Collins blames Dems for Barr’s absence in fiery hearing open

Collins blames Dems for Barr’s absence in fiery hearing open

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “Collins blames Dems for Barr’s absence in fiery hearing open

  1. mary howland says:

    Absolutley love Collins. He holds no punches. He tells the swamp what he thinks about them. Go Collins

  2. x ray says:

    I believe one of the reasons why Nadler wants his staffers to question Barr, is so that he, and his fellow members, won't be held accountable personally, come election day in 2020. If staffers question Barr and it goes badly for the Dems, then the congressmen can through their staffers under the bus. Dems always eat their young!!!

  3. brownie kim says:

    Ew fox news

  4. Worsham's Lawn Service says:

    Doug Collins is on fire

  5. Marina Heilman says:

    picking up where Mr. Gowdy left off. yay for our team!
    MAGA/KAG †

  6. Mr Pangy says:

    Tragic, unlawful, pathetic.

  7. Dave The Mace says:

    Conk Nadler on the Fat Head..

  8. Shon McClure says:


  9. seanmcerini says:

    You would have to be brain dead to not see what these leftist politicians are doing here. Let us unite and bring misery and pain to these corrupt losers come 2020.

  10. mckalia Robinson says:

    The democratic party is not doing a thing for America. Their party only attacks and accuses. Have they always been so slimy

  11. Barbara Lyman says:

    It's very interesting to watch Chairman Nadler's facial expression and body language while Collins is speaking.

  12. Alice Brown says:

    We need more like Doug Collins!

    Nadler looks like an undertaker, but now he’s Ringmaster of the House Circus.

  13. Dan Fremont says:

    Another GOP shitheel carrying Trump's water. Special place in hell for these folks.

  14. Utube goodies Reves says:

    Hip hip her Ray for Collins

  15. Marina says:

    BTW unredacted report is available for select folks to read if they want to. Do you know how many of them went there to read? Two -2. How many from Congress? None. Two of them were Republican -Mitch and somebody else.

  16. Bruce Everett says:

    Nadler looks like he is lost in his mind rofl

  17. LivingWithScience82 says:

    At the Bill Barr INQUISITION, he wasn't asked QUESTIONS, Mazie, Harris, and others were "READING FROM PRE WRITTEN STATEMENTS". They were SO SURE he was going to be caught in their trap, that they just read their statements AS IF HE made a mistake…..WHICH HE DIDN'T. This is so BLATANT and so OVERT, that it shows HOW the persons who have HIJACKED the DEMOCRATIC PARTY MANIPULATE and TWIST FACTS so that the media picks up on those words the socialist democrats want the American Public to HEAR. IN FACT…THE TRAP WAS THE PRE WRITTEN STATEMENTS and HOW THEY WERE DELIVERED AS IF he were guilty. New American rule, if you are NOT guilty..we will make it look like you are guilty !!!!!!
    PS The UN REDACTED WHOLE Mueller report IS AVAILABLE for all to read, but NOT REMOVE at a special place. Only 2 Republicans, so fact have read it. NO DEMOCRATS.

  18. James A. Richards Sr says:

    What world is this man in.

  19. Robert Purcell says:

    When will the Trump Joke be over?

  20. J AI says:

    We need more Republican pushback like this.

  21. kommiebastards says:

    If I ignored a court summons I would be sitting in jail. Why is he different ?

  22. marie renfro says:

    This is talking to a brick wall. Nadler does not care what anyone does or says. He hates trump so much and is so jealous of him that he will do whatever he has to to out do him. Like a child.

  23. Bobby Ashley says:

    WOW! I would drive 3 states just to shake this man's hand.

  24. Bs M says:

    Leftists democrats are the most disgusting and stupid low life on the planet. I literally hope they all get a disease and disintegrate back into the festering piles of vomit they came from.

  25. Miriam Maldonado says:

    God bless you Collins, God bless your family, God bless the USA God bless President Trump and his family.
    MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  26. Xxx M says:

    We the people agree to fire the Democratic Party members in our congress who obstruct our justice, smear our constitution and doing nothing but spread evil intent toxic attitude and waste our tax dollars.

  27. Linda Johnson says:

    So glad we have hard working politicians that care about their job and the people they represent! In my prayers Mr. COLLINS!

  28. Saw Fingers says:

    How’s tliab rate to be on one of the most powerful committees in Congress?

  29. Legionosh says:

    That was so awesome to watch!! Go Rep Collins!!

  30. Sonni Bustamante says:

    America need people like Rep. Doug Collins

  31. Allen Burt says:

    Good job, rep Collins! He packed a lot of great points into five minutes!

  32. TK says:

    The entire Republican Party has now become the party of treason. Carrying water for a prideful, non-church going, habitually lying, serial adulterer, foul mouthed con man who has sold out the country to its foe. Reagan would not recognize this party.

  33. LOVE YOU says:


  34. LOVE YOU says:


  35. mike brown says:

    KFC should sue them for associating their brand trademark with a criminal organization.

  36. Fracat diesel says:

    Duck Femocrats!

  37. Deargodwhat says:

    Partisan courts are dangerous.

  38. keypenny53 says:

    I love it !!!! You tell em !!!! 👍🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️

  39. jason tarr says:

    those liberals should have to pay back the cost of this investigation to the american tax payer

  40. Thomas Thompson says:

    Let's see, so it's the DEMOCRAT'S' fault that Barr refused to attend a hearing to which he's been subpoenaed. That's one of the stupidest comments I've ever seen — even from a boneheaded Republican like Doug Collins.

  41. Evelyn Rivera says:

    DemoRats are scared of their own shadows. Trump will win re elect, 2020,let's take the house back and keep the Senate. WWG1WGA PATRIOTS UNITED

  42. ker miguel says:

    Candace owens need to run as senador or in congress..

  43. Thomas Stanley says:


  44. Curtis Ouellette says:

    "CIRCUS" => Perfect Word; You truly are a hero Mr. Collins………..

  45. JMP says:

    Democrats love collectivism. Let's collectively stop having taxes withheld from our paychecks. I DO NOT CONSENT TO THIS CLOWN SHOW.

  46. Richard W. Sharpe says:

    Great assessment the Democrats were pathetic in asking questions and so rude and disrespectful if I had been Bill Barr I would not return to have a load of low life democrats with no intelligence to ask questions from me.
    Good job Bill

  47. John Doe says:


  48. Pro-Life Society says:

    Evil Democrats

  49. Stefani Tran says:

    Dems has sunk to a new low. So pathetically desperate. If they spent as much energy making America Great again rather than hatred of the president out of jealousy. Imagine all the good that could have been done.

  50. color Sgt pennywhistlepete says:

    The democratic party must be STOPPED! These "people" must be removed. DRAIN THE SWAMP NOW! it's time. theyve proven their treason and incompetence in plain sight before the WORLD!

  51. Larry Betancourt says:

    Collin's is a butt kisser. A disgrace to America if you were halfway honest to your country let Robert Mueller testify you're a coward and a liar

  52. Rick Medellin says:

    I didn't think they existed.FINALLY!!! A REPUBLICAN with balls.

  53. Scott Bowers says:

    the entire Russia investigation and now new outrage….was and is intended to sidetrack the real crimes committed under Obama and Hillary ……….

  54. jimmyvegas1000 says:

    Doug Collins is a P.O.S

  55. Secret Dude says:

    The solution is for the people to wake up and vote more Republicans to the House.Dems. are a waste of time and money. Can’t make America great.

  56. Judy Evancic says:

    Don’t vote for any of the current leadership on the judicial committee, the House or the Senate. They are playing stupid politics and it’s hurting our Government and the country’s wellbeing.

  57. ChildOfGod 22 says:

    The Demonrats are an embarrassment to our country and they are shitting their pants because they know that the Storm is coming!

  58. Stuart Hall says:

    This is a real man, every one knows the chairman is not for America, therefore we are not for him.

  59. Matt Harmon says:

    Check out the look on jerry gonadlers face. They should arrest nadler now for treason

  60. robert shuman says:

    Blame game,is getting old,I need a stormy tape,while I listen to white nationalists.

  61. Angaraag Phookan says:

    Republican s definitely lacks meat in their brains…only barking complaints …

  62. Preston Pfeil says:

    Preston LLC America is the problem

  63. Preston Pfeil says:

    You guys are wasting time and taxpayers money

  64. emwkkt2 says:


  65. Emma Glynn says:

    So funny how all the comments are disabled for all the pbs and cnn videos of this

  66. erniemajor says:

    Collins must have seen his name in the unredacted report! haha…what a blowhard.

  67. Sandra Payne says:

    It's very easy for nadler to get in over his head, and even easier for the walls to close in on him.

  68. Nick Yapa says:

    Well said Doug

  69. VICTOR MGWENYA says:

    This chairman fossil reads "CORRUPT AND HATRED FOR TRUMP" in his entire body language and expression. His just disgusting to look at.

  70. Kimo Coloma says:

    The following words lost its currency: impeachment, indictment, collusion, obstruction. This words has lost its meanings.

  71. Remmy 315 says:

    As Nadler just sits there listening with his smug look…I honestly can't stand that guy. There is LITERALLY zero use in trying to debate the democrats these days…they will NOT listen to a single word of reason if it goes against their political agenda of trying to impeach Trump so they can get the White House back. One of the worst chairmans in the history of Congress. He and Pelosi have turned congress into an anti-trump circus.

  72. For Glory! says:

    Glad to see someone cut through the baloney and get angry!
    We've got the crisis, it's just that half of America is too bloody DAFT to get angry about it, or else is too busy nursing FEEL GOOD DRUG LETHARGY occasioned by WORSHIPING AT THE ALTAR OF SOCIAL JUSTICE and POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!
    It's made America SENILE!

  73. Moses Rocks says:

    My goodness the Democrats are set on the destruction of USA .Thank God for the Connells of this world…

  74. Guido Amare says:

    Persona non grat Nadler needs to be executed along with the other communist traitors involved in the illegal attempted coup.

  75. winston ledford says:

    are they trying to push the Caucasians out of office and more. who knows

  76. Truth Rainer says:

    Yep their corrupt abd wont except the facts they lost and the old corrupt, traitor of a president Obama is GONE, CORRUPTION, LAWLESSNESS, EXPOSED AND STOPPED

  77. Truth Rainer says:

    Nadler chairman needs to be fired, bias and not following justice or his oath of office

  78. Arreola Luis says:


  79. Arthur Prematunga says:

    Collins you shoud keep your mouth shut being a puppet of Trump

  80. Mad Marc says:

    The President needs to give Collins cabinet position.

  81. billyjaco652 says:

    the chairmen is a disgrace to the position,step down or better yet come to my house so i can punch you out.

  82. Joyce Castellanos says:

    Ups more haters

  83. Joyce Castellanos says:

    People don't haters like these people talking 😂

  84. Joyce Castellanos says:

    It's police all people shut up we don't need a politician to tell us

  85. Joyce Castellanos says:

    Barr is a great man

  86. Gary Campbell says:

    Bunch of crooks ,this is a waste of our money, you should be ashamed of yourself. But you are not, because of the easy money .

  87. Michael Boyce says:

    Bitchass ladler

  88. Al Perez says:

    Fire Nadler

  89. bradley franzen says:

    hey mate, Nadler is the Despicable cripple !

  90. bradley franzen says:

    Nadler, the gimped up Despicable cripple.

  91. MajorDstruction says:

    Looks like folks remember and honor the fire of Gowdy. I love it!

  92. Susan Higgins says:

    This is an out right Coup when will we come to grips with this? The way the Dems are handling this is the same me way the Soviet Union does. When the Dems will not let the Republicans speak, this is just like the Communist manifesto. Time to call in the military on this Open Coup.

  93. Jabootie says:

    Is it a Mockery, or a Mockery of a Comufrance?

  94. Albert Slick says:

    Collins blames Dems for Barr's absence in fiery hearing open     BARR IS TOO SMART FOR THE DEMS.    LOL

  95. Porfirio Alvarado says:

    The democrats have nothing and no care to do anything for the American people, but oh well trump is taking care of business, who needs the democrats, we need more of the honest republicans, to do everything for the American people.

  96. Lorraine Tipton says:

    Thank-you Doug Collins. Glad I voted for you. Thankful you represent us in GA.

  97. Eric Davis says:

    I really like Collins!He's one of the few with some balls to call the Dems out on their crap

  98. Eric Davis says:

    Drain the Swamp Mr.President

  99. Bebe says:

    This Congress is NOT DOING THERE REAL JOB that the American People that are PAYING them to do!

  100. Cicada Tubular says:

    If you are good for your audience then you do not hold them!

    You teach them and become irrelevant. Otherwise you don’t work.

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