Citing Webpages in MLA 8th Edition Style

Citing Webpages in MLA 8th Edition Style

O.K. We are going to talk today about how
to cite web pages in MLA 8th edition style. O.K. So I’ve got nice website here,
or web page, of the New York Times. And this one is a good one because I have a
lot of information here that I’m going to need. Author, date of publication, so this would be a really good one. What I would do, let’s start with the
author. I’ve got Brent Staples. So I would copy his name. So usually, when you copy and
paste things in from the web, it’s going to come with some strange formatting. So I’m going to click this little arrow here, and say, this little A, just give me
the text. O.K. So we’ve got that. The it shouldn’t
all be in all caps so I’m going to highlight whatever should not be in caps,
hold down my control key, and then I would hit shift F3 on my keyboard. So
that’s a little trick. Shift F3 changes the capitalization. And we’ll put the
last name first, comma first name. O.K. So we’ve got our author in there. Now we need to put in the title of the webpage. So we’ve got that right there.
I’m going to copy that. Copy, paste that in, and that needs to be put into
quotation marks. Period at the end, and an end quotation mark. O.K. Now where is this found? And
there’s a couple of different things here. This one, it’s on the Opinion Pages
of the New York Times, so first I’m going to put in the Opinion Pages. So Opinion Pages, again, let’s just get the
text, click that A. O.K. Now this is all going to have to be in italics. Opinion
Pages, backspace there. And we’ll need a comma. Take the italics off. Now it does
come from a larger website, there is a publisher of this, so we’ll go and put
the publisher in now, The New York Times. I wonder if I can copy that. I’ll just type it in. And after New York Times we’re going to put a comma, and
like I said, this is a nice website because we have so much information. We have a date here, November 21st 2005. Copy that. Put that in there. Now how this
is going to have to be is actually 21 Nov., I highlight that, shift F3, 2005. No
comma in there. And then at the end we do get a comma. O.K. Now all we need is the URL. So this
was a nice website because it had everything that we needed. I’m just going
to grab the URL and put that in there. We’re going to put a period at the end
of the URL. And of course all of this needs to be put into hanging indent
double-spaced. I’m going to click up here on my little magical arrow by paragraph
and tell it hanging indent, double-spaced. And there is our nice-looking citation.
O.K. Now not all websites are going to give you that much information, so
we’ll look at an example of one that doesn’t give us quite as much
information. So let’s go to this one here. “Big Horn Medicine Wheel,” and as you look at this, it looks pretty good, but you notice there’s, I don’t see any author
listed here. So I’m going to, if there’s no author, then you don’t start with an
author, you just leave that out. If you don’t have an author to go with, then you
just, you can’t really put that in here. So I’ve got that
highlighted, copied it, and we’ll kind of go off of the format of this one we
already have in there. Throw that in there. Just give me the text. Put a period there. And put that in quotations. So we’re going to start with the title if there’s not an
author there, you just start right with the title. Do a space. Let’s see what other information we can
get from here. Whatever information we can get we’ll put in here. I think, and this is
where it gets a little bit interpretive, but I think that the page, I
would say this comes from this Ancient Observatories Timeless Knowledge. It
also might come from Native American Connections. It’s hard to say which,
what you would call this, but I would put it under that probably. Ancient Observatories Timeless Knowledge. O.K. So I’ll go ahead and add that. That’s
going to be in italics. O.K. Then we’ll get a comma, and that’s kind of the larger webpage, or the larger website that this web page is
on. Let’s go back and look and see if we can find a publisher or something bigger
here. So we’re kind of, sometimes you have to kind of look through it. This comes from Stanford Solar Center. So I’m going to put that in there as my publisher. Stanford Solar Center comma. Now let’s
see if we can find a date on here anywhere. 2008. So at the very bottom, let’s look and see if we can find any better date there. That’s the best that I see. Copyright 2008, and they don’t give us a month or a day so I’ll just
put in, like I said, you just put in whatever you can get. There’s the date. And then we need the
URL. So this is an example of one we have to kind of put together with whatever
information we have. O.K. And then we do a period. So we’ve got that. Let’s take a look at another website that gives us even less information. So
I’m looking at this, “Taoism Basics.” Taoism, it could just be Taoism is the title, from beliefnet. So, looking at this here, I guess I would, let’s say we’re going to
be on the Taoism Basics page to look Taoism basics. So that’s clearly
the title. Now you notice there’s no, there’s no author listed here. So we’ll
just start with that again, since we don’t really have an author. So we go in
here, paste that in, we’re waiting for it to paste. There’s all sorts of information it’s
tryng to paste here. Whoa! That’s wrong. So we’ll click here. Just the A, just give
us the letters. And that will need to be in quotation marks, that’s the title of
the page. And we don’t have an author again so we’ll just start with that.
Let’s hear scroll down a little bit. O.K. So back here, Taoism basics, now I
guess you could say, and this is kind of interpretive, but this comes from the
larger site of Taoism I would say. So we’ll put that in here. Taoism, and we’ll do a comma there, take
that off. Now looking at this, we can can definitely see, beliefnet is definitely the the publisher of the larger level. Beliefnet, we’ll do a comma. Let’s see if we can find a date here. You have to kind of look, really look on
some of these. If there’s no date, we just won’t include a date. I don’t see any dates. In the 7th edition, they asked for ND and things like that. The 8th edition, I
can’t find anything that says anything about that. The 8th edition’s advice
seems to be, if you don’t have information don’t include it, which makes
sense to me. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong on that, but that’s what
I have seen so far. The 8th edition of MLA is very, shall we say, brief, so it
leaves a lot of things up to your interpretation, which is cool as long as
they understand we’re going to have to interpret some things. So one’s a
pretty brief one, we didn’t have too much information, but pretty nice-looking
citation when we’re done. And then the only other thing we would have to do is
put these into alphabetical order course. Now the problem working with quotation
marks, the normal trick we would use, highlight everything go to a-z, and click
OK. The problem is, it always sees
quotation marks as first before the letters, so this this would be wrong obviously, because T comes before or rather after S. So we would have to take this one, cut it, and bring it down to the
bottom. O.K. There are the basics of how to cite
websites in MLA 8th edition style.

Daniel Ostrander

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