CockroachDB: The SQL Database for Global Cloud Services

As a developer, you’re always looking to move faster, spend less, and serve more customers around the world. So you may be thinking about a public or private cloud for your next project There’s just one problem: Current databases will hold you back. Relational databases aren’t designed to scale out and noSQL databases sacrifice standard query languages and data integrity in order to work at cloud scale. So your team has to build your own workarounds, introducing complexity that stalls your projects or worse leads to downtime. That’s why we built CockroachDB: The SQL database designed for global cloud services. CockroachDB uses a radically new architecture that’s built around clusters of symmetrical nodes These nodes are self-organizing and communicate with each other to intelligently replicate, rebalance, and repair themselves forming a self-healing elastic data layer that spans data centers and cloud providers This allows CockroachDB to do amazing things. For example: CockroachDB can detect where your most active users are at any moment and automatically move data closer to them to improve response times. If you need more control, you can even keep certain types of data pinned to a country, data center, or an individual machine. If your deployment needs change, CockroachDB enables no-downtime migrations between cloud providers With CockroachDB, it’s also really easy to query your data. We use an industry standard SQL interface powered by a distributed query engine so you can scale out without giving up the ACID transactions that keep your apps in sync. If you have global customers, you need a database that’s built for global services. CockroachDB. Learn more at

Daniel Ostrander

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