Cedar Ridge Single Malt Whiskey | The Whiskey Dictionary

Cedar Ridge Single Malt Whiskey | The Whiskey Dictionary

hello everybody and welcome to the
whisky dictionary where I do the research to try to teach you a little
something about what you’re drinking I’m going to be continuing tonight with my
craft distillery series now I’ve already covered the bourbon from Cedar Ridge but
tonight I’m going to be covering the single malt now this is made of a
hundred percent malted barley and it’s finished in a variety of different
barrels now here’s the thing Cedar Ridge originally came from or started from
people who had run a winery for a very long time and it’s not a far leap to
assume that a lot of those barrels were ex-wine barrels now they finished them in
those barrels and then move this over to a Solera system which I haven’t talked
about on this channel before but if you’re interested to look it up feel
free other than that if I someday down the line do a video on Solera systems
and different stills and whatnot I’ll put a link up there so that being said
and this does sit through a solera system and they end up marrying all of those
different barrels together in that system and producing this it does make
for a considerably different taste than what you could get from just a single
barrel so let’s go right into the nosing in the tasting here {cork popping} I love that pop so
if you’re enjoying these craft distilleries episodes remember to hit
that like button and subscribe I try to do these every few Wednesdays or so I
have a fairly large backlog of craft distillery whiskey’s that I need to get
through and actually it’s funny how much I was stressing about how I wanted to
get these done I have a very hard life {laughing} so anyway let’s go ahead and give this a
nose so the nose on this is an interesting one and those of you who
have watched the episodes on the Bourbon before you know the Bourbons fairly
subtle nose this is not that this is a much more defined nose the first thing I
got out of here and I’m gonna actually have to find a new image for it was
Dutch apple pie now if you’ve ever had Dutch apple pie it’s got these weird
little crumbly things on top almost like a like like a hostess crumb cake it’s
almost like those except way better obviously so you’ve got that and then
you’ve got maraschino cherries now not the kind that you put on a sundae not
the read totally nothing in nature looks
like that red cherries the ones that you kind of put in a cocktail that are a
little bit more black looking this smells like when you open a jar of those
so I’m sure a lot of that is coming from the wine presumably all right let’s go
ahead and give this a taste Cheers yeah that’s American single malt all the way
definitely finished in some sort of wine barrel no doubt about it
my man Eric Wait could probably tell you exactly what kind of wine but I am NOT a
wine sommelier so I will leave that to him if you’ve never checked out Eric Wait’s channel he covers whiskey’s and wines but he’s got two separate channels I’ll
put links down in the description for those if you’re interested so the items
that I’m getting out of here you’re getting kind of like a leathery taste
which is it’s pretty cool I do always like when that shows up so you got
leather vanilla very very malty for sure and a little bit of an orange but
there’s kind of like this other little thing that I can’t identify and what it
it’s definitely coming from some sort of like a red wine like without a doubt I
just don’t know enough to be able to describe it well on camera so sorry it’s
almost like a dry tannin kind of like what you get with oak but different like
think of if you drink of Shiraz or yeah that’d be fine something like that where
it’s got that dry tannin thing going on so anyway overall this is a much
better whiskey than the bourbon and I’m I’m sorry if the Cedar Ridge people are
watching this and I know that you guys love your bourbon but I also know that
you love your single malt so to some degree I’m sure you’re happy the
single malt is much better so this is what I’m gonna suggest this bottle is
fifty dollars whereas this one is forty dollars roughly 42 somewhere in there
this is like 53 so I’m gonna put a link in the description below and I don’t get
a kickback from this I just think it might be a good idea there is a
collection of the Cedar Ridge whiskies and there’s five of them
there’s – along with these two there’s a malted rye ,a regular rye, and then a 100%
wheat which I tried and that was pretty cool too I actually tried all five of
them I liked it as a core I liked the whole line honestly even with what I was
saying about the bourbon is still it’s not a bad whiskey it’s just this is better
so anyway I’m gonna put a link down in the description below and I want you to
check it out it’s limited time though so and I did see that so if you’re finding
this video like a year from now it’s probably sold out or maybe it’s not who knows
either way it’s got five different offerings all 200 milliliters and it’s
$75 for the package I think that’s the way to go instead of buying one of these
two now the problem is I think it’s only available in California, Florida, Illinois,
Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, and Texas so not everywhere whereas the
normal bottles are available in 17 states so make up your own mind on that
personally I’m very happy to have this bottle and I will definitely drink this
whole thing this one I may very well give away to somebody so that does it
here for Cedar Ridge and less they choose to send me any more bottles which
I’m not sure if this has been a glowing review or not but we’ll see how many of
those limited-edition things we sell for them so anyway thank you very much for
joining here on in the whiskey dictionary
Cheers now with my craft distillery series now I’ve already talked about the
Cedar Ridge bourbon and tonight I’m going to be talking about their what am i
doing with my hands mMmmm

Daniel Ostrander

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11 thoughts on “Cedar Ridge Single Malt Whiskey | The Whiskey Dictionary

  1. Kenneth Kennelty says:

    Damn, now I have to find this one 'cause we agreed on the bourbon.

  2. ben Cessna says:

    You should do a video on crown royal bourbon mash

  3. Whiskey Yoji says:

    Great video.

  4. inf0phreak says:

    The hell is that weird beep doing at 5:42 – 5:43?

  5. Bill Poston says:

    Great video. Have not tried that one..Yet. I do think we should give the small distilleries a chance, even when they are a bit expensive. Never know when a hidden gem could be found. Have tried a couple of the local distilleries close to me. Not bad at all. Brickway and Coopers Chase are two that are close.

  6. Erik Wait says:

    Bill, thanks for the mention! In the Napa Valley there is a winery/distillery called "Charbay" which I hope to visit soon as I am in the process of touring California whisky producing distilleries.

  7. Tony Cronin says:

    Had this one. Really enjoyed it. Still newer to whiskey so wasn’t sure what I was tasting or smelling in it. Your notes make so much sense. I will get another bottle and compare. Also want to try their wheat, malted rye, dark rum, and apple brandy. All available here. Did you try the Port cask bourbon. Didn’t know if that was better than the standard.

  8. Cedar Ridge Distillery says:

    Hey Bill! Thank you for the kind words! Our solera marries a recipe of wine, rum, brandy, unique wood and peated casks. This explains the fruit-forward nature of this expression, along with the depth & complexity that can be unique to every palate! Cheers!

  9. Connor Howitt says:

    I just watched the proper 12 whisky video, and had a look at your channel. Its pretty good, perhaps as a recommendation make some playlists such as expensive whiskys, popular whiskys etc. maybe you already have.

  10. Whrilwind Roy says:

    Nice to see my local distillery getting attention. Personally, I think their Malted Rye is by far Cedar Ridge's Best whiskey expression. Thanks man!

  11. Shubham Patel says:

    Tannic is what we say

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