Chinese companies listed in US cheating American investors?

Chinese companies listed in US cheating American investors?

Daniel Ostrander

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95 thoughts on “Chinese companies listed in US cheating American investors?

  1. Gary Panter says:

    Say it ain't so… Chinese companies cheating American investors? I'm shocked

  2. J H says:

    I guess all American companies are honest and trustworthy. It seems to me except for the people in this video all American investors in Chinese companies are morons.

  3. Dan M says:

    Truth is coming out, trump rocks.

  4. James Punting says:

    Alibaba is not a scam its the Chinese eBay of wholesale .

  5. Kait Diaz says:

    everything in china is a scam. just go there and i bet you will be scam upon arrival.

  6. Tonixxy says:

    China is united front you stupid idiots.
    Heads of CCP hold all the strings…….

  7. Cris Yorke says:

    VERY TRUE!! @morningsmaria The stupid Americans greed sold them and America out! NOT GOING TO HAPPEN UNDER @POTUS!!

  8. keff says:

    Americans in a perpetual self-pity blame fest…..blame China, Russia, Mexico, EU, Canada, Venezuela, the Jews, the Arabs, the muslims, the Liberals, the Democrats, the Republicans, the 1%, the elites etc etc etc………blaming everybody else is sure easier than taking a hard look at themselves.

  9. Vincent Blanchard says:

    Investors have nobody to blame but themselves. Greed sometimes has a bitter after taste.

  10. Junting GONG says:

    Unless blablabla….Carson Block is even more arrogant and self-centered than Trump. Unfortunately, his bias and aggressiveness didn't make him to be the president of USA.

  11. Keke*from* Shh-cago says:

    Is this news lol they’ve been cheating not just America but the world for decades. China is looking out for their own and now let America take care of our own.

  12. Cris Yorke says:

    We have the 20th century mass genocide by the communist where over 150 million people murdered by the communist. The 21st century mass genocide by the communist is the HUNDREDS/ BILLIONS of people ENSLAVED by massive fraud from Communism. It's DEATH by BANKRUPTCY. @muddywatersre

  13. Serena Chen says:

    Look like America cheating the chinese do u belived america get cheated?they are big bully and they got gun!

  14. KC T says:

    One word, Chinese can not be trusted, must be vigilant when dealing or doing business with them, cheating and lying are their motto, and yes, Americans are laughed at once they got cheated on !

  15. Anthony J. Barton says:

    Anyone who is in bed with Facebook, is flat out NUTS.

  16. Serena Chen says:

    China say same to u.

  17. Michael Lee says:

    is it a trump's channel?

  18. Cameron Ritter says:

    Maria Getting Great Solutions !

  19. M.S. says:

    The Chinese with the help of their communist government is robbing the US blind and for how long should this be allowed to continue.

  20. Mohammad Lutfor says:

    Why I work with American companies not Ali baba companies. Not enough transparency.

  21. mo saman iris says:

    Blame yourself, don't blame china, loser

  22. gwen witt says:

    America should be your investment not China why bring wealth to them bring it back to America greed puts on blinders

  23. gwen witt says:

    Invest in American steel and bring America workers jobs

  24. gwen witt says:

    Invest in manufacturing at home

  25. Magnum Mountaineer says:

    What do you expect? It's the commie chinese, with soul intent to take over the world!! They're spreading their tentacles far and wide as we speak.

  26. gwen witt says:

    America has more potential than China give her the opportunity

  27. Ziwei Macc says:

    How do you feel when you are a victim of this new cheating style and no responsibility in what someone's say you must do like this and like that in some work and than that is no good than someone's said that all ur falls. So …nothing to pay back for even some small projects so how many small projects and small business in this world that will become the victims of this new cheating styles?;)

  28. Diane Merwin says:

    Cut China off until we can solve The Problem.

  29. Steven Burrell says:

    I think a trade war is necessary to end this. We should demad an end to American companies being required to share their technology with Chinese companies and government. Our companies should not be required to partner with Chinese and share technology. Ban companies from China to operate in the U.S.A.. boycott Chinese companies operating in the U.S.A.

  30. VINCENT CHENG says:

    When you invest your take risk that is name of game! Don’t say Chinese Companies or whatever Companies in world cheat on Americans! Bullshit, Americans aren’t a baby ! They are smart! Stop trying to blame on another country!

  31. ROUF AHMAD says:

    shame for USA. USA is loosing economic race.

  32. jram0001 says:

    Finally people is opening their eyes

  33. W H says:

    So then did FB perform Customs due diligence with exporting technology? I think Customs and BIS should check them out, check their supporting objective evidence.

  34. Askformoreinfo whichyouwontget says:

    Zuckerbergs greed is limitless and what he did was beyond stupid. Hes isnt only a greedy liar, he is also dum af. Doesnt he know what happened to others? He gets lured in with prospects of access to billion users and huge profits only to get deceived. He who sold out his early employers is about to get sold out.

  35. Askformoreinfo whichyouwontget says:

    Russia, China, Arabia have many wealthy companies and individuals. Problem is they dont do fair trade.

  36. Judge23 says:

    These sons of Mao well konwn of cheat and steal. Shame of being called Chinese today.

  37. Gamer's Choice HARDCORE says:

    US investor is such a disappointment, they are so stupid.

  38. Optimistically Skeptical says:

    I would never invest in any corporation from ANY other country, at least not without a sound trading history and an actual product going back more than a few years.

  39. Bob Beckel says:

    Awe! Greedy people got burned. So sad. Just desserts. Traitors get their due.

  40. Bank West says:


  41. Carl Hansen says:

    The Dotcom bubble was a massive scam by US companies that lied to investors, that created that bubble.

  42. Dark Knight says:

    Can we seriously do something? I want to see

  43. J J says:

    Hmm after they took American jobs, technology now we have dumb asses investing in Chinese fraud. How dam stupid are people in America? Are Americans so used to being screwed over that they'll just keep bending over and taking it?

  44. Richard McLaughlin says:

    There's Theranos, there's the 2008 mortgage crisis, and now there's China. WHEN WILL INVESTORS START TO UNDERSTAND BASIC ECONOMICS AND STOP BEING SO DAMN CREDULOUS!

  45. Martin Vargas says:

    Isn't Trump clothing made in China ? Haha.

  46. Lasno Haja says:

    'Made in USA' or ' Our Offices in USA' sound good for global advertisement for non-American companies and their products. Low at Cost and High-Profit promised.

  47. Mecklenburg Govan says:

    Do u believe PWC, KPMG commit fraud while they audit listed Chinese company? I believe.. Alibaba is the biggest cheater in China..80% products in its subsidiaries TaoBao are fake…No joke.

  48. Ken says:

    After propaganda against Russia now it's against China. In short US against the whole world.

  49. John Olson says:

    A good article for CNN and MS13NBC news coverage.

  50. The Retardican Party and the state of ISRAHELL says:

    Evil-Satanic-President TrumPHOMET And His Evil-Satanic-Oriental-Pals In China. Ain't Y'all Far-Right-Retardican-Shit-Bag-Dumbo-MAGA-SSHOLES, Happy, Trumputin Is Now Your Commander-In-Tweetard….BAW!!! HAW!!! HAW!!! HAW!!!

  51. Dom Tor says:

    Did fox cover trump cheating US students with his trump university scam ($25m settlement) or all the venders and contractors he robbed and cheated or the people he cheated with his numerous scam bankruptcies?

  52. Ignatius Reilly says:

    They're communist thieves, what did you expect?

  53. Zsari Maxim says:

    Lol, all those US corporations listed in the Cayman islands doesn't even have dilapidated building there, but a P.O. box.

  54. Titan12 says:

    I just don't get who was stupid enough to buy into their trash in the first place…or its just plain greed.

  55. Nes says:

    Never ever ever trust the Chinese …Godless

  56. Charles Xie says:

    To me you americans are like China in the 60th! Anything Chinese is bad, plus they are fake. The deep state is making you believing China is the enemy so if things go wrong it will be China's fault. Work it out yourself.

  57. LIBERTY for humanity says:

    i Will say immediately a mean immediately we all should VOICOT CHINESE PRODUCTS immediately and stop any trade with China immediately a mean is usa is going to be continued this huge deficits and let Chinese government GET away with stealing even our souls Chinese should be in jail for eternity

  58. Anon Ymous says:

    Cheating is what Chinese do. It's an integral part of their backwards, primitive culture. They know that they cannot compete in any honest environment, so their entire way of life is structured around cheating and lying.

  59. bobi carl says:

    "ALIBABA" a company named after a thief

  60. maxwell leonard says:

    my company seeks collaboration with American counterparts in the areas of Technology, general trade. interested parties contact me @maxleonard247 fb, [email protected], maxwellleonardchidiebere or +2348071360400.

  61. Prentice Darren says:

    They do the same in Hong Kong and many other places. Stealing technology and having fake startups to scam investors money is standard practice. They take pride in cheating.

  62. Moe Colione says:

    China took notes from Babylon the great aka America lol

  63. Louis Linardo says:

    Chinese company is fraud its call channel through variable interest entity and anytime investor can lose money ivesting it

  64. EBobby Sing says:

    American Propaganda against China because China beats the USA in Capitalism.

  65. TWO CENTS ARMY says:

    you can hire fake police to get the bad guys over there they do have fake police for hire,

  66. TWO CENTS ARMY says:

    how about we change it from free market to free money market, so fitting,

  67. tommy gunz says:

    Good for them …invest in the American people. ..American companies. …apple..invest in the China companies and assemble there phones there they make clone iphone by copycat the technology. …people keep forgetting there a communist country and they hate our capitalism society. .if they can't take us out military. .they're take us economic wise

  68. stachowi says:

    How isn't the NYSE and the SEC put on notice (and now held liable)?

  69. Sun bird says:

    Enron (2001) accounting scandal – $740 bn lost by shareholders, thousands of employees lost retirement accounts and employees lost their jobs. Bernie Madoff scandal 2008 – $64.8 bn tricked investors out of largest Ponzi scheme ever. Must be using too many 26 year old American auditors.

  70. rick couture says:

    what is fraud. proof of finances? proof before listing or a penny stock listing?

  71. KL L says:

    island mentality !wake up Americans! The main reason for Trump's fight against China Cnanda and even EU trade war is not about economy but Iran and the Middle East. Nothing to do with trade, the trade war is a cover that All trade wars are obfuscation

  72. Joyce S. says:

    China takes pride in screwing America! China hates America!

    Don't be fooled by China!
    China is the quiet, sneaky, enemy.
    Mexico is also!
    American eyes are open!!!!

  73. Toots RR1 says:


  74. Zubair Khan says:

    Fake in China

  75. dragondescendant1 says:

    Lehman Brothers among many other American companies cheated billions from Chinese people, and many millions more when US real estate burst back in 2008

  76. Kong Wee Peh says:

    There nothing you can do.

  77. zheng shi says:


  78. Calvin Liang says:

    Sure, the U.S companies are angels. Elizabeth Holmes(, facebook scandal… well.. they are not the evil communist …

  79. The Only Nomad Alive says:

    What fraud?! Many 500 companies in the US has been using and still uses this model, guess what the Chinese are beating the US in the same game they have been using for decades and are still using. The only thing the US needs is new economic model this economic model is stone age 19th century that has little market value other than just economic wars and sanctions.

  80. draussie says:

    Delist these arseholes and put out a warrant for their arrest if they return.

  81. 人情味儿没有 says:

    Its surely easier to blame others than yourself. And its surely easier to make allegations on tv when no one from the other side is invited to give counter argument. So essentially this is just to incite anti china sentiment among the ppl while the rich continue to trade with china and reap huge profits. Ppl are surely gullable, easily swayed by media bias and "experts". Just vote with your feet and wallet if you really want to act on your anti china sentiment. Dont trade with china and dont buy anything made in china. At least you'll earn my respect for not just trash talking.

  82. dragondescendant1 says:

    This people are saying Chinese companies are worse than ENRON, Lehman Brothers and Wall Street? That would be a neat trick.

  83. 漢仔 says:

    US..US even what u say is true , nobody believes you.You have lied not once or twice but countless time.No credibility.Stop wasting your time. You ,yourself is the greatest exploiters of all time.Did ur media mention that? China cheat on US…is that your karma?

  84. yip cheong says:

    Hahaha US are just dumbed being cheated real dumber

  85. Snm Fame says:

    Hahahahahaha stupid Americans lol

  86. Snm Fame says:

    Fuck alibaba and Chinese crap 💩 goods


    Yes, and the Chinese government protect them. They also protect American scammers who are married to Chinese. The real owner is hidding in China. Be skeptical of China in everything they do. Their crooks, scammers & thieves. I think we should never pay our deficit to China, they've stolen so much protected technology from us. Besides, Americans got scammed and were never payed back for those worthless bonds they purchased years ago. Keep building our military, China don't really want war. It's strictly economics.

  88. A.Simz says:


  89. A.Simz says:


  90. LIBERTY for humanity says:

    Alibaba goal in life is crushing Amazon just like they did FOR e bay also China crushed Google uber Microsoft, norelco Lucent and soon IBM apple HTC Samsung Intel Cisco Walmart Sony Tesla, and they are copying everything from AMD and eventually for AMD SINCE IS CONTROLLED BY CHINESE PEOPLE, JUST LIKE BLACKBERRY WAS CONTROLLED BY CHINESE PEOPLE, SO THIS IS A SILENT CANCER INVASION ON EVERY CORNER OF EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS

  91. LIBERTY for humanity says:


  92. LIBERTY for humanity says:

    USA place in this planet including oceans and space is a NIGHTMARE gigantic NIGHTMARE because China goal is to take over every single job and business and raw materials and if USA doesn't wakes up NOW YES NOW AT THIS VERY MOMENT 🤔THEN KISS GOODBYE USA ECONOMICALLY AND POLITICALLY AND SERIOUSLY RELIGION AND FREEDOM WILL BE NO MORE 🤔👹😭😱🤑🤑🤑🖕🖕

  93. LIBERTY for humanity says:

    Please help countries like MEXICO about how not to become a trojan HORSE FOR CHINESE GOVERNMENT because everything is going to turn against USA one day, so help MEXICO with everything they need to know and make MEXICO one of the EYES of USA, Australia, new Zealand, Canada, Japan, England,

  94. Mark Schroeder says:

    Perfect indicator of intellectual espionage,… when technical people, who founded and started a company (for instance), get diluted and 'dissolved' by 'rent-a-managers' that want to make quick money from dong business with China (e.g. short-term gains for their portfolio over medium-to-long term growth). Even DHS has turned a blind eye to the overt theft of technology with incredible implications,.. in spite of incontrovertible evidence of overt espionage.

  95. Tenzin Paldon says:

    Tibetans have been through since 1949 and still do suffer all kinds of violations but many bussiness people didnt beleive or ignored now eyes open what Chinese Communist Government is. Lier, thief,robber and brutal killer. All innocent Tibetans who were torcherd and died from their brutality will haunt. Many more will still go through that. Blood money will never be fullfiling wish.

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