Collin Smith: What Is Indexing And Why It’s Important

Collin Smith: What Is Indexing And Why It’s Important

A question people ask all the
time is “What is indexing?” Well, it’s the opportunity
to find your ancestors because someone else typed
in what they saw in a record. I was able to learn more
about my grandfather when I typed in his
name in FamilySearch and found a navy record
that I didn’t know existed. Now, I knew he served
in the military, but I didn’t know much
about his service. So when I typed in his
name and a navy record came up matching who he
was and where he was born and the age that he should have
been when he was in the navy, I knew that was him. Seeing that record brought
him to life for me. And for a minute I had
to step back and realize that somebody else had
made that available to me, that I probably
wouldn’t have been able to find that
had someone not taken a minute to type
in information about him that they saw in that record. Now, a record could be anything
from a death certificate or a birth certificate, a
marriage license, a navy record. People who have
time and interest and want to help others are
looking at all these records that aren’t their own family. They’re typing in what they
see, the critical information like their names,
their dates of birth, where they were when
they lived there. And they’re making
it available so that you and I and everyone else
can find those photos of really important documents. So I can find my
grandfather’s navy record because somebody else,
not related to me at all, looked at that image,
typed in what they saw, it got databased, and I
can put in his last name and see that record. I’m really grateful
to the many people who index so that
I can find more information about my ancestors
and put them in my family tree.

Daniel Ostrander

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2 thoughts on “Collin Smith: What Is Indexing And Why It’s Important

  1. Beemer Mac says:

    Great blessings come to those who have the heart to spend the time to index these records. Start off on the easier ones, otherwise it can become stressful. Indexing has Blessed my life so much. Great video!!

  2. omar Elías Valenzuela Escobar says:

    Deben traducir los vídeos, es pésimo que todo esté en Inglés si la Iglesia SUD es internacional

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