Common mistakes in  typing in Voice notebook

Common mistakes in typing in Voice notebook

Common mistakes in voice to text input in Speech Pad One of these occurs when the user visits Speech Pad the first time The user press “Start recording button”, and nothing happen The button remains gray, and voice input is not processed This may be happen if your browser is not Chrome, so please check the browser first Or you simple has not mike in your computer. But in this case the text “error blocked” will be shown in confidence level field Check the mike is exists and turned on Okay, go ahead. Let’s the mike works and browser is Chrome. The user press “Start recording button” first time, and small pop up will appear But instead of pressing the allow button the user click to block button In this case the button will not red too. All other click to the button will not help too The voice notebook flashes, and voice input is not processed If we look at the right upper corner of the browser, we see a small camera crossed by red lines And we see the “error blocked” text in confidence level field To resolve this situation we must click on the camera icon, and allow to use mike on site Now, if I press “start recording button” the button changes color to red And I can to input text by voice Okay, now go to the second error Sometimes users open two voice notebook windows and press start recording button in both windows The Speech Pad flashes in this case, and you can see the error aborted in the confidence field Tho resolve this error you must close one of Speech Pad window The third error The user want to study how to use the voice notebook and accidentally check the transfer to clipboard or OS integration checkboxes Then the user starts dictation and can not see spoken text in the output field The text goes to preview field and then disappears There is not any error in this case. Simply these checkboxes redirect the output – one to the system clipboard, second to the active window You must turn on these checkboxes when you dictate in the voice notebook to the output field I have explained the mistakes in the beginning of using the voice notebook, now some other faults in using Speech Pad Slow internet. If you see that text appears in the preview field with the delay, that your internet connection is too slow Voice notebook can works if the Internet is not very slow. Check if other sites open quickly then the Internet connection is fast. If the sites open with delays, then you must change your internet provider The second fault. I speak and the pause. The text goes to preview field and stay in it for long time, for example ten seconds. This delay must not be greater then 2 or 3 seconds. If it is greater then you mike setting is wrong or there is to much noise in your room. First you must check the sound level of the microphone. By the way, you can check sound level by Speech Pad internal sound indicator. The visibility of the sound indicator is controlled in UI setting page Now, I see that my microphone level is correct The second mike setting that can cause this delay is noise Suppression checkbox in the microphone properties You must not use it These are all the common mistakes in using Speech Pad One thing more, you can check that you can voice typing in your computer in site Simply go to that site and press mike icon. If you can dictate in this site you could dictate in too.

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