted to. And then um I made
a major epic mistake, which was I let him produce
a record of mine. And- America’s
Yes. You.. you said that
record is a disaster. Why?
Le disastra. Yeah.. You can tell a person
by their failures. I’ve learned
to accept it. I think “Hold on to Me”
is a really good song, I think um “All the Drugs”
is a good song. So whatever. Okay, so why is Live Through This such a great album? I have noo idea. I mean, everything
has to go right for you to create
a great album, and.. I think this record is
the best record I’ve ever made. I took a confluence..
“Nobody’s Daughter”
is the best record.. Yeah “Nobody’s Daughter”
is, it’s more sophisticated than “Live Through This,” but
it has the same prima- primacy. But I mean I- mean I love
“Live Through This” from the first time I heard it. And you know, not because
I also loved Nirvana, because I loved this in
particular– this is fantastic. And I just wonder
what went right for that album
to be so great. Uh we were just a tight band and- and, it was- it was, I was competing with
Kurt’s sense of melodicism. I watched him write “Rape
Me” and “Dumb” in 20 minutes and it really pissed me off. So
um I- I- I- was competing with living with a man who didn’t
even like writing melodies. Um, he wanted to paint and boom, you know, whatever. So we have time for
2 more questions. Huh?
I’m sorry. Okay, um I know when
“Live Through This” came out you had a ton of respect- No, I had a lot of people saying
that Kurt had written songs on there and if he had I would
have been proud to say it but he just didn’t.
You know I’m not embarrassed that Billy co-wrote
some songs on this. Well wait, let’s get some, let
me… just some clarity on that. What was Kurt’s part in
“Live Through This?” Nothing. Nothing. No. He came to visit
the studio in Atlanta once and the guy never
once gave me any drugs, and all of a sudden out
came the drugs for Kurt. Which really pissed me off
but um, that was back then. Uhh and then he sang
back up on a song uhh live, on the song “Live
Through This.” Uhh yeah, asking for it and then the
song “Softer Softest” he sang back up on that and
that was the one day that he was there,
with Francis. So. How did you
meet Kurt? I met him in 1988
at a Dharma Bums show where I was doing spoken word. Um, and he had a girlfriend
that I thought was chunky and I told him so. And um, and he wrestled me,
which was cute. He wrestled you. Yeah he wrestled me
on a beer-soaked floor. What was Kurt like around the
house? Away from the stardom. A pig! But a very adorable pig. I’m a pig too. So what was your last
conversation with him like? It was about
getting him to rehab, and uh no it was
worse than that. No, my last conversation
with him was like if he didn’t do Lollapalooza,
it was gross, it was gross, like Billy would make 11.5 million,
and it was the last thing he wanted to hear.
He didn’t care, he didn’t care. And I got totally
put up to it. And- and- and the people
around us were so f** evil. They were like, you know,
you guys are going to go broke. I mean when he died he had
over 38 million dollars and no one knows where
that went. But in any case. Can you just
tell me where were you? He was in, he was in Exodus. No, no. When you were told
he was gone, where were you? I was in the hospital,
in Exodus, I checked in, because the day he died, I’m positive, it’s the day he died. The cops came into my room
at the Peninsula Hotel and arrested me for this ass**
psychiatrist who had left his prescription pad there.
It wasn’t even a triplicate pad. It was just like
a normal birth control pad. And they
arrested me. So what was your first
reaction? Who told you? Rosemary Carroll,
you know the lawyer. And what
was your first reaction? I just, I saw her face and I
was watching the cancer channel that morning for some reason
and I uh I just went, “How?” Are you still grieving?
Is that permanent? No. Yes, and
no, it depends. I mean, um,
sometimes. I mean in the days
after this happens, you’re grieving this
profound tragedy, and yet your
album comes out, and people are like she’s an
amazing artist in her own right. So you’re having this amazing
success at this same time when you’re dealing with
this amazing tragedy, or this horrible tragedy. How do you deal with
that rollercoaster? Back then? Yeah. I just did a lot of drugs.
I don’t remember much. And what is your, I mean
what is your understanding of why that happened? A confluence
of many things, genetics, bad management,
um, stomach pain, um, uh, you know, if you can
imagine Keith Richards having an intervention,
you know, you can’t. Okay. So some 90’s moralistic
bulls** that just didn’t work, and stuff like that. But we only have
about 10 minutes left so do you want
to get in there? What do you.. I want you give you a
chance to talk to people who say you had something,
some part in this cocktail, this constellation of things.
What do you say to that? I had no part in it, and
that’s a ridiculous question. I think it’s a
ridiculous sentiment, but you know that
people think that. I don’t think very many
people think that. I think you’re talking about a very vocal minority of assh**. I agree with you. But what I will say is that when you’re a widow of a suicide, you always get-
whether you’re me or not- you always get
some sort of blame, whereas widowers don’t
get quite as much. Right. So um then there’s a huge amount
of personal guilt that I feel. I’m not in a competition
with some chicks. There’s some-
there aren’t any. I’m the last bitch
standing, end up. Out of all the rock stars
you kissed, who’s the best? Well discounting my husband.. Yes. Ummm. Nah man,
I’m not going to say, because it wasn’t a rock star, it was a director. You have to run that clip with this where Kurt goes on the Word and says “Courtney Love
of the pop band Hole is the greatest f** in the whole
world” you just have to, okay? Here’s Nirvana,
kicking it off gold style, 600,000 copies
of their album in the USA. And first time live on TV.
See you next week. I would just like all of you
people in this room to know, that Courtney Love, the lead singer of the
sensational pop group, Hole is the best f**
in the whole world. How’d you get so good? Um, because I was never pretty, so pretty girls just lie there, and whereas, us- us- us girls who grew up a little more homely have to try a
little harder. (Toure laughs) And that’s why like pretty girls never threaten me. It’s like, yeah, you wanna take me on? Take me on? Go for it. I’m sure Jessica Simpson loved
that sexual napalm comment as well- in fact I know she did
because I asked her if she did. So I don’t want to
spill the beans on her but- but- but
you know she did. So wait- you-be- So we decided, because
we were talking about this, since I’m the greatest
f** in the world and she’s sexual napalm,
that we should get together and make
sexual nuke. That’d be amazing. Um. I’m sorry
I don’t have time but I have to deal
with a personal issue. Is that okay? Um. No, but you’re going
to put up with it?
I mean.. Alright, so,
last question? Um.
Not about
Kurt maybe? No-no– I mean I’ve asked
you tons of things about you! Okay. Anything
about this record? Well, I mean alright. On Pacific Coast
Highway you say, “What I want I will never have.”
What do you want? A life. What do you mean?
You have an extraordinary life. No, I want a life.
I want like to live in a house and have a life. But I will have it. You mean easy,
domesticated routine? Yeah!! That would be f** rock
and roll, that’d be awesome. Why would that be awesome?
This is awesome! Well, you know, live it
for a while, and then you’ll see how awesome it isn’t. But, you know, um at least,
you know, I like to rock, I like to play
rock music. It’s a self sustaining
autonomous thing. It doesn’t depend on
anybody but your band. And your band has to be great.
So, you know. My goal for this band is to become the
greatest band on earth. I want to take out. I want
to go see Them Crooked Vultures and just say,
“Alright Dave… suck it.” I don’t know if I could say
“suck it” to John Paul Jones, but you know, the guy’s
royalty, who could say that? But um, now that we’re
off the record, you know, we’re doing live, and live
is a whole different deal. A whole different deal.
And if you don’t want it. If you don’t really,
really really want it, you’re not going
to get it. You know, I have a
23-year-old and a 25-year-old and they really,
really, really really, really, really,
really, really want it. So I mean, the
competition that I’m in- I’m not in a competition
with some chicks. There’s some..
what.. there aren’t any. I’m the last bitch
standing, end up. Alright. There is no- there is no-
I have no rivals. What is your greatest
regret in life? Um, I don’t really have any. Je- je nu regret nien. So you look back on all
the bridges burned and the pigsties and the train
wrecks and the greatness and you’re just like.. It’s just like..
that’s life! You know, from
this day forward, all we have is from this day
forward. All I can do is.. is.. you know remain
undefeated and- and- and victory at any cost and
go from this day forward. I can’t do anything else. Thank you sweetheart. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. No problem. I’m gonna run. (kisses Toure)

Daniel Ostrander

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  68. Colin Sykes says:

    This is the very picture of Adderall-induced insomnia lasting into the early hours of the following day, and combining/interacting with the side effects resulting from the normal use (probably that very morning) of prescription benzodiazepines and/or opiates, maybe combined with an SSRI. Awake, generally capable of fulfilling commitments, coherent, yet lethargic, less warm or gregarious or sharp than normal, potentially a little humourless or moody, and with a flat affect and generally underwhelmed mood.

  69. Dawn kennedy says:

    Shes so gross. The devil herself.

  70. Dawn kennedy says:

    Shes high in this interview its so obvious lmfao fake ass woman.

  71. Dawn kennedy says:

    Shes such a bitch ewwwwwwww!!! She gives me the creeps

  72. Debby Utz says:

    Kurt's millions used to fix her face but does she realize theres never going to be enough wealth that can ever fix her soul after what shes done- GOD KNOWS ALL TRUTH .

  73. Alexander Caplenor says:

    What a fucking brat

  74. LKD says:

    Shes Disgusting Rude and Pathetic

  75. Justin Martin says:

    Courtney on xanax

  76. Richard Albert Henderson says:

    She didn't want to be there, or get out of bed.

  77. ElectricFilms says:

    She's never been as cool, talented or interesting as she thinks she is. Basically, try as she might, she just ain't no Kat Bjelland.

  78. Samantha Perolini says:

    Ah ah eroin?? Yes good……

  79. Penny Tyson says:

    She is a arrogant bitch…and called Kurt a pig…then back tracted and said she was was a pig too.

  80. Fire Horse says:

    This lame interviewer should have immediately asked her, "Why didn't you get any sleep last night?" and "What's going on in your life? How long have you been in this city? Do you have jet leg?" Instead, he didn't delve into any of her answers, just moved on to the next prepared question. Never took Journalism 101. I'm guessing she just did 3 concerts back-to-back in 3 different cities. Took a sleeping pill at 4 am but it didn't work so now she's still groggy the next morning.

  81. Tom Freeman says:

    She makes interviewers sign agreements to not ask certain questions and plants the other questions. Staged interview so CL can make herself looks mysterious and tortured. Nobody’s daughter, nobody cares.

  82. Tom Freeman says:

    Kurt had nothing to do with Live Through This? That’s laughable. Live Through This is basically a Nirvana album.

  83. Angela Mayfield says:

    Ommmggg this is hard to watch. I would NOT want to be that poor interviewer holy hell!!!!!!!!! Brutal.

  84. Rick says:

    Lol she’s way off the deep end

  85. r. joseph Grundy says:

    Oh Courtney…The trainwreck that she is, I will always love her!
    Oh and America's Sweetheart was a great album!

  86. Robert Messner says:

    Homp Homp!!!! Homp!

  87. Ivan Lendl says:

    Toure is a zero talent. How he ever gets work is a mystery. Total moron.

    And he's interviewing the worst human.

  88. Somewhere South of Minnesota says:

    She wasn't awkward. The interviewer wasn't awkward either. He was conducting a very intellectually deep interview, and she was taking it seriously. Courtney Personaliy #42 came out of her. It was fascinating. She can play a thousand roles in her head. And her best stuff, like "Live Through This" is cooler than Nirvana or Dave Grohl. Listen to the album.

  89. Eire Saoirse says:

    He should of asked her at the end those she think she'll go to Heaven or hell….

  90. Mark Hanley says:


  91. Mark Hanley says:

    Nancy Spungen springs to mind

  92. denise curtis says:

    I hear ya crazy ass 7 yrs sober…. your so full of BS …

  93. Whitney Gracelyn says:

    She is a compulsive liar. She’s told so many stories about where the band name “hole” came from …U never know wtf to believe with her. Has an interviewer ever asked her why she had the handwriting practice sheet in her backpack, that she left at rosemary carol’s (their lawyer and frances bean’s godmother) house? It was found right after Kurt’s untimely death….that very writing, matches up With the last few lines of his “suicide note”. Why are interviewers so scared to ask the hard questions?? I was always set on the fact that she didn’t have anything to do with Kurt’s death and always defended her but after tons of research- all signs point to her. Sorry not sorry.

  94. Balneae XXI says:

    Courtney what time did you get up this morning? Oh…I didn't go to sleep last night" Are you serious? Isn't that a bit old? When are you going to climb out of the 90s courtney? its just not interesting anymore….to be a Im so talented I had to drink myself to sleep to contain my inability to cope with my fame….omg….its pathetic. Do something honorable for someone besides yourself lady.

  95. Jason Gibbs says:

    She makes me sick… Hearing her voice.. seeing her makes me violently ill. Her overwhelming self indulgence self importance is such a turn off. Not to mention she had my all time favorite songwriter kill.. El'Duce… you thought it would be Kurt Cobain? He's a close second.. 🤯

  96. Marcus 1993 says:

    This is the most sober interview i have ever seen

  97. Abel says:

    I have watched multiple interviews involving Courtney Love. Trying to figure out maybe understand her. The suspicion surrounding her involvement in Kurt's death is fucking with her mind. (in my opinion she's had a part in it) She's just a fucking mess.

  98. Al Nirvana&Benzfan says:

    She sounds great here and is very beautiful!:)

  99. Al Nirvana&Benzfan says:

    If there was no heroin in the world, kurt would still be with us

  100. DavEyOne SlimObi says:

    She gets what she wants. And she wanted Kurt dead, wanted to get away with it, wanted his death to help sell her records, etc. You can say sue gets what she wants. Im sure alot of people want her head on a stick

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