Computing: Art, Magic, Science | ETHx on edX | Course About Video

Computing: Art, Magic, Science | ETHx on edX | Course About Video

kind of human activity today, computing and information
technology are involved. And I really mean every. From communication to transportation
to business to government to administration to education
to even things like music, computing is involved at
every step along the way. Computing is an art,
computing is also magic. We continue to be awed by the power
of what we can do with computing. But behind computing
there is also a science. Computing involves computers, of course. And today, computers take all
kinds of shapes and forms. For example, this is not just
a phone, it’s a computer. And as a computer, it’s more
powerful than the big huge computers that we were using only 15 years ago. But it’s not only about computers. Without software, without
programs, computers would not be able to do anything. And in this course, we’re going
to see some of the secrets behind writing programs. Now, not just writing programs,
writing good programs. Anyone can write a program these days. What’s important is to write
programs of good quality. The course uses the Eiffel programming
language, a modern object oriented language, and is based on the textbook
Touch of Class published by Springer. So don’t just listen to lectures and
look at the material, but do things. And the course has been
set up in such a way that you actually have tools that
enable you to try out programs without installing any software at all. From the course page, you can
compile, run and test programs. And do this because
it’s the only safe way, it’s the only sure way
to learn programming. Welcome to the art to
programming, welcome to the magic that surrounds
programming, and welcome to the science of computing.

Daniel Ostrander

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