Computing at Manchester Met | Meet Jamie

Computing at Manchester Met | Meet Jamie

Computing brings together creativity and
it brings together problem-solving in order to you can solve real world
problems and I love this! I chose Manchester met because they have
state-of-the-art technology, they have fantastic programs and lots of computers
so you can get access to computers at any time in the day. On my course I’ll
get the opportunity to go on industry placements, performing live tasks and
developing real skills. Manchester is a smart city and a tech hub. There are so
many young businesses and so much life in the tech industry coming out of
Manchester. The lecturers at Manchester Met make a real commitment keeping you
up-to-date with real-world developments in the tech industry. I know there’s
a very creative side to computer science and there’s a very technical
side as well but I know that in the future I’m gonna find something in
between and I’m gonna love what I do!

Daniel Ostrander

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