Can Head’s skin sucks… literally – Meet The Record Breakers

Can Head’s skin sucks… literally – Meet The Record Breakers

Hi, I’m Jamie Keaton also named as Can Head. I am the guinness world record holder for the most cans stuck to a human head Everything sticks to my whole body. It’s not just my head It’s my legs my arms my back my butt everywhere things stick to me When I first discovered it I was seven years old my Toys started sticking to my hands but my parents thought it was just the pine sap from the trees that I climbed so I pretty much left it alone for a while until I first shaved my head for the first time at a ball game and At the ball game. I was trying to cool my head down I dried it off first grabbed a can of pop and just started cooling my head down as I was doing that they hit a homerun. I went up to grab it and you missed it, and then I was like Where’s my drink? It was stuck to the back of my head I? Went to a doctor after the baseball Incident at the game, and I wanted to know why why is it that things stick to me? I walked in with a can of peanuts. I’m stuck inside my head and goes how do you do that I go? that’s why I’m here for I want to find out how I do it so he did a couple of things and That’s when he told me he thinks my skin pores Suck in oxygen and makes things stick to me in that I’m literally like one of four in the world that he knows of hello, what’s more amazing is the weight and the things that I can actually stick to my head like a full can of peanuts I just Had to pull them off can someone help for a second kind of shucks you see your hands. Just pull it off That’s one of the ways to do it Well a lot of people always said hey you need to be on guinness world records and do do your thing and I was like I don’t know about that because I was nervous to do it in front of the world Because this is what it became is It’s a Guinness World Record everyone told me hey do it and I finally got a phone call from Beijing Hey, we’d like you to be on the show, and I said yes And since I won the Guinness World Records title everybody’s recognizing me, and it’s you know pretty amazing to have that Accomplishment in my life the attention is now that I’ve won the guinness world record is a a little more Overwhelming because everyone recognizes you hey. I saw you and can we get your autograph I don’t mind it at all because it’s amazing and I love it because it’s a Sort of fun, you know And then when I went to an event with a beverage company, they said hey We want you to take pictures with the people that are here. I go well I don’t know because I was still nervous at the time And they said we’ll pay you and I went wait a second. I can get paid to do this That’s why I do now I actually advertise to where people’s products name on my shirt and on the cans to make money So it’s pretty good like one person said I literally get paid to party Because of my abilities, I’ve got to meet a lot of a list celebrities hang out with like George Clooney Adam Sandler I was on television shows like Ellen, Jay Leno, James Corden on the late late show so the opportunities that I’ve done because of my abilities has been, so Life-changing to where it’s like I just got to say it’s pretty awesome One thing I know for certain. Is that my skin sucks? Literally, it’s not just Can Head I’m like the x-Men of Kansas Really, you’re making me go to China now. I Go by can head but my grandson’s the only one that call me Canpa

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “Can Head’s skin sucks… literally – Meet The Record Breakers


    Wowowowowwowowowo can I get some likes PLZZZ

  2. KaLu says:

    he must be a waiter

  3. Dionicia Diaz says:

    Nice u are in a spanish talent show

  4. Malachi and Don says:

    Spider man

  5. Derrick Fortino Jamin says:

    2:39 (The clothes number is 69 🤣🤣)

  6. Bk BOLD says:

    Simply amazing dude! Followed your TikTok 😊

  7. Plam tree says:

    What do you do for a living?
    I wear people’s canned drinks

  8. Superfly says:

    1:38 idk why it’s my fav part

  9. Superfly says:

    When u watch good content 2:25

  10. Mercedes Benz says:

    He had magnet in head inside..

  11. Kinky Dongs says:

    This guy sucks

  12. C̤̈Ḧ̤Ï̤L̤̈L̤̈ S̤̈T̤̈Ä̤T̤̈Ï̤Ö̤N̤̈ says:

    The legendary canbender!

  13. Chace Chang says:

    Spider man

  14. Canyon Main says:

    U can carry extra stuff

  15. StupedBoi says:

    what if water gets stuck on his head lmao

  16. Yasser IOS says:

    Spiderman 2019

  17. project zorgo says:

    Can you clime a wall

  18. Paul Has quit yt says:

    69 on his wall

  19. Matthew McCabe says:

    Can we just take a moment to look at the can head Jersey in the background?

  20. Zoe Goodsell says:

    He should make some cosplay horns do something lol

  21. Nugget says:

    He actually tried this on his butt😂😂😂

  22. Noah V says:

    👁👄👁 my butt

  23. An anonymous little boy says:

    life hack

  24. BRIANNA AYERS says:

    I was on tik tok and I joined his livestream

  25. Malachi and Don says:

    Me: who's is actually like this??

    listens to Spider-Man song

    Me: ooooohhh

  26. Liz K says:

    Who’s here from David Dobrik’s vlog

  27. Ray-v says:

    He got stuck on the toilet

  28. 7 Fan of you and says:

    Who is here from David dobrik?

  29. joyaah93 says:


  30. HawksNest says:

    Imagine a super skinny rock climber had this. Deadass could be spiderman irl.

  31. Sikstep says:

    I know I ain’t the only one who came from David dobrik😂

  32. Northern Frost says:

    1:25 that’s a power move if I’ve ever seen one

  33. Matthew H says:

    David dobrik anyone?

  34. Joshua :p says:


  35. GhostJT-_- says:

    Spider-Man in real life!!?!??

  36. SunshineScam says:

    He has like a built-in hand cannon

  37. Aloe Modes says:

    Who's here after watching this guy in David Dobrik's video???

  38. Ellie G says:

    When he stuck his phone to his heas😂😂🥴

  39. Rocio Cabrera says:

    So you're telling me…… THIS GUY COULD CLIMB LIKE SPIDERMAN ??????!!!!!!!!!

  40. David Espino says:

    So wen you poop dos the poop get stuck on your but

  41. Gerardo Perez says:

    Has he tried climbing a wall naked? Like spiderman

  42. me says:

    i came here from davids vlog so

  43. Chur_Aus says:

    This man is a human black hole

  44. Laisa hh says:

    atleast it isnt painful

  45. Jasmin Gorostieta says:


  46. Meee eep says:

    Was this fool on David donriks vlogs

  47. Your Mom says:

    He’s the living spider man

  48. Alonso Aguilar says:

    Who saw this guy on David dobriks vlog.

  49. Gavin Dodd says:

    Did anyone else get this recommended after watching David Dobriks Video

  50. Bubba King 13 says:

    The Force is Good with this one…

  51. Nubzy says:

    Guys it’s spider man

  52. Shimshine 26 says:

    Real life Spider Man

  53. Ginna-Lea Chapman says:

    Wooow what see on oh my what that you why on we see me?

  54. Hairless Playz says:

    did anybody else try to stick a can to their head after this?

  55. Nathan Blanchard says:

    Him. I can stick cans……..


  56. Sarah Ransom says:

    This is genuinely cool; very interesting and handy…or "un-handy" badum-tss!! Seriously though, this is neat!

  57. Jonathan Meyer says:


  58. EZY MONEY says:

    I lost it when he stuck the phone to his head 😂😂😂

  59. Loraine The Wolfy YT says:

    REEEE so cool!!! That's like a super power XD

  60. aesthetic bitch is back says:

    Once when I was about 5 or 6, I was at my grandmas house with my cousins. My grandma had this little toy pop sockets that you could stick together. I decided to stick one to my forehead for a few minutes. Then my parents freaked out and tried pulling it off. When it came off there was a huge yellow bruise on my forehead.

  61. Kiara Sanchez says:

    I can't walk without spilling my starbucks .

  62. Tyler Henderson says:

    Can head can head does what every a can head can spins his cans on his head pules cans of is head look out here comes the cane head

  63. shrek says:

    the jersey said 69 hehe

  64. epic smiley says:

    He sucks. literally

  65. Shark Attack5000 says:

    Me:can I have a drink

    Him: sticks bottle to head. Pours drink with head

    Me: 😐

    Me: Ok


  66. James Degnan says:

    This is Spider-Man When he is 40

  67. Games Play says:

    Ik because of his beard and tattoos

  68. Daniela Ramirez says:

    What how that is so cool if I would have that I would put a peanut in my hand and then throw it to my sister 😂

  69. ded trash says:

    Plot twist: he's a human magnet

  70. BCX 0pTic says:

    Canhead 69

  71. Doge_PvpYT says:

    Can he climb wall?

  72. Devin Cassedy says:

    I love how he’s just using it to his advantage 😂

  73. CUBING PERSON says:

    Its spiderman but he can stick everything on every single part if his body

  74. Arianna Macklin says:

    I have seen him at this popcorn place before no joke

  75. Spy Boy says:


  76. Stevie Francis says:

    This guy has the force

  77. Kasey Marriott says:

    he is the closest whing we have to spiderman

  78. girlstalk says:

    imagine he wanna be a unicorn and he just get a horn and put it on his hat

  79. Freddy Vargas says:

    Sucks to be him

  80. Shony says:

    What happens when he kisses or worse

  81. PewDiePie o says:


  82. j gaming says:

    How does this person take of his shirt

  83. Angelo Castillo says:

    Y dose he no he can stick it on his @ $ $

  84. Damian Garcia says:

    Oki saw a 69 jersey in the background

  85. Sam McGraws YT] says:

    You should be a superhero called can man because you threw a can that was stuck to your hand

  86. Nina Todd says:

    I found it hilarious when he got a call, took his phone, and stuck it on his head. 😂

  87. Nathan XWavey says:

    0:09 look behind him…..69

  88. Justin. Hi says:

    Pass me a coke

  89. Trezar sandar says:

    Can he climb walls?

    If he can then he is Spider-Man

  90. jaden mendez says:

    his jersey number is 69 😏

  91. andrei hertz says:

    Iumor . He anderstend

  92. Taha H 11 !! says:

    Spider man!!

  93. Plam tree says:

    “Things stick to every part of my body.”
    What if the condom get stuck too

  94. Dylan Yt says:

    mega suck

  95. Constre Yt says:

    When your butt is a vacuum

  96. CosmicMess says:

    How is. No one commenting how he can literally be Spider-Man

  97. J Fee says:

    Anyone else wondering why he picked the number on his jersey?

  98. Randy Dragon says:

    You can stick horns on your head. How intimidating is that

  99. Chase Lewis says:

    This is insane

  100. made up name says:

    1:20 nice

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